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01/27/2005 6:50 AM

Right, I would like to see a bio of a character you'll be using in this battle. Here's mine:

[b]Name:[/b] Saraneth
[b]Age:[/b] 16
[b]Species:[/b] Human
[b]Gender:[/b] Female


Saraneth is a very beautiful looking girl for one of her age. She has long black hair that usually covers half of her face while the rest is tucked behind one ear. Her hair reaches down just below her shoulders. Her eyes are hazel and her face is pale. Saraneth is never the most happiest-looking girl, and her face betrays any signs that she is but a young girl. She has a thin scar on the right side of her neck.

She is little below average height and weight for a girl of her age. She wears a black shirt with the sleeves rolled half way up her forearms. The shirt reveals her stomach, but not as much as the usual cropped shirts do. She also wears a pair of brown trousers that reach just over three quarters of the way down her legs. Her footwear is a pair of black shoes that don’t go up any further than her ankles. She also has two brown belts worn across each other. Each belt has a scabbard where she keeps her twin swords. During cold weather, she wears a large brown cloak with a hood. This hides all her features and none would be able to tell who she is unless they look closer or they already know it’s her.


(Currently designed for Killua's ORPG)

Saraneth is the daughter of two great warriors, Kazi and Kirrith. She and her older brother Skye where both taught in the art of fighting at a very young age. At the age of 10, Saraneth had already become one of the greatest sword fighters in her village. A seemingly impossible thing to become for one of her age. The country her parents fought for became the most greatest threat in the world, and all nearby countries formed a temporary alliance in order to dispose of the great warriors who formed the most fearsome army ever to walk the earth. The villages and settlements were attacked one by one, and no survivors were left. The enemy came to Saraneth’s home village at midnight. They sprung an ambush on the villagers, killing everyone without mercy. Saraneth and Skye’s parents where killed in order to give the children a chance to escape.

They both collected their weapons and fought their way out of their house and out of the village. Not even the hundred odd soldiers that were there could not stop the two from making their escape into the woods. Since then, life was really difficult for both Saraneth and Skye. Skye, being the oldest and strongest of the two, found it easier to put up with, but it was not like that for Saraneth. But none-the-less, she put up with it in stoic silence. The two never stayed in one place for two long for the entire country had been over run by the enemy, and both Skye and Saraneth became the most wanted people in the country. They had their chance to start on a better life when they had managed to stow away onboard a trade ship heading towards one of the more distant countries.

Skye and Saraneth soon got used to their new life, and they began perfecting their fighting skills in hopes of that some day, they will have their chance of revenge. Several years later, they had far supposed the skills of any human in the art of sword and spear fighting. They were great martial artists, and sometimes they would spend days meditating at the temple where they now lived. Now they decided that they would exact their revenge upon those who had killed their parents. They journeyed across the country, and came to the port town of Gairin. They managed to embark on a ship of their own and set sail for their homeland.

However, during their voyage, pirates attacked them. Skye and Saraneth fought as best they could against the large amount of pirates that overran their ship. Skye was stabbed through the chest and thrown overboard and Saraneth’s throat was slit and she was left, believed to be dead, onboard the ship. The pirates left the ship to be taken away by the currents. Several days later, Saraneth woke up unable to talk. All she could do was make a low croaking sound. She inspected the cut on her throat and was surprised to see it had healed well. A voice brought her back to her senses. “You shall regain your voice in time…”

Saraneth looked around to see that it was a cat that talked. She stared at it blankly for a minute. The cat laughed, sensing Saraneth’s thoughts and the question she was unable to ask. “Well, what does it look like I am? A rabbit? I’m a cat of course! Name’s Corrigan,” said the cat.

Saraneth nodded. It seemed like she had made a new companion. Over the next year, Saraneth and Corrigan soon became very close friends. Corrigan proved to be of great help for guiding Saraneth, and they soon came to an island wreathed in mists. The island was like a huge forest, and near the centre, the top of a temple could be seen. They had come to the legendary realm of Zodarian…

So Saraneth began to live her life here, constantly training in the use of her twin swords and the magic she had now became fluent in using. It seemed that no one on the island knew of her presence, and if they did, they did not do anything to show it. Little did Saraneth realise that she is one of the one's chosen to save human kind. And Corrigan was not ready to tell her that just yet.


[b]Sword Magic:[/b] Through using her twin swords, Saraneth can use the elements of fire and ice to her advantage, unlike her brother who could use wind and thunder through using his spear. Saraneth can do anything she likes with fire and ice, though she is unable to fully freeze her opponent or make a fire able to burn her opponent to ashes within seconds. Here's a description of what she can do with each element she can use.

[i]Fire:[/i] With fire magic, Saraneth can do almost anything. The most devastating spell she can use is creating a large tower of flame that is very much like a smaller version of a tornado. It can be dodged, though the heat coming from the flames are still more than likely to be felt and the blast would surely drive her opponents back. The flames themselves can cause very serious burns. The tower comes down very much like a drill, directly above her opponent. Though if they are aware of it, they can easily dodge it. She can then do anything that is weaker than this spell to cause some heavy damage to her opponent, though not as heavy as the tower of flame which takes some time to summon.

[i]Ice:[/i] Saraneth can do just as much lethal spells with her ice element. She can freeze her opponent's limbs for some time, if she is able to succeed in hitting her opponent with the spell. Her most lethal attack using ice is to summon up a huge fog that freezes the surroundings. Saraneth herself can still move about very easily, but her opponent would find it a little more difficult unless they are well trained in fighting on all terrains. However, that's not all... The frozen area is now totally free for Saraneth to manipulate. She can make icicles shoot up out of the ground; create arms of solid ice that attempt to grab her opponent, etc. The only downfall to this is that it requires a lot of concentration, meaning that she cannot fight and manipulate at the same time. Like her fire magic, she can do countless other damage spells, but not as strong as the one described. Her most famous technique is the doppelganger. She creates a frozen copy of herself, and whatever comes into contact with it is instantly frozen. (In RPB's it will only freeze the limb that touches the copy.)

Those elements can only be used through her weapons. She has a number of other abilities that do not require her swords.

[b]Resistance:[/b] Aslong as Saraneth carries either of her weapons, she will be highly resistant to both fire and ice. Therefore she cannot be burnt or frozen aslong as she is holding her swords unless under extreme circumstances. (I.e: Fighting god-like characters.)

[b]Levitate:[/b] Saraneth and her brother have trained in the ancient form of martial arts known simply as 'Shaolin'. After hard training, both physically AND mentally, Saraneth was able to levitate by clearing her mind of all thoughts other than defeating her opponent. She can use this ability as often as she likes, though she cannot float up to great heights. The highest she can reach up to would be three times the height of an average human. Using this ability, Saraneth can run along water and jump great lengths and also stop herself from falling. This ability had made her martial arts skills near impossible to overcome.

[b]Martial Arts Expert:[/b] Saraneth, though very young, is an expert at martial arts and can easily beat adults who have trained their whole life. (Unless they possess supernatural powers of course.)

[b]Greater Strength:[/b] Though it may not look it, Saraneth has great strength. She cannot lift really heavy objects, though she has great strength of mind, and she can put enough strength into a swing of her sword to cut through rock. Though she doesn't use that much strength since it has a major flaw. Using that much strength makes her over-swing and leave her vulnerable for any counter attack.

[b]Greater Speed:[/b] Saraneth can put amazing speed into her movements, though she cannot out-run the fastest sprinter in a race. She can block and dodge almost any attack, and she is just as quick in making counter attacks.

[b]Empty Mind:[/b] Saraneth can put all thoughts out of her mind so that her mind is completely focused on winning the battle. This means she cannot be angered or upset. This also makes her unaffected by mind magic of any kind. This is a very useful ability for combat because it allows her to fight with JUST the mind and not the heart.


[b]Twin Swords (Kazi & Kirrith):[/b] These are Saraneth’s weapons. They are two katanas, with blades burnished in silver. Each blade has an ancient symbol on them, a magic symbol that renders the weapons indestructible. Having spent many days and nights praying to the gods of the elements with her brother, she had gained the power of fire and ice within her blades. The hilts are very beautiful-looking and they both have a black ribbon with a yellow design stitched in. Saraneth tends to refer to these blades as ‘The Wrath of The Gods’. They look similar to these…


But they’re both of the same size and have the additional features mentioned above.

[u][b]Additional Info[/u][/b]

Saraneth is young, though she has gone way past her childhood at a VERY young age. She had become more sensible at the age of 5, and she never had the joys of being a care-free little girl. She isn't the talkative type, though she loves company but finds it difficult to keep company due to her being so quiet. She only talks when she feels the need to, and that isn't very often at all. She is never one to be angered or upset easily, and some find her presence rather awkward. Due to this personality, some people doubt that she really is a 16 year old girl. She is far too wise and skillfull for one of her age. Her skills in combat make her a very valuable ally, but her presence seems to disturb most people.


The bio doesn't have to be this long. Just describe the abilities, weapons and your character's capabilities.

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02/05/2005 7:32 AM

Took me a while to find this.

Name: Ejiro
Age: 27
Species: Half-demon
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ejiro stands at 6'5" and weighs 270 lbs. He wears a cloak to hide his scarred body. He has piercing blue eyes, with a scar running vertically down the right side of his face making his right eye open in a permenant stare. His hands are gloved in black leather and his long white hair is tied at the back of his neck.

History: Ejiro comes from a small village, where he was born from a unholy marriage of a demon and human. His father was a demon and when the villagers found this out they burnt him at the stake. It was not long after that, when the villagers found out that a son was born from him. When Ejiro was 13 they dragged him to the stake and set him afire, while he was burning his mother came to his rescue with a kitchen knife. Wading into the fire she cut the ropes that bound him to the stake and told him to run. While he was running he patted the fire out vigoriously, turning to find the fate of his mother he saw a villager drive a pitchfork through her chest.

For 5 years Ejiro stayed in hiding on the mountian he had ran to. The occasional hunting parties from the village wondered too close to his territory and met their death at his hands. When he was 20 he returned to the village, finding his old home he entered and found another family was living there. A human one. They died at his hands before they had time to scream, after that he pried up a few floor boards and rescued his fathers broad sword. Exiting the house one of the humans caught his attention, his face was permenatly etched into Ejiro's memory. It was the mayor that had ordered his and his fathers deaths, unsheathing his broadsword Ejiro took one swing, taking the head and left arm off the mayor. The village turned into a ghost town after that when they tried to take him to the take a second time.

Since the village Ejiro has been wondering aimlessly, his only pleasure coming from the kill after a long hunt.

-Ejiro has the power to form the earth at his will. He can form anything from barriers to protect him, to spikes that erupt from the ground under his opponent.
-Coming from his demon heritage is a superhuman strength that he has honed since adulthood. He can easily lift 3x his weight and when that force is put behind his sword no armor can stand.

-Ejiro doesn't have the ability to feel heat, since he was burned at the stake. He can stand in the middle of a fire and not feel the heat, though he will still burn.

-Broadsword- The black blade rests on his back, it is five feet in lenght excluding the hilt.
-Wakizashi- The short curved blade is sheathed under his cloak on his left leg.

02/06/2005 8:24 AM

Ack, sorry, I posted awhile ago. I just editted my last post so I dunno if ya seen it or not. Bio's good. May the best man win. xD

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