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01/24/2005 10:05 AM


ok this is my first so bear with me... the only characters allowed at the moment are 1) angels 2) demons 3) humans 4)familiars

post your character for approval, and if it isn't one of the 4 types above, but you think that it would make the story interesting post and let me know how you think it would benefit the story and we can incorporate it in.

this is actually free-form, no scripts... just seeing where we can take it.

there was another revolt in heaven - smaller than the original, but a lot messier. she has been exiled with the rest - the angels were led by one that tricked them into leaving. so this is the experiences and the symbiotic relationship of good and evil.

one can not truly exist without the other...

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01/24/2005 1:48 PM

Posted! Thought I would keep the details a little quiet to give the character a tad bit o'mystery there Dawnie. Great first post though. :)


01/24/2005 2:22 PM

Name: Mae Darkshield
Sex: Female
Race: Shape-shifter
Description: Long unruly black hair, bangs usually hang in her eyes, black eyes which she usually wears a pair of Predator 2 Ray-Bans to cover, pale skin, very slender. She loves wearing leather, and usually wanders around wearing leather pants, a black t-shirt or tank top, black leather jacket ( if it's not too hot), and a pair of black leather boots with 2-inch heels.

I thought about giving her powers outside of shapeshifting, but decided against it.

(http://img108.exs.cx/img108/7593/mae5kj.jpg" width="150" height="290" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us)

01/24/2005 3:18 PM

Name: Celestine
Age: ?
Hair: Black
Eyes: Reddish
Race: Angel


Celestine is a child of an angel of mercy and an angel of death... she sports one white wing and one black. She is quiet by nature, and carries a regal bearing inherited by both parents.

She alone among angels knows that evil must exist for good to gontinue.....that th shadows must exist for the light to have any meaning.

01/24/2005 3:33 PM

This seems very interesting. Mind if I join?

Name: Andrew
Age: 17
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human

Description: Andrew is just another confused high school kid. He is unsure of his place in the world and more often than not, has fallen in with the wrong crowd. He believes that there is a God, but that is where his religious beliefs end.

Andrew is about 5'10" with long dark hair. He is somewhat of a punk (Blink 182, Green Day) and therefore typically wears a lot of skateboard clothing and blue jeans.

01/24/2005 10:10 PM

Hehe. Here's the character I told you about.

Name: Liam (Angelic name removed because he was cast out of heaven)
Age: Unknown, presumably older than the time of the Angelic rebellion lead by Lucifer.
Sex: Male
Race: Fallen Seraph

General Appearance (two forms)

Humanoid form
Eyes: Green, almost gemstone in appearance.
Hair: Blondish white, past his shoulders.
Wings: Two, pure white at the top, black tips toward the ends of the feathers.
Height: 6'0"
Skin: Pale
General garments: Light blue kilt with white and gold loincloth falling to his feet on the front and back. Various angelic words are written in the gold trim. For a top he has a darker blue sleeved jacket cut off midway down his waist. Like the loin cloth it's trimmed in gold. Sometimes he wears ruby earrings and other things that show wealth.

Yeah, I know that stands out given the way normal people dress, but he won't lower himself by wearing human clothing. He avoids most contact with humanity as well, so it doesn't matter.

Angelic form
Eyes: Burning white
Hair: White gold flames falling past his shoulders.
Wings: Six wings, all with pure white feathers.
Height: Appears about six or seven feet.
Skin: None. Body is composed of pure flame energy. Blinding to look at.
General garments: None. The body doesn't have anything to hide.


General background:

Liam turned against god to join Lucifer in the Angelic rebellion. While he never wanted to fight or kill, he refused to bow down to humanity and serve them. It further annoyed him that a creature as imperfect as a human would be granted freedoms that no angel would ever taste.

In this new 'fallen' life he rather enjoys himself. While he misses heaven, he'd rather be cast out than bow to what he deems the lowest creation. He tries to serve as a mentor to recently fallen angels to guide them into 'living'.

01/25/2005 11:10 AM

wow *blushes* thanks for the interests guys… here is a bit more on the storyline.

It takes place in modern day, there was a revolt that was cut off before it was able to have a full effect. The opening scene is a damp early spring evening, and “the form” has appeared on the outskirts of a small city – not quite a major metropolitan community, with a medium population.

My character Ardarael is a Domination rank Angel – a.k.a. Hashmallim.
Powers remain after they are cast out – but it takes a while for the full potency, a few millennia actually – so at the moment powers range from ¼ to 2/3 potency, depending upon how long they have been on earth and their rank before exile. Angels and demons have the ability to appear in true form or human form, but though disguised other beings will be able to sense the true identity – but not true intentions. When Ardarael fell there was a disruption in the cosmos that only the divine creations, the paranormal entities and the humans that study the stars or are in tune with nature would sense the disruption. This disruption would signal the beginning of the rumored “war of angels” which is actually a human and angel battle that would put everyone in trying situations.

Just remember, there is a very fine line between good and evil… >:)

and if you think your character can add to the storyline and it isn't one i listed just let me know :)

01/27/2005 3:17 PM

This is the best I can come up with for Celestine....

01/31/2005 10:58 AM


Greylan, I deleted your post, per request of the head DM. You character may need some tweaking before it will be approved. Dawn and I went over your post in the thread, and felt that it was out of place for both the setting, and style. Dawn felt it was rather anime-ish, whereas I felt it was just slightly out of place. This is not meant to discourage you in any way from participating.

If you have any questions on how you can make your character more acceptable for this thread, just e-mail either Dawn or myself.

Further note for all players: This thread is not meant to be a love story in any way, shape, or form. Please keep this in mind when posting. Thank you.

02/01/2005 12:59 PM

Okay, here's the character I told you I'd create, Dawn.

Name: Dave Wickenburg
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Description: Dave is about 6'5", and weighs appox. 259 lbs. He has dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Somewhat handsome, has his left ear peirced.

Background: Dave is an astronomer, who recently was recently recruited by a group of older (and somewhat elderly) astronomers. He took astronomy at a local community college, and was the top of his class. However, the group he is now in could care less about that. They have recruited him to do no more than menial labor, even though they have given him the title of "junior researcher".

02/02/2005 1:34 PM

Okee Dawnie - here's what I've come up with so far. ;) Her character will develop more as she interacts with others!

Name: Arella
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Human (or so she believes)

Description: 5'10", lithe in form and movement. Her piercing green eyes are in sharp contrast to her shoulder length pale blonde hair (which appears platinum in the moonlight). Although young in age, she carries herself with an air of confidence and wisdom beyond her years.

History: Arella was left on the doorstep of The Sisters of Mercy orphanage when she was an infant. Wrapped carefully in warm blankets and tucked securely into a basket, a note pinned to her clothing simply said, "Care for my Arella, I hope to return for her one day." Although Arella had several opportunities for adoption throughout her childhood, she chose to remain at the orphanage, in the hopes that her parents would return for her. She carefully searched the eyes of every couple who came into the orphanage, but felt no deep connection with any of them. While the Sisters loved her as best they could, Arella was left with an emptiness in her soul. On her 18th birthday, the Sisters released her from the orphanage, providing her with some money, provisions, and wishes for a happy life.

02/02/2005 1:54 PM

sounds good Shallie ;) dive on in :)

03/11/2005 6:53 AM

I'm just bumping this up so it doesn't become forgotten. :)

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