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01/23/2005 6:53 PM

Iros Domroy


20 yrs old

6'2 180 ibs

Caucasian,Shaved head, Nose ring, Piercing blue eyes. A Massive tatoo of flames licks around his torso and wraps around his neck.

Iros is a deadly assassin. His parents died when he was young after resisting Jagang hostile takeover of the old world. He was taken in by the order and with his talents he quickly rose through the ranks to become an elite and vicious killer. On the surface he appears to be a common slave to the orders sadistic ideals; nevertheless, deep inside the fire of hatred and vengence brews and bubbles on the verge of eruption. He has one desire... To end Jagang and his Imperial Order.

02/20/2005 2:52 PM

Awww. This thread looks dead.
I would love to be part of an RP following the sword of truth guidelines.
I read all of the series...as thick as each volume is.
Anyone else interested in starting it again?

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