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01/20/2005 12:13 PM

Age:Unknown,quite young though
desc:long straight violet coloured hair to waist and red eyes.pale face.
wearing:Thick grey cloak over a black polo necked jumper and black jeans.
other:she can stay out in daytime but has to drink blood.she keeps the hood overe her head to hide her face.

02/17/2005 4:18 AM

Name: Thanyn

Race: Human

Age: 37

Class: Wizard(Specializing in the dark arts of Necromancy)

Weapons: Father's old enchanted dagger

Description: Thanyn is a pale slender human of about 5'9. He keeps his stark white head bald, exposing his tattoos he received while in a cult of Necromancy. His eyes are a dark green, and show only a striking intelligent anger.

History: Thanyn is the younger brother of Osajn, another descendant in the Eberir family. Their father was a great wizard who once used his powers for destruction, but when he began to raise his children, he had a change of heart and taught only goodness and virtue. Osajn accepted this way of light quite readily, however Thanyn was entranced with the power of the dark arts and would have none of the Paladin-like virtues his father taught. So he ran away when he was still relatively young, and with the naturally powerful magic etched in his blood, he had no problem learning on his own. It is difficult to say what Thanyn's intents and desires are now, but it can almost be assured that they are self-serving in one significant way or another.

02/28/2005 1:04 AM

So... is it a dead thread, or are you going to continue the story?

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