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01/19/2005 1:29 PM

you don't have to post here first, anyone can join, but post ur character if u want. (medievil setting)

I don't know where this is gonna go yet (this is the first RP I've started), but hopefully it works out ok, don't really know what else to say, any races are allowed, anything u want basically.

Name: Hjiad Runto
Age: 34
Occcupation: Bar Tender
Race: Orc
Black skin, Bald head, Goatee, Muscular, about 5 foot 8

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01/19/2005 1:38 PM

Name: Richard
Age: 27
Occupation: Knight
Race: Human
Black hair, pale blue eyes, silver plate armor, and a great-sword.

01/19/2005 1:49 PM

Thanks for coming, join anytime u like :)

01/19/2005 8:34 PM

looking for more people, anyone can join, come please :D

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