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01/12/2005 7:15 PM

Well as you guys could have guessed I want to make this a Metal Gear Solid-esque thread. This thread is based on being on a mission in 2004 back when Saddam Huessien was suspected of have nuclear weapons, So the setting will be Iraq. You can play a heel or a good guy, its all up to you. Good guys will work for the Stealth Agency known as FOXHOUND. They will be based on stealth mainly but don't be afriad to run out and just attack. Heels will be Saddam's men people who will be protecting the Metal Gear in which the good guys will be after to destroy.

A Metal Gear is a new hi tech pretty much indestructable machine that is used for launching nuclear missles from Iraq to anywhere in the world. Following this post I will have a briefing for the faces, due to this the heels can not just counter everything as well as the good guys can not counter and expect every strike from the heels. Other then that everything is a free for all I have no idea how the rest will play out thats for everyone else to decide.

Your bio will consist of

Eye Colour:
Physique: Skinny, Muscular, Fat, Normal
Good Guy or Heel:
Personality: (describe your characters attitude)
Basic Weapons: Any kind of pistol 2 pistols maximum (This is the Weapon you will always have on you, do not forget you can pick up other weapons on the field) Knife(for killing animals or if you want to be really stealthy)
Equipment: Sonar(will detect animals, if your out on the field for a long period of time and you need food, you got to eat right) First Aid Kit(cure your own injuries on the battlefield) Desert Camoflauge, Dog Tags

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01/12/2005 7:30 PM

Name: Nikki Nyne
Codename: Snake
Age: 28
Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 250 lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Physique: Muscular
Good Guy or Heel: Good Guy
Personality: On the outside does not show emotion, will never crack the first priority is the main objective. Will never leave a man behind, prefers to work alone
Basic Weapons: 2 Magnum 357's, Custom M19 9mm with a 50 shot silencer, 15 Inch Short Sword
Equipment: Sonar, First Aid Kit, Desert Camoflauge
Medals: Dog Tags
Background: Nikki has been through a hell of a career considering his age. He joined the army as soon as he got out of high school at the age of 18. He enrolled as a weapons tech. After going through all the training and doing all the missions Nikki was confronted by Colonal Jones Who asked him to join a underground Special Ops unit called FOXHOUND. Nikki accepted and since then has been put on numerous missions, unfortunatly never winning award due to never being on any solo missions. Nikki is waiting on his big break to be noticed.

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01/13/2005 1:25 PM

I've got some question before I decide to join.

It is true I have played the first two Metal Gears but I don't really know much about weapons and what not.

Do I have to? If not can you help me anyway?
How will this be played?
Where will your character start off?
Will you only be in control of "Snake" or enemies also?

My basic info:

Name: Garret White
Codename: Exile (hmm)
Age: 22
Height: 5'10
Weight: 175
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Blue/Green with yellow around the pupil
Physique: Medium
Side: Good
Personality: Garret is a loner who tends to work by himself rather than larger groups, such as the Navy SEALS. It is hard to tell what he is thinking and he rarely offers his thoughts.
Basic Weapon: ??? (Silenced Pistol, knife, and.... can you use two pistols at once [gunfights]?) Oh, I need the names of my weapons.
Equipment: Sonar, Rations , Desert Camo
Medals: None
BG: Garret was recruited by the military out of high school for his exceptional personality, smarts, and athletic ability (soccer and track). The rest is classified.
*Rest to be revealed in story*

Is that okay?

01/13/2005 6:14 PM

It doesnt exactly matter if u know the weapons if you know baisc weaponary like eeryone has played Golden Eye for N64 that is basics. I dont know a lot more then that. I know the gaming weapons and such but ya.

I will be in control of my character... Snake and I wont always control the enemies I'm hoping maybe someone will want to play a heel, if not i will scrap that idea and i will conrtrol the enmies. And so will anyone else. they don't have to wait for me tojump in and say theres an enemy.

Yes you can use two guns, but dont forget th idea of the Special ops is to be stealthy as much as possible. So if your trying to sneak into a bhuge base you wont knock on the front door with a Ak 47, saying your all dead.

And the characters once, i geta couple more will all be dropped off in the outskrits of Iraq which you can get more info on in the RP part of this forum under the briefing.

So ya i better say I'm recruiting lol. thanks for pointing that out for me.

01/13/2005 7:17 PM

Well then, you seem to have answered all of my questions. Thanks. Oh, and I was only going to use two pistols when in open combat, such as having been spotted. I told you I had played the games. :P

01/13/2005 7:36 PM

I have some decent weapon knowledge so dont hesitate to ask me.

Name: Corrie LeCerf
Codename: Nightmare or Chameleon
Age: 25
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180
Hair: depends on the situation
Eye Colour: again, depends on the situation
Physique: strong build, well proportioned
Side: the one with money
Personality: Really quiet and reclusive, Corrie has amazing knowledge of all types of weaponry and other war devices. He tends to enjoy sniping out enemy positions and one man blitzkrieging bases armed with grenades when the situation permits. He can also blend into any setting.
Basic Weapon: A silenced 50. Desert Eagle equiped with flash/sound supressor. A specialized combat knife with a bullet in the handle. (Sons of liberty boat part)
Equipment: Desert camo, hair dye kit, various colored contact lenses and an adaptable rifle silencer. basics (sonar rations etc.)
Medals: his dog tags
BG: Corrie joined the army at eighteen. When his psyche profile fit a special moral flexibility, he was drafted into an elite special ops unit specialized in intervensions and terror tactics. Each soldier was trained to be a lethal weapon with anything and everything. He was exceptional at blending in, more than any other person in the unit, and could make himself look like he belonged in a palace if needed. He has the concience of a palm tree and has been known to skin sentries to intimidate other armies.

01/14/2005 7:31 PM

Got any ideas about my weapons then? I use two pistols in open combat and one of them is silenced (for stealth). Combat knife...

01/14/2005 11:23 PM

well for hand guns, the silencer doesnt matter if their twin. I'd personally take a DE 50 or DE 44. the fifty only has eight shots while the 44 has thirteen. If you wanna lay someone out really bad, take a 357 magnum. its got 9 shots but those things leave exit wounds the size of soft balls. The standard combat sidearm of north american armies is a 19 or 15mm which will give some one wearing a flak jacket a nice bruise. Me myself and I likes to go in with a DE 50 and if im bringing a second handgun id take a 44 ruger. Those things are mean but louder than a jet palne. the rugers the only non-automatic hand gun, and cant be silenced.

The combat knife, well just put it at six to eight inches and a serrated blade and youve described every killing knife in any army.

And i know that was alot of tech jargon for guns, so the big numbers are stronger, the small numbers suck.

01/14/2005 11:32 PM

Hmm, makes sense. I'll use two DE 44s. And a silenced 19 mm for stealth. And of course whatever else I pick up.

01/14/2005 11:49 PM

good choice. the 19 has a 14 round clip btw, so its a stable gun ammo wise.

01/17/2005 5:13 PM

I have an idea u guys can see if u like it.... I was thinking that when i drop u off the plan when we start rping that we could all get split up and have to be on our own, then at some point we all meet eachother.

01/17/2005 5:16 PM


01/17/2005 5:35 PM

makes it even funner. I get the feeling not many people are going to join this, they wouldve already.

01/18/2005 3:33 PM

Thats true, so ill do an rp, and u guys can go from there kick some ass, maybe we can get some people's attention and get people to join. Even people who havnt played the game can join its not hard. The whole RP is based on stealth and it should be fun

01/18/2005 6:09 PM

What is the thing we use to talk on? I can't remember.

01/18/2005 7:15 PM

thought sensitive nano toys. Kinda wierd if you think about it, but im not complaining, all in the name of stealth.

01/20/2005 7:00 PM

Name: Sonja Rubachev
Code Name: None
Military Specialty: None
Current Status: Active
Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Mercenary
Weapons: AKS-47u, Bio-metrically locked, Marakov pistol (Not locked)
Physical Description
Sonja Rubachev is a beautiful young russian woman with long scarlet hair that stretches down half way down her back. She keeps it under control only by running it down into her uniform. She has green eyes, high cheekbones and a tapered chin.

Sonja looks like a traditional soldier, but is definitely a woman. She hides her womanhood beneath her uniform. Long lustrous hair braided and slipped down her shirt, crimson toenails, an anklet and silk crimson panties and bra.
History and Background
Sonja has been a mercenary for only a handful of years but has never been taken seriously.

Sonja was a russian girl, suffering in poverty like many other girls of her people. Her beauty attracted the attention of one of the country's soldiers and she had to be rescued by a few mercenaries from his attentions. Sonja was entranced by the men, how they moved without fear and were well fed and powerful. She followed them, becoming a bit of a nuisance but one the men enjoyed. Their leader, a former general before the breakup of the Soviet Empire finally took her as his own, to be a friend for his daughter.

She was trained with weapons, although half heartedly. The General did not want Sonja being a soldier. He wanted her to draw his daughter away from the mercenary life, to teach her more womanly ways. It didn't work. Perhaps his daughterr sensed her father's motives but while she remained Sonja's friend, she instead treated Sonja as her younger sister and assumed the role of her big brother trying, unsuccesfully, to make her into a soldier.

She's seen as something of a joke, a "pet" or something of a "toy soldier" by the others in her unit and it irritates her immensely. Unfortunately, they are right. She's a barely competent marksman and an even worse hand to hand combatant.

01/21/2005 10:52 AM

I'm a bit confused by Plague's last post.

I don't mean to be insulting, nor irrascible but I would like to point out that the last post doesn't really mesh with what's been written prior.

Snake had tumbled down a slope and knocked himself unconscious. Then Sonja, who was alone, got the idea to take him in personally so that she could look good to her fellow mercenaries.

In the post I'm confused about, Our Neo-Echelon agent then finds his shot blocked by an unconcious man leaning against a tree and is taking out non-existent soldiers?

It doesn't quite make sense so... uhm... what do I, or we do now? I was meaning to make a reply last night but I really don't know how to continue.

01/21/2005 4:38 PM

Oh your charachter wasnt yelling for help? My bad, and generally unconcious people wake up quickly from impact with stationary trees. Trust me i know. sry for that

01/21/2005 5:22 PM

Oh, not a problem at all.

I was trying to do things in such a way that the base wouldn't be alerted. That keeps the stealth aspect going. Sonja wanting to bring in the infiltrator by herself, not calling in, supports that.

As for not staying unconscious long. You are quite right. I know that myself after slamming face first into solid steel door at my church. We were playing Blind Man's bluff and my "partner" blurted out, "right now, in front of you now" while I was just inches from the door. I didn't just move forwards, I lunged.

01/23/2005 6:54 PM

Now this is an interesting conundrum for me. If I go deeper into the base my own General or his special operatives are likely to kill me for my cowardice... yet I can't go back outside since I'm terrified of getting sniped by one of you guys. *giggles*

01/23/2005 6:59 PM

Hahaha. Maybe I'll find another way in.....

01/24/2005 8:08 PM

I wrote this some time ago for another Metal Gear RPG thread. It was promptly abandoned when the other players went power mad. Their characters started having psychic powers that allowed them to toss around tanks or were all-powerful Cyborgs and Power Suits.

It was embarassing.

I'm not saying that we should use what I wrote... just that you guys might find it interesting.

Metal Gear: Technology

Note: Some of this technology is an extension on the existing technology in the Metal Gear series. Specifically the Nano-Adrenal Boost, Nano-Neural Boost and Nano-Eyes. Everything else besides those are pretty much cannon.

When sent out on a mission Foxhound agents have their blood extracted and replaced with an artificial plasma containing countless numbers of machines. These nano-machines increase survivability in the field immensely and allow for the inclusion of some remarkable abilities directly into the body.
Unfortunately these abilities are fueled from the subject's own energy reserves, forcing him to consume prodigious amounts of food and water in order to power them. As a result ultra-high protein ration packs have been designed. These ration packs contain highly concentrated levels of proteins, minerals, sugars and vitamins. Enough to fuel a standard human body for a week and are highly toxic for a regular human without a nano-enhanced physiology to consume more than a single bite.
For security reasons, the agent's original blood is held in stasis and re-introduced post-mission after the nano-blood is extracted.

--Nano-Blood basic: The standard nano-system includes self-healing but cannot stem blood flow in the heat of combat. Activates automatically on injury.
--Nano-Adrenal: Stimulates various glands generating endorphins and adrenal fluid. Increases strength and speed Activated by pressing against the inside of the arm, just below the wrist.
--Nano-Neurals: Stimulates the brain, flooding it with additional neuro-transmitters. Increases Speed and reflexes. Activated by pressing against the inside of the arm, just below the wrist. (opposite wrist if Nano-Adrenals are implanted.
--Nano-Eyes: A recent development. The nano-machines boost sensitivity of the retina in much the same way a starlight scope, magnifying the most minute amount of light. Activated by pressing against thet temple. As of yet there has been no progress in creating a thermo-graphic version.
--Codec- An implant allowing for distant communication via encrypted micro-bursts via a relay device usually implanted off-site. The antenna is wound about between skull and scalp. Communication is totally silent, a microphone implanted in the larynx able to pick up sub-vocal vibrations while the small bones of the ear are directly stimulated to produce sounds only the implanted person can hear. Activated by pressing the curve of skull behind the ear.
--Solenoid Radar: Solenoid waves are energy forms that roll across the ground as if affected by gravity instead of expanding radially. Solenoid Radar waves once combined with a topological overlay of the surrounding area reveals the presence of vehicle and troop movements within one hundred meters. These overlays can be gained via satellite surveillance, before mission uploads of building floor plans or downloaded from enemy security systems. Note: Solenoid Radar is useless without an overlay. It is also easily jammed and will not function in certain areas. Further, once an agent is discovered and an alert sounded the Solenoid Radar will go offline (jammed) making escape more difficult.

The Skull Suit
The Skull suit is standard Foxhound issue. It is a polymerized rubber sheathe that insulates the wearer against extremes of heat and cold for short duration and against electrical shock. It contains a vitals monitoring system that further enhances the performance of nano-healing by transmitting that information to the nano-blood network. Furthermore, the suit has electro-inductive properties which allows the suit to stiffen up in response to an attack, dulling blunt trauma as well as exerting pressure on bleeding areas like a compress. This compression staunches blood flow so that the nano-blood can coagulate, stop the bleeding and attempt healing. The Foxhound agent must remain still for the suit to apply pressure. If the agent makes any sudden movements the suit releases pressure so that he can move more freely. Thus, wounded agents are well advised to lay low for a minute so that the wound can mend.

Weaponry and Security Cards
Most Metal Gear weaponry is bio-metric. They are designed to work for only the person they are attuned to as a security measure against your own weapon being turned against you. They do this by analyzing various biological signals through the palm. These signals analyzed for security can include the heart-rate, skin-conductivity, and even the person's personal electro-magnetic field amongst other possibilities. Almost any weapon and the ammunition magazines for them can be outfitted with bio-metric security systems. Circumventing the security system or attuning it to a new user takes specialized equipment and time.
Security Cards are also bio-metric and though nearly all guards carry them, they work only for the person it was issued to. If you wish to access certain sections of a facility an unregistered security card must be found, often called an "open" card, or one can be programmed by a computer possessing security clearance. Don't forget however, as long as the registered user is conscious and holding the weapon or card one can use them to open doors. An unconscious user's bio-rhythm's change and will not be accepted.

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01/24/2005 8:13 PM

Sounds like you know what your talking about.

It has given me an idea for my character!

01/25/2005 1:59 PM

Sonja in reply to your whole being stuck, just come outside i got it so as no one will shoot at you, so as you wont be killed.

01/25/2005 8:17 PM

Well, Nikki, it doesn't work like that. There was no way Sonja could have overheard that remark. Thus, I have to play on the assumption that the infiltrating agents are going to not taking prisoners. To do otherwise would be meta-gaming.

*grins* Actually, I've been trying to give people a stealthy ride into the base. People just aren't taking the bait.

By the way, no comment on my techie babble thingee? Are you going to post what Snake does next?

Sonja in reply to your whole being stuck, just come outside i got it so as no one will shoot at you, so as you wont be killed.

[Edited by Sonja on Tuesday, January 25, 2005 8:34 PM]

01/29/2005 4:02 PM

Heres some tech gidgets for you.

Magne-rifle: A rifle with magnetic rings in the barrel. These rings charge in a peristallic series, propelling a slug of lead at an incredibly high speed from the barrel. The downfall is the weapon requires a high power level and a battery pack must be worn. The pack is about the size of a car battery and weighs about as much.

Piezoelectric mines: Claymores that take advantage of the piezoelectric theory and use the charge to detonate a small globule of plastic explosive. The mines dont show on a mine detector and are about the size of a grapefruit. The explosion is just strong enough to liquify the offending soldiers legs or de tread a tank. They can be packed with shrapnal or chaff depending on the situation. The smallest vibration can generate the charge required to detonate.

Magnetic chaff grenade: Chaff grenades with permanent magnet dust. This sticks to anything metallic and magnetic, rendering it permanently busted until its cleaned off.

Fireblade: A knife with strong heating coils inside. Its designed to cauterize the wounds it inflicts.

01/29/2005 6:27 PM

Looks like we've finally started moving again. :P

01/29/2005 6:48 PM

Some nice gadgets there Nightmare.

I just have a few comments on them.

The Magne-Rifle: These things are referred to as Gauss or Rail guns. The idea has been around for decades but they can't make them smaller then a tractor trailer right now :)

Piezoelectric Mine: Cool Idea. I like it a lot. It's a near flawless triggering mechanism that makes it unlikely it would go off by accident. It wouldn't be invisible to mine detectors though. Mine detectors detect the... uhm.. nitrates(?) used in most explosive materials, not the triggering mechanisms. I wonder if the military is working on something like this.

Magnetic Chaff grenade: The Chaff grenade used in Metal Gear I don't quite understand. For one it is packed with metal strips of different lengths to disrupt radar sensors, and I'm guessing the metal strips are superheated to help mess up thermal sensors.
In order to degauss magnetic media you'd need a more intense magnetic field which can't be accomplished with just magnetic dust. You'd need a powered magnetic field so it wouldn't likely work.

Fireblade: Excellent, though it does have one flaw. Superheating a blade and allowing it to cool again and again would cause the blade to lose its temper... but maybe... *thinks* some other sort of material??

I want to use that mine for myself and I'm going to figure out how to make that Fireblade work so that I can borrow the idea if that's okay with you?

01/29/2005 7:45 PM

i knew the magnerifle was refered to as rail but a key point, guass isnt always magnetically fired shot. If youve ever played starcraft or run like hell, youd find the guass rifles were powered by elctrical charges sent to long highpowered shells. Basicly a powder weapon with a solenoid instead of afiring pin.

The modern mine detectors used by the army are metal detectors. The ones in metal gear solid detect nitrates. And actually, once the mine is armed, a safe falling next to one could set it off. Piezoelectric crystals are extremely sensative so juggling one would be a bad idea.

The chaff weapon is more usefull for messing with computerized things. A magnet placed on a computer, camera, floppy disc, anything with a micro chip results in erased data. Info is stored on a computer as electronic impulses and magnets distort those fields. Thuse a magnet chaff detonated in my computer room would essentially result in a deleted hard drive, no cds, empty and unworkable floppys, and a lot of damage.

The knife is easy, ever heard of alnico? Its used in jet engines and powerful magnets. its an alloy of cobalt, aluminum, nickel and tungsten. It can be heated and cooled ahuge number of times before it loses its temper.

Go ahead and use the mine, although i was gonna send it to the government and try and get some income from it.

01/29/2005 8:08 PM

Yes, you're right on the mine detectors, though why they don't use a combination of both I have no idea. A Piezo-electric trigger for a mine could also have a variable sensitivity, set to not go off when run over by a tank but later when a man steps on it.
That would be cool.

The magnetic chaff, I'm still not too sure on. A handheld magnet won't mess up my watch let alone magnetic dust but a powered degausser would. The magnetic dust would probably screw up the monitor on my computer... but probably wouldn't cause any data loss due to the metal case. You can even rub a magnet back and forth over an compact flash card to no effect. It would probably be more efficient to make a hand held EMP grenade.

The Alnico thing sounds cool and plausible. I wonder if we can make heating coils that small?

01/29/2005 8:19 PM

They acctually dont have portable nitrate sensors yet, the systems in airports are pretty sizeable and if you were towear one your back would break. Plus piezoelectric crystals are a geophysical thing that cant be reset without changing their chemical composition.

And a small experiment for you. Find a magnet and save an unimportant file on to a disc. Then put the magnet over the recording surface without touching it. The disc will stop working. And im talking about a long term exposure. If i hucked a magchaff at you and you didnt get the stuff off your watch in say ten minits. Your watch is efectively toast.

And yes they can make heating coils almost to small to see. They just dont have the tools to manufacture them. They can make the knife itself the coil though. Simply run the charge into the blade vi wire. Alnico involves a superconducter and will heat so fast from a small source. two double as in the handle would be good for about ten minits. I'm not talking about screaming fix bayonets and burning holes in steel. I'm just talking about cauterizing bullet wounds and other battle field injuries, maybe melting someones eye if they get to close.

01/29/2005 9:08 PM

I thought they'd managed to get nitrate sensors down to a smaller size. Dang news stories. They always make us sound more advanced. Five years ago they were talking about Electronic paper like it was already here.

The only reason I differ from you on the magnetic chaff principle is you seem to be basing your stuff on yesterday's tech. Anyone who stores a critical file on a floppy is just asking to lose it. All you have to do is tap your floppy disk with your finger and you risk losing data. I put my stuff on SD and Compact Flash cards. Anything in Metal Gear is going to be... a fair bit more durable. I don't think putting a bunch of fridge magnets on a camera is going to do much, especially if its a close circuit system.

What I like doing is draggin a magnet along the surface of a CRT *giggles* It does some seriously freaky things. Just make sure the monitor has a degauss feature or you're screwed.

01/29/2005 9:14 PM

Well this is what i say to your technical mumbo shit. I play guitar not shoot weapons. I know fuck all about what anyhting you guys said. I will joining the army when im 18 though till then ill stick to playing guitarnand rockin out. "keep on rock the free world"

01/29/2005 9:16 PM

I agree with Nikki. Guitar is AWESOME and FUN, not complicated. :P

Though about joining the military.....

01/29/2005 9:22 PM

Hey man guitar is as complicated as you wanna make it. And fuck im starting to learn about arpegios and, complicated tapping and sand more into mixed solos where soon ill be your next steve vai:D:P

01/29/2005 9:40 PM

HAHAHA. Well I have not been playing that long. A year and a half, and I was never really motivated to play every day.... So now I've started back playing. :) If you have not learned the tapping part of Van Halen- Eruption, you should. It is very fun and easy. Plus it impresses people. :P

01/29/2005 9:44 PM

dude arew you kidding me... I learned that almost a year ago. When i still played bass. Ya i know it impresses ppl. But the best ay to impress chicks is to play them a nice lsow lvoeish song that you make up. I got this one where i get laid 9 tymes outta 10 lol

01/29/2005 10:39 PM

I read...
I read everything. I love stories. I mostly love fantasy but a good Sci-fi is awesome as are spy novels.

I've also written my own stories. That's why I know my sci-fi science stuff. I like making magical stuff more then I do techno stuff though *giggles*

01/29/2005 11:08 PM

I like to read... Fantasy. Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance and anything else that looks interesting at the local library.

Star Wars?

01/29/2005 11:29 PM

I used to read Forgotten Realms books but not anymore. Ed Greenwood may have created a rather nice world but as a writer, he and is ilk aren't very good.

Timothy Zahn also ruined the idea of Star Wars novels to me. They don't feel like Star Wars... then again, Lucas doesn't even follow his original vision for star wars so how can you expect anyone else to?... *sighs*

I've read the first five books of Jordon's "Wheel of TIme". There's a serious case of not knowing when to stop a good thing.

I love the Belgariad... but I don't like the Mallorean.

I'm reading Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series now. That's awesome. I just finished book 2 this morning.

01/29/2005 11:41 PM

guys.. i have a confession i cant read:P. lol

01/30/2005 9:10 AM

I read a lot of stephen king, but i cant play a guitar to save my life AND, I'm colorblind so that makes life difficult.

01/30/2005 9:11 AM


"A Song of Fire and Ice" is great, I am over halfway through with the second one.

Now, is it you can't read or you don't read? :P

EDIT: BP, I was not LOL at you. :)

01/30/2005 11:39 AM


Those three agents are silly, tossing the unconscious girl around like a rag doll. Personally, I'd have left Sonja unconscious, stuck the gun used to kill the commander in her fist and then took off making it look like Sonja was a traitor.

As for Song of Ice and Fire. I do hope the third isn't the last book. It's a very good series. Still, I'd rather they ended it when it should instead of dragging it out forever like Wheel of Time.

01/30/2005 11:55 AM

:P This is Exile's first mission, so he is just going along with what the other two agents say.

01/30/2005 10:53 PM

hey man my buddy who's place im at right now is clourblind since wee're buddys i make fun of him all the tyme but i couldnt imagine being colour blind,. I see Ex liked my i cant read thing lol. Well i dont read books, havnt since grade 4 whiich is about 5 years from now.

01/31/2005 4:28 PM

Its like seeing pencil sketches. Except if i ever need to cut the red wire im screwed.

01/31/2005 5:12 PM

lol. Ya if it came to that i wouldnt trust ya sorry man

01/31/2005 5:34 PM

I wouldnt trust me either.

01/31/2005 10:42 PM

i have ADD thats about it and a bad short term. I cant rememebr shit all it sucks. Half the tyme when i rp i hafta read a few posts before myne so i know whats going on lol. So ya dont ask me to rememebr anything. Or pay attention to boring stuff long like school

02/01/2005 9:43 PM

That is so frustrating. A.D.D. is the new "fad" syndrome. Every generation has a different excuse to cover for parental failings.

The ability to focus is a trait that needs to be developed. This culture breeds a lack of focus, bombarding us with new and better things so often that we are bred to never finish what we've begun.

One starts to play a video game, purchases the next one before he's finished the first and forgets that the first one has not yet been finished. So it bleeds into every other aspect in life.

02/02/2005 8:06 PM

I only play one game at a time. im still possesed of a shot attention spa...

02/03/2005 5:34 PM

ya man, I cant really do anything too much cept lay guitar the onyl game ive been able to lplay for hours upon hours is either final fantasy 7 or Metal Gear Solid.

02/04/2005 10:36 PM

Small needling point here. You nano-communicate while talking. You have to "sub-vocalize", basically speak in such a soft whisper you can't hear yourself.

You also need to touch the switch on your skull, holding it down while you talk. Don't ask me how the heck Snake can have entire conversations in the middle of a boss battle though *lol* That never made any sense to me at all.

02/05/2005 2:06 PM

Ya the damn shagohad was shooting at snake(in MGS 3) and he had a good 15 minute conversation im like alrighty then.

02/05/2005 10:06 PM

The whole games fictional, you expect the technology not to be?

02/05/2005 10:11 PM

unless theya re really talking and saying these conversdations in half a millisecond lol. Pretty fucked up shit. oh ya on a completly different note id like to add that im quitting smoking for my gf woo.

02/05/2005 10:16 PM

Almost everything in real life is fictional. Did you know that 75% of all regular conversations include at least one falsehood?

Still, that aside, I think it would have been cool if when you heard a beeping while fighting a boss, you had to take cover to deal with the codec call. Better yet would be to cause a structural collapse between yourself and your enemy.

Or hey... why not, for once, have Snake's goal not be to defeat the boss but to escape the boss with his skin intact :)

So many options

02/05/2005 10:27 PM

i thought you had to do that in SOL? Wasnt it that ninja chick that you 'kill' on the boat as snake?

02/06/2005 7:19 AM

Nsh, we took on Olga Gurlukovitch in a straight on fight and defeated her. You always fight against the other person until they are dead or unconscious. The only time I remember otherwise was when we were going up against Revolver Ocelot. He ran away after we blew off his hand.

How about this as an example of a different sort of battle. I was thinking more of a situation where you're running around, unable to defeat your enemy, shooting at your enemy just to make him back off while you set charges. Nothing you do can hurt him or her. When the charges go off the ceiling caves in seperating you from your enemy and you sit back breathing a sigh of relief. Who was that enemy and if you ever run into him later... how the hell will you defeat him?

Now that would be really cool.

02/06/2005 8:31 AM

Oh I hate those type of fights. Thats why i like vice city. Just pul out your mp38 and hold down the trigger

02/06/2005 9:14 AM

I love those types of fights best, you have to think in order to beat the enemy. The one thing I don't like is when there's only ONE SINGLE way to beat a boss and there's no hint, no clue on how to do it. Video games are annoying like that, particularly Japanese games.

It's even more annoying where the game designers have made it so that you can't even get a chance to breathe, let alone look around to see how you might beat him. Then it's as much luck that gets you past him.

In RPG's its much better. If he's immune to phyiscal attack you can always come up with a means to be rid of them because it's only limited by your imaginnation, not the game designer's imagination.

02/06/2005 9:29 AM

I tended to lean to rpgs when i was younger ow i like shooting games way better, like vice city. Drive get out kill go to next mission lol.

02/06/2005 9:37 AM

Oh no, Video Game RPG's are not RPG's. You're still limited by the game designer's ideas no matter what. I'm talking tabletop RPG's, the REAL thing.

In a video game, you'll look at vent in a wall and figure "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if I climbed in there and waited for the enemy to come by and shoot out his kneecaps?" In a tabletop RPG... you just do it.

Vice City I don't like, it's not a proper shooting game. You instruct the bugger who to shoot and he does it on his own. It's more fun trying to keep your gun trained on a guy, while you're moving, trying to compensate for the recoil on your own. Third person, first person, it doesn't matter. Halo is a perfect example.

By the way, post!!! *grins* I have an excuse, my character is in transit.

[Edited by Sonja on Sunday, February 6, 2005 9:38 AM]

02/06/2005 10:15 AM

I'm waiting for Pedator: Concrete Jungle to come out. april 12 seems so far away.

02/06/2005 10:24 AM

Constantine is what I'm waiting for. Predator I know. It never really differs. Pred shows up, starts hunting, discovers that his prey is more impressive then he first realized.

I love the idea of battles between Heaven and Hell where mere humans are the playing field. Neil Gaiman is a lord among men. He needs to be knighted.

After that I'm waiting on Star Wars, the Fall of Anakin and the Republic and the birth of Vader.

02/06/2005 5:29 PM

predators a game though. Think spiderman 2 with guns, vision modes, and no web. You can still climb walls though

02/06/2005 5:37 PM

Ooooh, cool. Now that is something worth looking up.

02/06/2005 5:59 PM

www.planetavp.com and the rest is there

02/07/2005 6:00 PM

wooo we finally have some comeptition, yay, but that means we have to spice it up c'mon sonja rp, thats who im waiting for here.

02/07/2005 7:44 PM

Me RP? I'm half way to Russia already. Unless... each of you guys wants to create an enemy agent of some sort...? Then we could run both sides of the story? Mind you, I wouldn't create someone you'd get attatched to since, by definition, the bad guys are just there to get killed off by the good guys.

*giggles* I guess that means I should submit a goodie girlie to hang with Nightmare, Exile and the Snakeman come to think of it. Someone with a similar, but not quite the same, goal who gets dragged along for the ride.

It would be interesting if Snake's contact were a double agent... that would humble his arrogance pretty quickly... *lol*

02/08/2005 6:50 PM

I think it kinda was with the ambush of himself.

02/08/2005 7:50 PM

Name: Contessa Imilia Berlusconi
Code Name: The Countess
Current Status: Active
Age: 29
Height: 5"11"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Arms Dealer
Weapons: Rapiers, Sabers, Throwing Knives. The hilt of her rapier also serves as a remote control. One gem is a panic button, summoning her guards to her another is often the trigger to her own S.A.M.D. which serves as a safeguard when entering into negotiations with those who might betray her.

The Countess is an international arms dealer and has made a fortune providing counterfeit weapons and equipment on the black market. Oddly she does not use the weaponry she deals in herself, eschewing guns and relying upon her exceptionally crafted rapier and throwing blades. She uses a combination of Kenjutsu and Spanish fencing in a style uniquely her own. That is why she normally travels with her six finest bodyguards; three men and three women who carry advanced weaponry including assault rifles and even a single surface-to-air missile launcher to protect her against every eventuality.

--General Skills: Black Market Operations, Accounting, Weapons and Systems.
--Combative Skills: Kenjutsu, Spanish Fencing
--Languages: English, Spanish, Latin, French, Russian, German


She is tall buxom and lithe, with waist length long black oily hair. The tresses are loose and it curls naturally, gleaming when light is directed on it. Her garb is reminiscent of a renaissance swordswoman. She wears a corset, decorated with golden filigree that is open at the front, crossed with several leather thongs to uphold the tension but framing her bare belly underneath the specially cut blouse with long billowing sleeves. A wide belt, complete with bejeweled belt buckle, supports a half belt that slips down from the buckle, hanging low on her hip and supporting her sword. Her long legs clad in black
leather and are split and laced with thongs on the sides, granting a peak at her thighs. Her shoes are stiletto heeled, open toed and quite steep.


Imilia is Hispanic, the daughter of a wealthy arms and drug dealer. She grew up knowing only luxury and had the finest tutors in both the academics and the martial arts. She found she truly enjoyed the use of the rapier, the eloquent ballet of death, both beautiful and terrible. The smooth feel of the blade in her hand slipping into a poor peasant's body was purely succulent and very arousing and soon she wasn't doing it for practice but for the sheer pleasure of it. When she came of age she took hold of her father's arms portion of the endeavor, leaving him to concentrate on the drugs portion. Under her direction the arms business grew rapidly, she created small factories outside of any UN jurisdiction and created knockoffs of the beset weapons. Worse, she discovered where the real money was and started acquiring prototypes of advanced technology from radar targeting systems to body enhancing nano-technologies by blackmail and bribery. As of late, her absolute favorite means of collecting new technologies is to prey upon the special agents of various agencies. Then she could offer their gadgets to
the highest bidder.

02/08/2005 9:32 PM

ooh, a double agent. fun stuff.

02/09/2005 4:07 PM

Not a double agent, a free agent, not even an agent really. She's an arms dealer. Foxhound, terrorism, none of that matters to her except... maybe what she can profit from.

02/09/2005 6:50 PM

Name: Sarah Wynter
Code Name: White Blossom (formerly Silent Mongoose)
Military Specialty: Infiltration / Black Bag Operations
Current Status: Active
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Nationality: British
Affiliation: MI-7
Occupation: Soldier
Weapons: M9 modified for tranquilizer ammunition, telescoping shock baton
Equipment and Implants: Nano-healing blood, Nano-enhanced vision, codec, solenoid radar
Physical Description
White Blossom has a striking visage that is difficult to conceal. She is an albino, with shock white hair, near bone-white skin and eerie pink eyes. She is a consumate professional and always wears men's clothing, including a baseball cap, whether in the field or off it. When on a mission she wears a polymer suit very similar to Foxhounds skull suit though not quite as efficient in design.

History and Background
Sarah Wynter is the result of an exchange between Foxhound and MI-7. Britain and the United States have for decades been staunch allies in the fight against terrorism. Foxhound, having had little experience with psychic abilities was pleased to receive MI-7's data in exchange for samples of their nano-technology. As part of this exchange, Sarah Wynter became a Foxhound agent for some time.

While at Foxhound, their scientists noted Sarah's failing eyesight, a common problem with albinos. They installed their prototype nanomachines in her eyes. They cluster in her retina and stimilate nerve endings directly. Attempts were made to provide telescopic vision have been unsuccessful, rendering Sarah blind for a short time. Thermal vision is still some years away from even the prototyping stage.

Sarah has extraordinary psychic ability but has no control of it and wears a damper headband at almost all times or else the powers she manifests will drain her lifeforce .(much as it did to Psycho Mantis)

Sarah also has a code against killing. In all of her missions so far she has never taken a life. This has caused her superiors to change her code name from "Silent Mongoose" to "White Blossom".

02/10/2005 4:52 PM

This is the big guy with Sonja. He's a nasty piece of work. A true villain, a veritable nazi we'd all like to see defeated.
Name: Adelfried Faust
Code Name: Panzerfaust, Panzer
Military Specialty: Heavy Weapons.
Current Status: Active
Age: 37
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 257 lbs.
Nationality: German
Affiliation: For hire
Occupation: Mercenary

Weapons: A special 70mm single shot cannon in a gyroscopic recoil reduction harness. Pistol. He also wield a Heckler and Koch UMP submachine gun for close quarters.

Equipment and Implants: Faust has never served with a para-military organization like Foxhound or the MI-7. New advances in metallurgy and polymers have results in plates inserted beneath his skin. These plates cover most vital organs. The implants however have cost him some of his flexibility.

Physical Description: Faust looks the classical Aryan and is broad shouldered, thick boned and incredibly muscular. His blue eyes are deathly cold, emotionless no matter what he is doing. He has a bald head and a brilliant golden goatee that he is proud of and constantly strokes.

History and Background
Faust considers himself a true Aryan and has bastarded a dozen children. He feels a need to propogate his divine blood. It is his duty to insert his seed as often as possible, preferably with those of Aryan blood like his own but any woman may serve to help purify humanity. He's a nasty rascist, truly despicable and is most abrasive when forced to work with asians, blacks or persians. He is most comfortable with other caucasians though... he pities them their weak blood.

He worked with the German military for a while and was disgsted by their lax standards. For him, military life was discipline, a means of working towards perfection. Mercenary work was more suited to him.

02/10/2005 5:28 PM

It seems our little thread has sparked a number of Metal Gear Solid-esqu threads. :)

02/10/2005 5:39 PM

It could also be the release of Metal Gear Solid 3. *grins*

By the way... just to mention it... I despise the idea of Sam Fisher and Solid Snake in the same universe. For some reason... that just feels wrong. *giggles*

02/10/2005 6:08 PM

sam fisher and snake are two different types. Sams just whacked out with the stealth moves, snakes just a crazy guy who blows up big machines

02/12/2005 9:44 PM

I cant control this thread anymore so im leaving it to the 3 other rpers(sonja, exile or black plague) to make the ideas. I have a band and we are constanbtly jamming and asll this other crap like homework, so i can barely rp. So im levaing one of you three to control ideas ill rp when i can. If u guys want u can stop rpoping its up to you guys. Thanks for makin this a kick ass thread

02/12/2005 9:47 PM

thank YOU for making it possible. now dont look at me. my stories all die.

02/12/2005 9:53 PM

LOL. Mine also, I nominate Sonja.

02/12/2005 10:00 PM

I second, all in favour, say I. I

02/13/2005 8:14 AM

Hmmm.... now I must really think.

I would have a few things I would like to see if I were to undertake this...

One. I'd like to restart this from the beginning, right up from the mission briefing. That way I can really make you guys feel like you're military.

Secondly, I'll need more control. You'll appreciate it once we've begun but how do I say this... I'd like posts to end differently. State what you're attempting and I'll post the results of the action.

For Example: "Exile brought up his silenced pistol, levelled it at the guard's head and softly squeezed down on the trigger."

Things that wouldn't work would be running through the base with guns blazing. There would be cameras, cyphers, and who knows what else around the corner that I'll know about and you won't. (Obviously, since I put them there)

I've been gaming for fifteen years, half of that time I was the GM.

Now, time for comments neh?

02/13/2005 9:21 AM

sounds good

02/13/2005 10:10 AM

:( I was singled out. :P

:) Sounds good, I have not played many rps with a DM.

02/13/2005 6:37 PM

Excellent. I'll create a new thread in a couple of days. Right now... I am just so ill.

I could possibly make two threads as well, one for villains if you will?

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