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01/08/2005 8:12 PM

Hello everyone!
I'm what you could say new to the "forum style" of RolePlaying, but creativity is the only requirement in RPing, right? Anyways, I was wondering if anyone interested in this humble thread WOULDN'T MIND HAVING A DM (hope that doesn't go against any rules.) Please post me back soon!
The Bard

01/08/2005 8:22 PM

I'm down for anything. What you got in mind?

01/09/2005 6:19 PM

WELL (muahahaha)... I've observed that in all of these threads everyone plays a character. I was wondering if you (and if any others interested) would mind me playing as just a DM. I mean, like it's played in Live Action; I tell the story, describe the surrounding, act for NPC's, all that stuff. I wouldn't mind playing a character, but I have a killer story and I'm very protective over them (my stories). So, you mind me playing as a DM?

01/09/2005 6:23 PM

No problems here. So, if we say our character ran through the orc encampment, slaughtered every one of them, then bathed in the blood (not that I would), would that be possible? What would happen, say if we encountered an orc band?

01/09/2005 6:59 PM

Uh huh... No. If you found an orc band (or any other battle), It would go something like this:
Me: "You see an orc band through the trees. It's surprising that you hadn't seen them before, they're only some 25 ft. away from you. There's about 6 of them and they seem to be carrying heavy sacks. They don't look too strong except for the leader."
Example Guy: "I take out my bow, fit an arrow in it, point it at the leader of the group, and shoot it."
Me: "The arrow pierces through the leader's chest but now you have five more angry orcs to deal with..."
Something like that :) . Well then, any more questions? If not, start with the characters.

01/09/2005 7:11 PM

*raises hand* Uh, could we get a character outline? I don't know what you want.

01/10/2005 9:31 PM

Yes, Exile. Thank you for putting up your hand. And do not mock me again; I am Master and unless your character likes a group of elderly red dragons (maybe i'll throw in some black ones too ;) ) I will be respected. Now the characters need a ...
-Class (Job)
-Character History (extra marks for this one)

01/11/2005 4:11 PM

I wasn't mocking you...Master.

: Vincent
: Human
: Rouge
: 20
: Two daggers
: Thrice was raised on the blood-thirsty streets of Luskan by himself. Both of his parents were killed in an orc raid on the outskirts of his birth place, Shallows. Thrice had no other relatives that he knew of, so at the age of twelve he escaped the orphanage and smuggled himself onto a passing merchant caravan.

In Luskan, he had no place to call his own and was recruited by Zary Hart, a local crime boss, who became a sort of mentor and father figure, if any crime boss could be called such a thing. However, after Hart, showing his fatherly love and care, put a bounty on his head for sleeping with one of his many wives, Thrice decided it was time to leave again and fled the city.

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01/17/2005 6:34 PM

Name: Seth. (OOC: What, you think i like orcs)
:A long Katana and a mean temper
: Seth is a member of an elite bodyguard unit. The unit was exterminated by a mage and Seth, the leader and definitely the strongest, survived. The mage dissapeared promptly and Seth threw himself into mercenarie work. He doesnt care about the mage, he had no friends and the fare they were guarding died too so he doest hunt him. Although if he finds him.

01/20/2005 12:48 PM

I apologize for not posting this last while. I have been a bit busy. It seems the story has gone in a slightly different way than I had expected. But no matter, nothing a master bard can't fix! Let us go on.

01/21/2005 7:53 AM

Name- Lady Namiko
-Race- uknown
-Class (Job)- blacksmith
-Age- 18
-Weapons- daggers, double bladed swords.
-Character History (extra marks for this one)

Raised in the Lord's Mannor. SHe had to climb her way up to becoming the mannor's blacksmith. Very skilled in her work, wishes to meet new people and not get killed. The youngest person in the mannor.

Finally found out she was Grazz's daughter.

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02/03/2005 2:10 AM

-Name: Elemendrel
-Race: High Elf
-Class: Swordsmain
-Age: 128yrs Old
-Weapons: Two-Handed Sword, Short Sword, Dagger
-Character History

Born in Evermeet to a martial family her destiny was to become a soldier in the ranks of her races army to defend the lands from the enemies who came.

Her swords had brought about the end of many enemies. Orcs, Trolls, Goblins and Humans had all fallen to her blades.

During her campaigns internal enemies of her family had slain her Father forcing her Mother to flee with what was left of her retinue. As refugee's they were found travelling by bandits and slain.

This shock when the young swordsmain found out was to much forcing her to leave. She had to become a mercenary to live.

Now Elemendrel seeks revenge so she spills blood of the evil and unjust in her path to destruction...............

02/06/2005 3:10 PM

It seems i have too much time in my hands so if any of you want to know, I have devised a location for this town we have been playing in...

http://www.nwncityofarabel.com/faerunmap/images/frMap_03.jpg http://www.nwncityofarabel.com/faerunmap/images/frMap_02.jpg


Yeah, I'll try and get a better map.

02/06/2005 3:38 PM

Map 3 (http://www.nwncityofarabel.com/faerunmap/images/frMap_03.jpg " target="_blank)

Map 2 (http://www.nwncityofarabel.com/faerunmap/images/frMap_02.jpg" target="_blank)

There, I think that's what you were after?

02/06/2005 3:45 PM

Thank you very much. I take off my hat to you. I'm The Bard at your service. (But i doubt you'll need my help).

02/07/2005 1:37 PM

What city are we in?

02/15/2005 10:34 PM

Sorry it took so long for me to post this....

Iorlas Isengrem
Descritpion:Iorlas has lived his life as an assassin.He was never welcome to live amongst his elven brethren.He was never content with the riches he brought back from all of his campaigns,and always sought adventure and danger.He stands at 5'7 and weighs no more than 110 pounds.He has red hair down to his shoulders which he has a scar on his right eye.His prefered weapons are his Rapier "Deathwish" and his enchanted dagger "Shadowheart".He is arrogant and cold hearted.His tongue is as deadly as his blades,and he has killed many just for approaching him in the wrong manner.
Wearing:.He wears a light chain shirt underneath his shirt.An assassin garb over it which is black.he has a cloak and hood which are black too to blend in with the shadows.

02/19/2005 6:02 PM

It is probably too late, but i was wondering if it would be too late to throw my character into the fray...

Damien Lockheart
Class/Job: Cleric (exorcist)

Damien is what one might consider a bit of an oddity amongst Clerics. He doesn't serve any God or Goddess in particular, instead he uses his powers to ward off demons and undead. He stands 5'9" and weights 120 pounds. He has short black hair, green eyes, and tan skin. Damien largely adheres to law, although he has been known to act outside the law's authority at times, when he thought it was for a greater good. His weapons of choice are a Morningstar, a Dagger, and a light crossbow. He wears Studded leather armor under his loose vestiments. His outer clothing includes a worn, black Cleric's robe, a red cloak, and a black, wide brimmed hat that casts a shadow over his face down to his stubbly chin. Over his robe he wears a silver necklace with a ruby pendant on it. He carries several flasks of holy water in the various pockets of his clerical vestiments.

I'll wait for a reply to let me know as to whether or not I will be allowed into this setting. I await your reply with much eagerness.

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02/19/2005 8:00 PM

Ah- Hello!
Actually, you're right on time. Join in! Just convince Namiko's character to let you help her on her mission. Wanna throw in some character history?

02/20/2005 4:17 PM


Damien was left on on a monestary doorstep as a babe. He to this day has no idea who his parents are or why they decided to leave him where they did. By all rights, he should be a monk, but when he was 16 the monestary he was living in was attacked by Demons and virtually all of the monks there died. The reason as to why Damien was spared is still unknown to him, but he knows that his attacker was Grazz't by the six fingere'd hand that was carved into his chest, a permanent mark of mystery. Damien believes to be a mark of his damnation; that Grazz't will one day return for him, but as for now, he makes it a point to use his newfound ability that appears to be granted to him by Grazz't to send demons back to the lower plains. Perhaps Grazz't meant to use him as a pawn in his war against Orcus. Ever since, Damien has made it his purpose to seek out and banish the abyssmal demons as well as thwart attempts of the undead.

On a side note, i have "invented" a prestige class for Damien that he is currently a fledgling in. If you wish to see the specs on this class, let me know and i'll post them.

02/21/2005 7:51 PM

attacked by Demons

Uuuuh... Helsgate Keep is quite close to our humble town you know...

Go ahead and post the prestige class. Gotta love 'em prestige classes.

02/28/2005 12:01 AM

What city are we in?

Ah! I'm glad you asked, Exile. Why you're living in the grand city of... Alk...en...ton. Yes, the great mining town of Alkenton, quite new and will hardly be found on maps, but it quickly grew and still is growing quickly thanks to its ties to Citadel Abdar. The town's location was very often evaded by everyone, for it was close to Hellsgate Keep (as can be seen on Map 03, above) but then, an explorer found a great deal of minerals in the nearby mountains and founded Alkenton. This explorer was Lord Falken's very father. A great deal of people had followed him, but at first business didn't go very well. A small mining town was often ignored by those who wanted minerals, but ties were made with Citadel Abdar to connect both mining communities (not that Alkenton was a match for the great citadel) and trade increased. And slowly, Alkenton's population rose quickly, going from a small village to a great town. It's located in the mountains between the Desert of Anauroch and the High Forest. The battlefield most of you are looking for is at the border of the High Forest, at a place called the Tall Trees.

PS: Except for Alkenton, these are real locations! Well, in Faerun that is.

03/05/2005 9:31 AM

Wait a second. Did you decide to go through the mountains, or around them?
Just like Lord Falken told Namiko:

"There are two ways to the Tall Trees. You can go by the tunnels and you may get there in but a day; that is, if you don't get lost or worse. The tunnels were made for transportation but were soon infested with foul creatures. You may also prefer to go around the mountains under the shade of the trees. It would take you two or three days and your trip that way would be much more uneventful. Either way, you should be able to get to the battlefield before war breaks.

03/06/2005 9:16 PM

Strait up and over, but everybody's going through so,

03/17/2005 9:12 AM

pretty much everyone is going to the same place but for different reasons. Question: I know this has to evolve with the story but at the moment, am I good or bad?

03/17/2005 1:13 PM

*looks around*

You should have already come to that conclusion.... I don't think anyone should tell you if you are good or bad, you need to decide for yourself what your character is....

03/19/2005 11:53 PM

The Bard is out, and in his absence, has asked me to step in for him. I will be taking over this thread until he returns, unless of course there are any rejections. Anyone reject?

03/20/2005 12:58 AM


It's true, Exile's in charge. Do as he commands you!

03/20/2005 10:09 AM

alright then. thanks for telling us

03/24/2005 8:51 AM

thanks for the 411.

03/24/2005 1:35 PM

The Bard is back and I readily give him his thread back. My one post as DM, I must say, was astounding! ;) :P

*passes the torch*

03/25/2005 5:27 PM

*heralds the coming of The Bard*

04/12/2005 6:21 PM

Would you two (Exile and Namiko) erase your OOC-only posts out of my thread? ...Please.

04/12/2005 6:28 PM

What OOC posts? :D

06/02/2005 1:18 PM

is the thread alive or should I stop coming here to check

06/02/2005 8:42 PM

Expect a "slowing" motion in any and all threads during the end of classes.

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