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01/06/2005 3:35 PM

Okay, Greek Myths :) Have fun I hope you all like this :D

Character for “Mythic Seas”

Name: Arya Danerys
Age: 22
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 136
Hair: Golden Blonde, worn long, usually in a single braid.
Skin-tone: Deeply Tanned
Eyes: Turquoise Blue
Build: Slender

History: Arya or “Arry” is the daughter of one of the most notorious pirating thief that ever sailed the Caspian Sea. Damascus Danerys raised his daughter to be a tough sailor and bequeathed his ship, the three masted sailing ship, The Chimera. Her best friends are the ships’ first mate, Kerr, and a large albino Akita dog, whom she named Ghost.

The chimera (yes, taken from the animated movie “Sinbad” and pretty much looks just the same, save for the sails are blue not red.) is well known and respected among the circles of thieves, but very few know that this band of thieves is led by a woman.

Arry worships the Goddess of the hunt, (not to mention independent women) Artemis, and as any self-respecting sailor, Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

Character Insight: Arya’s appearance was taken from an old animated series that I think was produced by Disney...but I cannot remember the name of the show, or the character... the only name I can remember is that the main char had a baby phoenix named “Needle” who had a passion for pomegranates.... (Note, I‘ll See if I can‘t persuade Chung into an extra pp point for the one who gives me the name of the show....) ? I want Arya to be outwardly strong and a bit sarcastic, but inwardly fragile and alone.

01/07/2005 4:55 AM

Hmm..... it isn't Pirates of Dark Water is it?

Might be thinking of something else...

01/07/2005 1:54 PM

No, I don't think that's it....

hr size=""1""> "We are the music makers, and We are the Dreamers of the Dreams"

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01/07/2005 6:36 PM

Thought I'd give this one a try....

Name: Liviavicious Themeos
Race: Female Human
Age: 18 years old
Hair: Midnight Black, Waist-Length, Unruly Curls
Eyes: Deep Saphire Blue
Skin: Pale White
Buld: Slender, toned
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 130 pounds
Family Origin: Syracuse
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Rank: Priestess in Training

Background: Before she was born, it was though that Liviavicious was sure to be a boy. Thus, her parents prepared to name her after her great grandfather Liviavicious, an honoured general of the army. When the day of the birth came and a female child arrived, they re-thought this decision. However, when the proud parents realized how much their daughter resembled her great grandfather with her deep blue eyes and unruly dark curls, they decided to stay with her original name. So, Liviavicious she became. Though that was to become shortened to Liva.

Liva's parents were killed when she was one year old. Her family being believers in the Sun God Apollo (God of Poetry, Truth, the Arts, Healing and Music) the members of the nearby Temple took the infant in and raised her. Though loyal to Apollo, as the grew Liva also came to worship his twin sister Artemis (Goddess of the Wild and Hunting, as well as Chastity and the Moon), Demeter (the Eath Mother), and Hecate. (Goddess of Hidden Wisdom, Witchcraft and the Crossroads. Also Goddess of the Moon, the Underworld and Magic)

Character Insight: Liva is almost always calm and reserved, though deep in her heart, she longs for adventure. She is soft spoken, strong-willed, and extremely intelligent. She has many talents which range from artistic to spiritual. As per Temple rules, she was also taught to use a dagger to defend herself when need be.

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01/07/2005 6:52 PM

Don't know much about Greek history or mythology but I'll try. I havn't decided when to join yet though, but I certainly will. Maybe you'll understand when you see the character.

Name: Cyrus Capernicus
Race: Human, Male
Age: 21
Hair: Brown, semi-curly (curls out around ears and neck)
Eyes: Green and Gold
Skin: Tan (outdoor work)
Build: Medium, very toned
Height: 5'11
Weight: 185
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (sp?)
Job: Mercanary

Background: (Short, sweet, to the point, and a bit unimaginative :) )

Cyrus was orphaned as a child, his father was killed during a war with Sparta and mother had died during child-birth. He was raised by his Uncle Clavius, who was a very persuasive politician and provided Syrus with all of the acedemic trianing he could ever want. Secretly, he learned the art of combat from the house guard and was banished by his Clavius for this. Clavius had believed his father an "idiot who could only use his arm and not his mind," but Cyrus never believed it. After his banishment, he left Rome and now wonders the country seeking employment and any information he can uncover about his father and family.

Oh, if it doesn't go with your story (Setting, time) just tell me and I'll try to figuere something out.

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01/08/2005 4:46 AM

both are cool...though this is set a little further back in time for your char exile, other than that it's good...

Luni hun, I know I never got around to posting the list of gods/goddesses, (glad you remembered Hecate, I forgot) But Gaea would be "Demeter" for the Greek pantheon, I think you confused it breifly with the roman versions

01/08/2005 5:01 PM

Luni hun, I know I never got around to posting the list of gods/goddesses, (glad you remembered Hecate, I forgot) But Gaea would be "Demeter" for the Greek pantheon, I think you confused it breifly with the roman versions

I thought so too, but when I looked it up under the Greek Pantheon, Gaea was listed there, not on the Roman section...


I'll chande it though, as Demeter was also listed.

I'll probably do my first poest either tonight, or tomorrow if that's alright.

01/09/2005 9:49 PM

here's my stowawy charchter. enjoy interfering or helping him as you wish.

Name: Blaze Shruikan

Age: 307

Sex: Male

Race: Tiefling

Class: Blade master

Alignment: Good (sorta)

Element: Beta

Appearance: 5,9 very muscular yet he looks somehow scrawny. Blaze's hair has gone white from sun bleaching and he is heavily tanned. His hair sticks off of his head at funny angles, making him look like a startled hedge hog that got in a fight with a lawn mower. His eyes are a fiery red and spark when he is emotionaly excited or locked in a really fierce fight. His cloak is made of pure fire and lights any area although dimly. His clothes are red and baggy around the legs while his shirt looks like really loose skin. His hands are covered by a complicated leather wrap with metal rings over the knuckles. His eyebrows look like flames complete with red and orange highlights.

Weapons: Major- Maranova: The blade, which is a long red katana like thing, is three feet long and was forged in a pheonix's flame and there fore will not melt or break unless dropped into another dying pheonix. The handle looks like it belongs on a Katana and Blaze wields this sword like one, requiring only one hand to use the weapon. The sword shrinks when its not in use so its not getting in the way all the time.

Minor- Himself: Blaze has ecessively trained in martial arts and can fight pretty damn well.

Armor: His cloak will acctually whip around infront of him and roast anything wooden or melt weaker metals although the weapon will go through the cloak leaving most of the work to a chainmail shirt. However it's heat depends on Blaze's energy. As he uses magic, the fire becomes weaker and if it goes out, Blaze will have to find a torch and relight it.

Accesories: He carries a canteen and various chains around his waist as a belt. His middle finger on the right hand has a ring made from a ruby that helps him focus his power.

Skills:Illuminate- Blaze always has something glowing on his person, be it his cape ring or sword, he always can see. His eyes glow too.
Speed- Blaze can sprint incredibly fast and usually does so with his sword out to skewer the unwary.
Levitate- Blaze's cape jets down, pusing him a couple feet into the air if he so chooses.
Raw Strength- allows blaze to manipulate the maranova one handed, he can also bend some of the weaker metals and pass his sword through some of the weaker surfaces with effort.(thin walls, soft rocks, leather armor. O_O, run if you have it)

Spells: Major- Nova Blade- The maranova shoots a long ray of fire out the end, extending the blade dramticaly. This is hot enough to melt a human but its a hard hit to make as it moves so slow at the end. whip like.

Minor- Flame thrower- Blaze raises his hand and.. (really need i say more? He shoots a stream of fire for those who dont know.)

Minor- Burning presence. Blaze digs his sword into the ground, sending a wave of fire away from his body about five feet and throwing a really bright light.

History: Blaze's great grand father was from a race of fire conrtolling demons loosed upon the earth by an evil spell.(can you say diablo?) The Demons raped pillaged and plundered until they came upon a sect of fire worshiping humans that grandly accepted (festivals, party favors, beer, yahoo) The demons into their own. The Sect was originally pure evil but over the many years soon became somewhat good. A massive clan of tieflings was born from the two groups and soon, they were declared a civilization by the four counsils of the world. But the Councils ruled they would be an extinct civilization and atempted to destroy them. Thus the Knights of the Flame were born. The knights were sworn to protect and serve The Burnous( the clan of tieflings) and in case of the civilization being destroyed, avenge the clans by killing the councils. Blaze was the sole survivor of the final siege on New Antioch, the Capital, and last remaining city, of his race. He now hunts the Four Councils through hell or extremely low water. His ring and sword were forged specificly for him by The Unchained(the demons) from the hottest fires of the pheonix. Only he can use them. However his Demonic blood often cries out for evil deeds and he has a tendency to destroy the innocent as well.

Weaknesses: Water, snow. and phoenix flame. As well as magic draining attacks.

01/12/2005 7:52 AM

Okay, well, I REALLY want to join in this one, but I'm gonna need some help. This is the first time I've tried any RP in a place as detailed and structured as this, so if I stumble, someone slap me across the back of the head and set me straight again, please? ALSO, I have no idea what show that is, but I KNOW it wasn't Pirates of Dark Water. I loved that show, and your description doesn't ring any bells for me. The only female main char in that show had black hair, nothing to do with a phoenix, and liked to stab people. The male main char sort of resembles you though, lol...

(Mythic Seas Character)

Name: Doni
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Alignment: Innocent (If that exists, otherwise I'll edit it...Like I said, not all that familiar...)
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 97lbs
Hair: Blue-black, long and straight
Eyes: Black
Skin: Medium brown

History: Doni's history is rhater short, and not all that happy. She can't really remember anything of her younger childhood, save brief flashed of a walled garden, a market place, that sort of thing, but no people or faces. She DOES remeber, however, everything since about 6 or so, because that was when she came to live with her Master, a wealthy Greek merchant who bought her at auction in a seedy sort of town the name of which nobody "remembers". Sometime before she can remember, she was either stolen or sold into slavery in a far land, since she's obviously not Greek by her coloring and the smattering of language she had before her "training" started...

Doni was raised from childhood to be Evanus the Merchant's pleasure slave. He'd been doing this sort of thing for quite a while, and he had an apothecary with extensive knowledge of several substances that could enhance and speed up the growth of Evanus's "playmates", and Doni was no exception. She was only 12 years old when the treatments ended, and her build was that of a small but well-endowed adult. Evanus was thrilled, of course, and she "served" him for three years. During that time, she was never taught to read, or write, or even think for herself, though she had the sort of personality that broke through that on occasion. She was alternately pampered outrageously and punished severely for any outbursts--not physically, no, never that, not and harm the Master's pretty toy...and she WAS very pretty. That was the problem... Never given time for anything but the barest exercise to keep her shape pleasing for the Master, she's about as soft as you get, with no idea how to use a dinner knife, let alone any weapons.

One night, Evanus's vacation home near the coast was ransacked by robbers. Doni escaped, somehow, on the back of the Master's horse, Rebel--mostly BECAUSE of Rebel. He's a warhorse, trained from almost birth to do battle and bear warriors, and the Master bought him on a whim and left him idle in the stables save for the occasional outing. Understandably, Rebel was resentful, and he'd always liked the little girl that had occasionally crept out of the house to visit the animals. So Rebel chose a new master.

Temperament: Doni acts the most like that scared sort of puppy that rolls on its back and whimpers at the first sign of trouble. Life in Evanus's house taught her to be timid, quiet, and to stay out of the way. But there are flashes, sometimes, of the woman she might have been, and could possibly become if someone took the time to teach her about this alien concept known as "freedom." Her imagination, for one thing, is totally ramapnt. She absoutely dies over a well-told story, and can sometimes get lost in her own inner world far too easily. And she'll only roll over and show her belly so long before you can expect some sort of outburst. Rebel, on the other hand, is a very large, very intelligent horse that knows about six hundred ways to kill or maim an attacker, and he's fiercely protective of his new human...

01/12/2005 1:55 PM

ALSO, I have no idea what show that is, but I KNOW it wasn't Pirates of Dark Water. I loved that show, and your description doesn't ring any bells for me. The only female main char in that show had black hair, nothing to do with a phoenix, and liked to stab people. The male main char sort of resembles you though, lol...

well I got my answer from another member via email... it was "Conan the Adventurer" and the character I was thinking of on it was male, as far as the coloring and being a sailor ;) and Needle the phoenix made his home magically on Conan's Shield.

01/14/2005 8:02 AM

Well, good news that you found that out! *claps* Um. But I was wondering if my probably ignorant bio thing is alright for me to play with? *makes big hopeful puppy eyes*

01/14/2005 1:37 PM

*Noddage* yup, char is fine hun...I'll be moving this on probably this weekend....

02/04/2005 7:14 AM

Um...*pokes some* Did our little thing die here...?

02/06/2005 7:08 AM

nope...gimme another day to post again k?

02/11/2005 10:15 AM

Name: Nevika Katrikon
Age: 157
Race: Sorceress
Alignment: Controlled Evil
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 115
Hair: Dark brown, wavy, and long reaching almost to her knees.
Skin-tone: Dark complexion
Eyes: Dark Brown
Build: Strong

History: Nevika was born to a very powerful, yet unatural, union. She was born from a mother Siren, and of a father Centaur. Being born of two magical beings it was only natural that Nevika would be born with magical capabilities which would be unknown to her parents, and they were worried. Her mother Septrius, wanted nothing more than her child to be born healthy, but her husband Amtreatus new something wasn't right with this unnatural impregnation.

In the end a beautiful girl was born with the powers of a Siren, and the sight and magical talents of a Centaur. As she grew more of her powers surfaced everyday and that was something that her parents feared. With her raw talent growing she was catching the eyes of a few very powerful gods, but only one would win her over. That one was Eris, sister of Ares, and the Goddess of discord and strife. Eris, had gotten what she wanted and that was Nevika.

Nevika stayed at Eris' temple and she learned the ways of war, from Ares himself no less, and was able to untap her powers. The three evil nymphs Leucosia, Ligeia, and Parthenope helped her to master her powers and even have them grow over time. Nevika, now at such a young age, was thought of as a very powerful sorceress and speaker for the gods.

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02/11/2005 11:30 AM

!! Wonderful! I was hoping to bring Eris in as the whole antagonizor in this thread...thanks! My posts are logged into my laptop...I'll try to bring it online later tonite.

02/11/2005 3:17 PM

Great and no problem, I love Greek Mythology so this was a thread that I really liked!

02/17/2005 4:11 PM


List of Gods/Goddesses

Zeus: King of the Gods (God of Thunder and Lightning)
Aries: God of war
Apollo: God of the Sun (Twin to Artemis) Prophecy/Music/Healing
Dionysus: God of Wine/Animals
Hephaestus: God of Fire and Craft
Hades: God of the Underworld
Aries: God of War
Poseidon: God of the Seas
Hermes: The Messenger God(also referred as the god of healing)
Pan: God of Nature/Animals
Cupid: God of Love

Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt/Moon/Women(Twin to Apollo)
Aphrodite: Goddess of Beauty and Love
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom/War
Hera: Queen of the Gods (Goddess of Women/childbirth)
Demeter: Goddess of the Earth/Seasons
Persephone: Goddess of Spring & Queen of the Underworld
Muses: Goddess of the Arts and Heroes
Eris: Goddess of Discord
Eros: Goddess of the Dawn
Thetis: Goddess of the Sea
Hestia: Goddess of the hearth


Common Mythic Beasts:

Pegasus: Winged Horse
Centaurs: Half Human/Half Horse people
Hydra: Creatures that have many heads, usually snake like in origins. If one head is sliced off, two replace it.
Griffons: Fierce half falcon/half feline beasts usually ruled by Aries
Cerberus: Guardian of the Underworld
Dryads: Spirits of the Trees
Nymphs: Spirits of Water
Sirens: Evil water spirits, lure sailors to their deaths. (Male sailors mind you)
Stygian Witches: (gorgons)Three Cannibalistic crones, gifted with the knowledge of prophecy and foresight

02/19/2005 11:09 AM

come on peeps... sorry for the delay, anyone still interested? I don't have to go deleting all the posts except mine do I?

02/19/2005 5:05 PM

the calibure of ur writing rivals that of a professional.
good job, Kalia.
I WOULD join in. But this mythology stuff isn't my type of thing.

02/19/2005 6:47 PM

the calibure of ur writing rivals that of a professional.
good job, Kalia.

Meh... more of an over-active imagination and no life :D

I WOULD join in. But this mythology stuff isn't my type of thing.

Well, hope to see you in something else then :D Welcome to the boards!!

02/19/2005 6:57 PM

okay...all posts besides mine and Luni's (who expressed desire to stay in the thread) have been deleted...sorry. If you wish to remain in the story please do so, I figured it would be easier if we pretty much started all over.....

02/27/2005 8:49 AM

Hello?? anyone?

04/12/2005 4:44 PM

Oh my, I apologize. Could I get some help with a character? I would like to have a character that actually fit in the timeline this time. ;)

I was looking back at my original post and realized just what a newbie I was. :P

04/12/2005 5:17 PM

hehe it happens.... Well if you can come up with a character that would fit into either the animated movie Hercules (Disney) or Sinbad: Seven Seas (UM...I think it's the same company that did Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmarron) you'll do fine :D

05/20/2005 8:35 AM

What races are you looking for? All the current ones are human, I was just wondering if you wanted anything else. I have a mermaid/merfolk character I've been wanting to put into play, but I don't see the point in creating a second sea-faring rp if she'd fit into this one in any way. If not, I can readily form a new char. and join.

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