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12/28/2004 12:43 PM

ok. My first thread in the rp section. Im kinda new at this part of the thing so if i miss important details, feel free to toss em in. I'll start by posting the charachter im using. please post yours for me, so i know whats on my team (or not if your a s**t disturber)

(btw, this comes from structured roll play so theres gonna be some things no one cares about in here, IE, skills and past.)

Name: Gecko

Age: 70

Sex: Male


Class: Pole Master

Alignment: Neutral

Element: Theta (darkness)

Appearance: Wears a steel mask to conceal damage done by a theta based magical explosion. Mask has fangs painted on the mouth area to intimidate prey. Wears the skulls of his enemies on his belt and over his armor. Skin is black and scaly with many scars over the visible flesh. Greenish tatoos written in an odd language. Small, beady, glowing yellow eyes. 8'2 and heavily muscled with a thin build. Stand slouched as the rest of his race. Thick, ropey shoulder lengthed, black hair tied with beads and small bones.

Equipment: Small medical kit
rags for cleaning skulls
buffers for polishing skulls
various packs and pouches

Weapons: Major:Tow Shi'mar- Double ended spear engraved with odd shifting runes
Minor: Twin serrated dagers Krim Ta and Yej Jen that seem to shift and dissapear when directly looked at
Minor: Small steel/silver alloy throwing discs, enchanted with a homing spell but still effected by wind and gravity.

Armor: Made from bones of enemies and animals and a magicly lightened metal alloy of steel and cobalt. A steel mask to cover the face.

Accesories: Three human skulls and two elven skulls collected from enemies.
Silver pendant that soothes pain.
Bone ring made from a Dragonoid's eye socket.
Various small bones collected from the hands and feet of animals and humans
An earing made from a Nightwalker's claw

Skills: Stealth
Can completely control theta energy but only in a few destructive ways.
Can mimmick voices exactly.
Because of a magical spell meant to enhance Gecko's strength gone wrong Gecko sees the life force(auras) of living things, including plants. Unliving matter is seen as a detailed grey space

Spells: Major: Enhanced Theta Strike(Oskoo Reneikan)- Causes a theta based explosion on impact of spear, 20 minit recharge
Minor: Theta Cloak(Rugeit Des Umbris)- Uses theta energy to bend light rendering Gecko invisible for 5 minits.
Minor: Theta Twirl(Rosken Hanoaa)- When Gecko spins his spear, it creates a theta field infront of him reflecting minor attacks.

History: Born in a nomadic Nightwalker village and left for dead, Gecko was brought up by a wizard who used him for errands, cleaning and as a guine pig for magical experiments.
As a result of an experiment with preformance enhancing spells that went horribly wrong, Gecko can read the auras and life force of all living things. He was also burned in a theta based explosion which was the wizards fault at the age of 50.
Gecko than hid in the mountains so no one would see his hideous face. He at first only killed animals to survive but soon took to killing hunters for their weapons and equipment. After about three years he had found the equipment and the experiance needed to survive and get revenge on his ex-guardian.
He than returned and killed the wizard, whos head he took as a trophy thus passing his villages rites to manhood(defeating a godfather figure in a now extinct society). Gecko was exiled for killing a powerfull village eleder(his wizard guardian) and left the village at 53. He now wanders the world searching for worthy hunts and has discovered that elves and humans (evil or not) make excellent prey.
Gecko recently trained under an elven pole master and while training in deflections he learned he could control theta based energy almost completely, but can only harness it into a few destructive ways. The pole master attempted to take Gecko's life when he surpassed his mentor. Gecko killed him and now trusts few. He also trained under a specialist in the art of Black Grudge, a brutal melee combat style that involves strangles, grabs, breaks, strikes, blocks, nerve depressing and throws.
His weapon, the Tow Shi'mar, is an ancient relic passed down his family's blood line for thousands of generations. One end is pointed and the other end has two parallel blades. The weapon was given to him by his uncle Atropos who had spent most of his life attempting to find him. But Gecko's uncle dissapeared two days later. His two daggers Krim Ta and Yej Gen were stripped from an elven hunter who used them to skin hunts. His throwing discs were a gift from his guardian and are enchanted with a homing spell. Gecko is very hostile and tends to avoid traveling with groups.
Merchants fear his name in the part of the world he once inhabited as he would raid caravans for food, using his theta cloak to kill the soldiers or mercenaries guarding them, but he has since moved into the wider world to search for an ultimate adversary. He has very few emotions but does appreciate anger, fear and depression. Gecko has a tendancy to shoot first and ask questions later but refuses to hunt the weak, unarmed and pregnant.
Gecko also believes a true name holds power over the soul so he goes by the alias Atropos after the only true family he ever had. Few learn his alias and no one on the face of the planet still alive knows his true name.

Weaknesses: Concentrated theta will kill Gecko
Concentrates heavily on hiding his face from others, Gecko will cover his face at almost any cost, rendering him defenseless when mask is removed
Acidic attacks will heavily dammage Gecko

Extras: Because of hardships after the accident, Gecko has no remorse or conscience and at this point in his life he would kill his son for the slightest personal gain

Demonic Rage: Due to a theta experiment in preformance enhancing spells, gecko has a powerful demon entity inside him, that he can only unleash at the height of his anger or fear

01/16/2005 2:30 PM

Sry I didn't post sooner but I didn't realize there was an ooc thread.

Name:Waylon Massie



Armor Break

Short Sword
Chain Mail
(everything else taken by hounds)

When Waylon is angry he can fight and handle himself better.

Magick, Waylon can do none, and he knows very little about it.

Waylon grew up with his brother in a village called faladin, his father a guard and his mother an alchemist. His father died at a mage's hand when Waylon was 16, so he and hos brother wanted to honor their father by becoming guard's themselves, and hoping to maybe some day find the mage and get revenge.

Waylon is fueled by anger and hopes for revenge. He is skilled with his tongue and can get out of a bad situation by persuasion. No matter how strong Waylon has been he has been reliant on others, and quick to trust, his curiosity has gotten him in trouble many times before.

01/17/2005 7:03 PM

Name: Celdoral

Age: 55

Race: Elf

Abilities: Ranger and elf abilities (yea thats pretty basic)

Abilities: Same

Long Bow
Long Sword
Ring Mail

History: Celdoral is a rouge ranger. He works for anyone that will hire him, and in this case that person happens to be a victim of the Hounds.

Personality: He is very wise and methodical, as most elves are, and a bit wary of outsiders.

Appearance: Black hair, gold eyes, silver ring mail, and a green cloak.

(Sorry for the lack of information. I didn't think it was really necassary since it was pretty straight foward. Just think of this as a summary.)

01/18/2005 7:18 PM

no problem, mines way too long of a profile, but its difficult to edit these things once you have the charachter in mind.

01/18/2005 7:23 PM

I'll be joining soon, but before I do... What are the Hounds? Wolves, men, .... ?

01/18/2005 7:34 PM

acctually, they happen to be nightwalkers with a technology overload. Makes em harder to kill.

ooh yeah.

Nightwalker: Beings of shadow. When standing at their tallest, they are giants, but as per the weak back muscles, inherent to the race, they stand hunched, appearing only slightly taller than a full grown human. Their arms dangle low, but have long powerful claws on their hands. The eyes of a Nightwalker are soulless, black orbs. Nightwalkers communicate by telepathic messages, as they have no mouth. They also require no food as they gather sustainance from the moonlight.

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