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12/20/2004 3:35 AM

Ok, this is set in our world, at the present time. Much of what we have believe to be mere fantasy is true, sorcery, demons and the like. The demons have re-surface, to a time were humans, generally, do not believe in magic and fantasy creatures. In truth, all of this did exist at one point, centuries ago, however, due to the efforts of a group of mages, all things magical were locked away. The demons were forced back into the Nether World, from which they are currently breaking out, dragons and everything else were hidden also, but for now, we won't be dealing with anything save the demons.

Due to the demons breaking out, sorcery has been rekindled, being the main force to oppose the dark magic of the demon horde and their brutal carnage.

Play yourself, if you wish, for I am. Exactly me, but obviously, the talent for sorcery has been awakend in my character self. The trauma of his sister's death forced it out. For now, I'd like no more than 3 other sorcerers, more will arise in time. Other players are free to come up with a fantasy flare of their own, nothing too bizarre, but interesting is welcomed.

More with regards to plot will come, for now if you want to join, post a char bio here and then make a RP post basically playing out the awakening for your abilities or sorcery, doesn't have to be all bloody like I have RPed.

It will all me moving over to America, more spefically Washington where the sorcerers will ultimately gather. Remember, those sorcerers do not necessarily have to be 'good', they can try and align with the demons if they wish. For to keep things straight, my char wil be acting,eventually, as Sorcerer Supreme until more sorcerers awaken etc.

Let me know what ya all think.

12/20/2004 5:24 AM

Ok, my own character-self. No history need be given, unless you wish to put one down.

Name: Martin Johnston
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark blonde, short, styled
Build: Thin, toned
Peronsality: Before the surfacing of the demons, Martin generally a kind and compassionate person, loved nature, loved his family and friends, was warm and open-hearted, something which often caused him a great deal of hurt also. His willingness to trust others and let them in to his heart was always a weakness when said people did something to break his trust and heart. However, he was strong enough to gather himself and continue on with life.

Now however, his disposition will change, mainly due to the death of his twin sister. Part of his heart and soul died when she did, and now his sole purpose is to defeat the demons, which has left devoid of feeling and emotion to a certain extent. Everything else comes second, even his own needs, his determination and arrogance is overpowering his judgement.

Occupation: Ex-student, current; Archmage and leader of the Sorcerous Front against the Demon Horde.

12/20/2004 7:08 AM

Bit more info on the Demons, or daemons, whichever way you wanna spell it.

The Demon Horde - this group of demons are one of the lower caste demons, physically powerful, they lack the dark demonic magicks that higher caste demons possess. They also give the appearance of what many may think stereotypical demon looks like, horned head, cloven feet like that of a goat, sharp toothed, black/red skin and generally viciously evil. The Horde is led by the 'Horde Queen', the only female in this caste of demon. She acts much like the Queen Bee in a hive, take her out and the 'Demon drones' will become die, however, she is as you can imagine..... a bitch to take out. And different from her drones.

These demons, being lesser, found it easy to break through the barrier between our world and their own Netherworld, a place of darkness, death and of course, demons. At present, no one on earth fully realises that the Demon Horde are only the tip of the Iceberg. The reason why other demon castes have failed to show themselves, is that the veil between our worlds makes is difficult. The more powerful the demon is, the harder it is the breech the veil. However, the veil is thinning, the magic that the mages of old cast it failing, and swiftly.

Other demon castes will emerge in time, however for now, humanity has to deal with the Demon Horde. The Queen of the Horde gives birth to her drones much like that of a Bee Queen, an enormous sack is connected to her from behind, and demon coccons are laid, taken care of by the 'priestly' set of Horde demons, wose sole job is to care for these newborns and feed them..... humans of course.

Their numbers, being centuries in the waiting, have swelled significantly, and the Queen is still producing more. Most major cities throughout the world have been targeted and a group of horde demon sent to each at a specific time, where the all attacked at once. Some of the Cities include:




New York
Los Angelas

You get the idea. Now, the Horde Queen has set up her Hive Lair somewhere in America, washington to be specific, and it deep underground, where a great many number of tunnels have been created for the demons to move about unnoticed. For now, the President of the USA seems to have the demons held in check. the US army obviously being more vast and powerful. Nuclear weapons have not been considered...yet. Despite all their efforts however, the 'people in charge' do not know the full extend of the Hordes power, nor of the Queen's existence or location.

Martin will be heading to America, as he'll gain vague info on the source of the Horde. Here he will meet up with those that want to join in, the other sorcerers etc, and start the foundation of the Front that will fight the Horde more offensively, rather than being on constant defense.

I hope that made sense, lol.

12/20/2004 7:43 AM

One more thing, one of the sorcerer positions is reserved. It would also be great if those wishing the other two sorcerer positions could 'specialise' in a certain field of magick. For example, Martin is very much a 'blow em up' sorcerer, more so a battlemage, however he will need other sorcerers whose power are not solely focused on the magic of warfare. He will need someone who has a flare for sorcerous healing, though be warned, this sort of healing can be risky and difficult to manage. Possibly someone who is talented in divination of sorts, far seeing, limited future sight etc.

Anyway, just thought to add this in.

12/20/2004 8:47 AM

So basically, if I understand this well, you need someone with divination (Spirit, Body and Faith) , just as the magical powers of a cleric or paladin?

Secondly, I assume the third mage to be a specialist in elemental magic, working with the elements as his domain. (Water, Earth, Fire and Air)?

12/20/2004 9:03 AM

So basically, if I understand this well, you need someone with divination (Spirit, Body and Faith) , just as the magical powers of a cleric or paladin?

Thats the jist of it yeah.

Secondly, I assume the third mage to be a specialist in elemental magic, working with the elements as his domain. (Water, Earth, Fire and Air)?

Well, Martin basically uses the elements for his magic, aswell as tapping into other sources, of which he currently does not entirely understand, putting him in a dangerous position. However, I am not restricting the other mages as to what they have to specialise in, if you can think of something else you'd rather have your sorcerer focus on, then feel free to suggest it. ;)

Alot of the magic used will be very erratic, after all, this is the first time in centuries that humans have even believe in magic. Part of the fun will be exploring their powers, finding out what they are strong at and how to use those abilites and strengths to their advantage over the Horde. It is likely that the power will slip their control at some point or another until the sorcerers can fully contain and control their magic. Nothing is predictable with this reborn sorcery.

12/21/2004 10:56 AM

One other thing I didn't add in. If anyone wants to RP a demon, let me know and I can fill in the details etc.

12/21/2004 1:27 PM

The demon screeched in pain, flailing around with it's razor sharp claws before giving a final dreadful roar and immolulating itself with a dull 'crump' sounds. The screaming woman slowly stopped, the reality of her survival gradually sinking in as she turned her tearful gaze towards the bloodied form of her saviour,

"Th-th-thank you."

The man turned an ice hard gaze towards her,


The woman's gasp turned into a etherial, ghostly wail as her soul was torn from her and sucked into the stranger's mouth by some invisible vortex. As his wounds sealed themselves and his blood flowed back inside his veins the figure smiled savagely. With a bound he launched himself to the roof of a burned-out building and survied his hunting ground, the twisted remains of London. Then a moving speck caught his eye, no Demon this, but not like any mortal he'd come across either. With his mind full of questions Cambion swung his direction of travel to intersect the traveller's path.

12/21/2004 2:37 PM

Should have said.... this is the ooc part for the thread....... post this again in the actual RP part, click on the title and you'll see.

12/21/2004 2:59 PM

Son of a....ah well. I'm on it.

12/21/2004 4:58 PM

maugetar!!! OMG! you're back!! *huggles*

*Gives you a stern look*

where have you been?

12/21/2004 5:06 PM

got an idea...but it's up to you mertty... dragons and the like would technically be gone in the physical sense, but what if one was reborn into a human body?? kind of a twist to my namesake char? She was born human with the soul of a dragon?? lemme know.

12/22/2004 4:04 AM

*has air squeezed out of him by huggles*

Good to see you as well, been tied up with Uni and the like I'm afraid :(. But I'm back now :D

12/22/2004 4:11 AM

Seeing as its you Heather :D

12/22/2004 11:32 AM

Mertty? I know but one by that name and haven't seen that person on IRC in quite a while. (Nor on a board for that matter, since the last one went kinda dead( Cerulean Reveries)) *grins*

12/22/2004 3:36 PM

I am the one and the same, Caelin, hehe. Also, I might be mistaken, but are you the same Caelin from Tazlure? If so, its Ashtallion here ;)

I didn't think the IRC for Cerulean would still be up?

12/22/2004 6:16 PM

This seems interesting, I wouldn't mind playing a paladin. If memory serves correct they can heal people and usually fight with a sword and shield right? If thats the case I would be glad to play a paladin.

12/22/2004 8:05 PM

well....dragon or unicorn...I dunno as of yet, I'll make up my mind tomorrow.....

12/23/2004 2:17 AM

Soaringeagle - The paladin is welcomed, however I would like it to be played from a certain perspective. Any human on earth, that appears to have any sort of mystical connection, won't actually know what that connection is. So by all means, play a 'Paladin', but your character won't know what he/she is, merely they discover they have particular talents, a sword may come his/her way somehow, and they find they know how to weild it expertly.

Many of the humans will in fact be descendants from those that existed at the time of the last Invasion. So, my character is the descendant of the last great Archmage of that time, so therefore, his 'soul' has resided in Martin's bloodline for countless centuries. Fair enough, his power was awoken early, but due to the reintroduction of demons into the world, hundreds, perhaps thousands across the world will have some form of power or talent awakening in them also, over time, due to having a Paladin, mage, Knight etc connected to their bloodline.

In time, your character will realise what he/she is, as the soul of the former Paladin in your character will also release knowledge and experiences into you, from which you can draw on and use.

Kalia - it might be best going for the dragon soul idea, as Unicorns won't be appearing on earth, not for some time yet. The same goes for all mystical creatures and races. Only demons and humans for now. As the higher caste demons emerge from the Netherworld, to balance the scale, more and more magical creatures/races will also be reintroduced. So humanity will have alot to deal with.

12/23/2004 2:18 AM

Just realised Kalia, you might have just meant a unicorn soul. My bad hehe.

12/25/2004 3:05 PM

One and the same, my friend. :) Good having you here.

The IRC for Cerulean is no longer up though.

Now I definately have to whip up a char and jump in. ;)

12/25/2004 3:29 PM

Name: John Kirkpatrick
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark blonde, long, tied back
Build: Slender
Personality: John used to be a very calm individual, friendly and often looked upon as having to be what people believe elves to be, which is sometimes awkwardly patient. With the arrival of the demon horde, something changed within him, which at first scared him, due to the strange incidents happening around him. His patience, which he had been known for, became much less, yet not allowing rage to take over. This in spite of what havoc they caused in his life.

Now, after having stored his wife in a secret location, together with what was left of his friends, he began to travel. Fighting the demons along his route, where he also dug up some old artifacts, he made his way to England first, where he heard rumors of a person that had slain demons, but who apparantly left towards the US. He decided to seek out that person and made his way there, crossing the ocean in a way he had previously thought as impossible.

Occupation: ICT, current: Hunter of demons, mage and tinkerer. Creates weaponry which he imbues with strange powers.

12/26/2004 8:17 AM

Nice PC Caelin :D

12/26/2004 11:39 AM

Ok well here is my own character-self

Name: John Michelin (No relation to the Michelin tire company)
Gender: Male
Age: 14 (I turn 15 in January)
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown and short
Build: Slender
Personality: John is a shy, quiet teenager who is quite unlike his twin sister. He usually likes to keep to himself and is nice to almost everyone he knows. He is smart though not really all that athletic and likes to play video games. So most of his time is spent in his room hiding from the world. Though he acts like everything is ok he hides his true feelings and keeps those feelings to himself.

Now, he will change after his trip from his home of Michigan to New York as an early birthday surprise. And a surprise it will be for him when he first confronts the Demon Horde. He will change from being a hider to a fighter.

01/20/2005 7:44 PM

Ok, this is my first post on here. Hopefully nobody will mind my inexperience but I'm used to RPing out of books with dice and such. Anyway, I'd like to play a character who started out in the army then was attacked and now suffers from severe amnesia, remembering nothing of his former self except his childhood training with sword and bow, and adult training with gun. He will be sort of a ranger type who will slowly begin to remember what was going on and with permission may in the future have a very strange power materialize--he regenerates wounds more quickly than usual. He would definitely not be invincible but any wound not magic or acidic in nature would heal at about twice the regular rate or so. If that's all ok, I'll post my character outline tomorrow or the day after.

01/21/2005 10:30 AM

OK here's the basic outline so far, let me know what you think.

NAME: Kaittan Rayne

AGE: 28 years

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: 5'10''; 154 lbs; sapphire irises with gold rays starting at pupils; dusky skin; dark, dark, dark brown hair; two studded earings and one ring on right ear; black panther tattoo on left shoulder, oriental dragon or right; 3 scars on back from whipping as a child

CLOTHING: Black hooded cloak over white muscle t and khaki pants; black fingerless gloves on both hands; red headband with Japanese sign for Wisdom; armbands on each wrist show signs for Speed and Luck; belt buckle holds sign for Power.

WEAPONS: Hip holsters carry dual Uzis and a Desert Eagle is tucked into the back of his pants. An abnormally large bastard sword called Rikken is sheathed across his back. Several shurikens are tucked into his belt and daggers are sheathed in his boots.

PERSONALITY: Coming soon (class bell just rang)

01/22/2005 10:21 AM

Kaittan Rayne's Bio:

Kaittan grew up in England as one of a select few orphans taken in under the care of an extremely wealthy inventor. This second family came to be even better than if he had known his parents and he always got along very well with his brother and sister. He found his foster father to be immeasurably loving, the exact opposite of the orphanage workers who forced the children to work and on one occasion even whipped Kaittan for rebellion.
When Kaittan was 6 he took up training with the sword after much pleading with his father, and at age 12 he used his savings from the past two years to buy a bow with which he practised and hunted alongside his uncle.
At 20 Kaittan sailed to the US and met his older brother in New York, 5 years after he'd moved away. Kaittan decided to make his residence a bit more permanent and at 21 he joined the US Army. At 25 he switched to the marines and was sent to Afghanistan. Two years later he finally came home to New York and found his sister to have moved too, but with news of their father's death.
Over the years, Kaittan has learned to take chances but has also discovered his limits, which he rarely puts in jeopordy. He has a profound respect for life and a great sense of honor and duty to both England and the United States. He will not attack anyone unprovoked, but in his few combat situations he was deadly accurate and dispatched his enemies quickly and methodically.
Since his first demon encounter Kaittan has slain several of the foul beasts, but in one fight alongside fifty or so members of the army, he was thrown through the window of an ancient cathedral. He passed out of when he awoke knew nothing.

01/24/2005 1:17 PM

Hey guys, sorry I have been away for so long...things have just been, difficult, these passed few weeks, and tazlure.nl is also taking up alot of my time ;)

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