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12/15/2004 11:32 AM

Hello there everyone. Well its been awhile but I have returned (though most of you may not know me heh). Anyways I had tried my hand at doing what I love most over in the Dragonlance area but after seeing this place basically without any rp going on in it I figured, what the hell I'd give it a shot.

So, theres only a few of things I would like you to adhere to when joining up on this rp. 1- doesnt matter what sort of vampire you play as long as its a vampire.
and 2- lets try and keep the generation to a lowest of fifth.

Other than that lets just have fun and I am open to any plot suggestions ( I have the basic idea of where I want to go with it but I am very open to anything new) Oh and by the way its set in London, summer, 2000.

12/15/2004 11:36 AM

oh and by the way, sorry about the first posts spelling problems. as I said before, brain....fried....agh! lol

12/15/2004 12:55 PM

So, theres only a few of things I would like you to adhere to when joining up on this rp. 1- doesnt matter what sort of vampire you play as long as its a vampire.
and 2- lets try and keep the generation to a lowest of fifth.

Phauran, just a few questions to make things clear for those looking to join up.

1) Your character has to be a vampire. (whatever clan?)

2) You character needs to be at least a fifth generation vampire?

12/15/2004 2:42 PM

My apologies, heres a clarification.

Really only looking for people to play the vampire characters in this rp. I dont care what particular clan you play whether its Ventrue, Tremere, Ravnos, Brujah, etc. any clan will do just as long as its a -vampire- clan.

And as far as the generation thing what I meant to say is that they would need to be anything higher. So 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, so on and so forth up untill 13th even if someone wanted would be fine. But lets just try and stay away from the 4ths and the occasional 3rd that I have seen people try and do.

Sorry about the confusion! Thanks and have fun!

12/15/2004 3:11 PM

Hmmm, I don't think I ever stuck around long enough, to play Vampire for a while and the last time was an awful long time ago. I'll have to look into it and see whether I can whip up a character. ;)

12/15/2004 9:38 PM

hey that sounds good to me. And if you can bring anyone along for the ride please do!

12/18/2004 7:33 PM

I'd be willing to try, I played Vampire: The Masquerade for the PC, so I've got a better idea of what the vampires are like in this world then the were-wolves.

12/19/2004 12:05 PM

I may join... I have an 8th gen Tremere around here somewhere...... *searches*

12/20/2004 12:01 PM

fantastic! It would be great to have ya both. Just post whenever you think its appropriate and enjoy!

12/20/2004 7:26 PM

Ok, character sheets: (I hope you don't mind me playing more then one? The older one's going to be in and out alot)

Name: Shantira Jones
Race: Vampire
Age: 20
Rank: Fledgling
Sect: (unchosen)
Clan: (unknown)
Generation: Hmm, the most recent is 13, right?
Hair: Red-blonde, medium length, kept in a ponytail
Skin: Tan, a few freckles
Eyes: Dark green


Shanti was an american exchange student from Loyola University in chicago. When she was out late with a few friends at a club, she went to look for one of them. She met a man, and began to talk with him......and woke up the next night as a kindred in an abandoned building nearby.
That was three nights ago, and she's been hiding in the building ever since, trying to figure out what has happened since an attempt to go home in the day.

Name: James Emerson
Race: Vampire
Age: (unknown)
Rank: Elder
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Formerly Camarilla, currently Inconnu
Generation: 6th
Hair: Brown
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Greyish blue


James was born roughly 60 years before the first crusade. Made a kindred at twenty-four, he joined the crusades in an attempt to find some form of redemption. The war only covinced him more of the darkness in the world, and, reluctantly, he finally sought out the company of fellow kindred, and lived with a coterie of brujah in spain for several years, until the inquisition raided their home. He and another of his friends were the only one who escaped and fled spain for france, finally taking refuge with ravnos.

He and his friend, Carros,went to the new world in the late 1700s, where they lived together. Carros eventually went to Washington DC, and James stayed in New Mexico. The longer he lived, the more that he avoided both kindred and humans, growing weary of the Jyhad, finally joining the Inconnu, the only sect who's idealogy was similar to his.
Roughly half a year ago, he decided to go back to his homeland of England, and caught a ship headed for London, where he has been living for the past few months.

12/21/2004 6:38 AM

Ok, i'm a little stumped on my knowledge in this area.

Can someone give me a little hand on setting up a charactersheet for my character.
(I know, i'm a bit of a nitpick, but I prefer having a sheet.)

How about it, AvA, despite our difference of opinion about anime? ;)

12/21/2004 8:42 AM

No I dont mind people playing more than one at all Avenging_Angel. I like em both so just drop them into the fray whenever you want.

Now as far as the character sheet goes I will have to grab my book when I get home and look at the basics for ya but yeah I could give you that. What was it exactly you were having troubles with?

12/21/2004 9:53 AM

How about it, AvA, despite our difference of opinion about anime? ;)

Bah, everybody's entitled to their own opinions.

Can someone give me a little hand on setting up a charactersheet for my character.
(I know, i'm a bit of a nitpick, but I prefer having a sheet.)

Ok, first off, how much do you know about the setting? Do you know all the clans/sects and such? The rankings according to age?

Here's a fairly basic vampire sheet walkthrough for World of Darkess that somebody gave me on another site, sorry if it seems to have some really obvious stuff on it.

Generation: (how far descended they are from Cain, the first vampire. Youngest generation is 13th, I believe)
Clan: (Which clan they are. Remember that some clans have certain traits ie. Nosferatu's curse of appearance, one clan is cursed with insanity)
Sect: (Which sect they ascribe to, Camarilla, Sabbat, Inconnu, or Anarch)
Rank: (What rank they are, fledgling, neonate, elder, methuselah, antediluvian)
(optional) Disciplines/Abilities: (Which vampiric abilities and disciplines your character uses. Some clans specialize in certain disciplines, nosferatu in illusion, tzimece in fleshcrafting)

If you want to get into the fancy stuff, you can add disciplines and abilities your character possesses, but you'd have to have someone who'd played World of Darkness in D&D to help you with that, as I said, I only played the PC game.
Hope it helped!:)

12/21/2004 2:59 PM

Ahh, but for the rest I asume the sheets will work the same as those of Werewolf? (the 7/5/3 division in mental,physical and social)

(have the sheets, clan info, etc and I played werewolf on tabletop and irc, so that makes me acquainted with the WoD setting. :) )

*goes to dabble with the sheets.* Phauran, if you have pointers, then please send them through PM, otherwise i'll just try to get through it. :)

12/23/2004 9:28 AM

hey there Nikki_Nyne, thanks for joining. Just wanted to say welcome and enjoy!

P.s.- try to refrain from controlling other peoples chars in the future, makes things a bit easier when people dont have to go back and fix thier actions that someone did for them that they might not have wanted at that time.

Other than that have fun.

12/23/2004 1:49 PM

Ok, here goes, may not be much but i'll leave this for the rest of you to decide.

Name: Anthony Matthews
Age: 36
Generation: 11th
Embraced: 1932
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Rank: fledgling
Hair: maroon
Eyes: blue
Skin: tanned
Profession: Police officer (before the turn)

Tony was turned in 1932, while on duty, during a nightpatrol in the streets of New York. He was admitted into hospital and dischanged himself the next day. For a period of weeks, he remained at home. The wounds healed perfectly, but with the passing of time, something else grew as well, a thirst to hunt that he could not explain.

He went out for the first time in weeks, after the sun had gone down and stumbled upon a man that seemed to have been waiting for him, for he addressed him by name. He introduced himself as Lazlo Tripcek, then told me I had been bitten by a member of his clan. Out of curiosity, I followed the man to his house, where I met others.

Until 1938, Tony remained active as an officer, only working the nightshift, with an outstanding record. At this stage he proceeded to work as a private investigator, doing work when it suited him.

In 1940, he moved to the UK and made his way from there into europe, to get acquainted with the roots of the clan. He learned and watched.

From 1945 to 1960, he lived in Paris, as part of the nightlife, cleaning the streets of criminals on his own accord.

1961 to 1990 He moved back to the US and was instated into the ranks of Lazlo's confidants, acting foremost as a gatherer of information. Learned to use computers and the newest investigation methods.

!990 to 2001 Accompanied Lazlo to various meetings of the camarilla, mostly acting as a set of ears for his 'master'. During these years he had his first run-in with a werewolf, which he barely survived. From there on he became even more careful and started digging into the background and habits of these creatures. The more he learned, the more valuable he became. Killed three of these 'dogs' in the streets.

2001- now Tony leads the hunting parties against the werewolves, as the expert within the house. Trying to locate their hide-outs and captured his first werewolf alive in 2003. This gained him much favor.

Personality and appearance:
Tony is not the most attractive man, but a charming one, equipped with a good intellect and an affinity for languages. He dresses in a casual fashion, though with a certain style. His maroon colored hair, tied back into a ponytail, ends between his shoulderblades. His blue eyes are ever vigilant. Beneath the especially tailored armani jacket, he hides two fire-arms which are loaded with silver rounds. (this after he ran into his first werewolf, another thing he thought did not exist, just like vampires.)

He mostly goes his own way, not bothered by being alone, but attends the occasional clan or convenant gatherings.


12/24/2004 11:10 AM

His green eyes are ever vigilant

Eyes: blue

Sorry, couldn't resist myself ;)

12/24/2004 2:59 PM

Whoops. *edits*

But how about the rest, looks good or no?

12/24/2004 4:13 PM

Looks pretty good......but the lack of a background kinda throws me....

12/25/2004 3:01 PM

Working on it, AvA. :) *not fully satisfied with it myself*

12/26/2004 8:51 AM

yeh as far as I can tell you have a great first start. As AvA said before, the lack of background sort of throws me as well but since your coming up with it you're definitely on the right track.

12/26/2004 11:35 AM

Thanks folks. :)

I'll post as soon as I figured the background out, but the only thing I am wonedring about, is exactly how many years 2 generations of vampires are. (aka, how far do I have to work back in time, to start the background)

01/06/2005 12:47 PM

OK, I have added the background, which is not exactly Ventrue-like, but it is Tony. ;)

If this seems ok, then I'll jump in whenever I am ready to. :)

01/11/2005 4:12 PM

nice, ventrue. I like those guys. yeah and as you said, jump in when you want.

01/11/2005 8:03 PM

Bleh, I've changed my mind and decided to only play one character......I haven't been in many vamp threads before, best to start with one.....will edit my post when inspiration strikes:P

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