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12/11/2004 9:42 PM


The time line is pre-episode VI. I thought an alternate ending with some new heros and villians defeating the Emperor/or not might be kind of fun.

My charcter Orin Blaze is neutral. She's an Imperial Spy but for the right price, she might work for the other side. She's a skilled star-fighter but she doesn't have any powers to do with the force. Just sheer dumb luck on her side.

12/13/2004 1:06 PM

Hey there,

My character is a male human named Raedin. He's a freelance smuggler and has a carefree attitude, living his life like there is nothing to lose, taking risks and enjoying every moment of it. He's not evil, though he has no respect for the law nor for the Hutt (who are not in good terms with him since he operates in their territory illegally). Lets just say a few extra credits could earn him a lot more entertainment.

He's a good pilot when he's not drunk (the term 'don't drink and fly' doesn't ring a bell) and pretty handy in combat. Absolutely no relation to the force.

I don't know when I can fit in the character, so i'll wait till the right moment.


12/14/2004 7:24 AM

sounds good

03/21/2005 12:30 PM

hey! could you use another player I've always loved starwars and a diferent ending sounds like it might prove fun

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