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11/19/2004 9:11 PM

This is a thread for all of us who ever played with Misty to say good by. The only character I ever played with of hers was her name-sake character.

Anyone who rped with Misty can join with the character they used when playing with her.


11/25/2004 1:19 AM

Name: Raven Windspirit
Race: Human
Age: 26 years old
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown, Waist-Length, Loose Curls
Family Origin: Earth
Alignment: Neutral Good
Rank: Healer/Druidess

Background: Raven Windspirit is basically me. She has travelled extensively through other realms, but has no real power save for that which comes through her beliefs. She does however, carry a boot dagger.

Appearance and Personality: At 4 foot 5 and 80 pounds, Raven Windspirit is very small and slender. She has expressive brown eyes and dark brown hair that falls to her waist in loose curls. She likes to dress in dark clothing and her silver pentacle is ever present around her neck. Raven is a very passionate person, ruled by her emotions. She is quiet, open-minded, and helpful to those she cares about.

11/25/2004 8:37 AM

I should probably post my char too, since I've never RPed with her on here before, but she seemed appropriate to use.

Name: BlueMoon Shimmer
Race: Human
Age: 14-15
Hair color: Short, honey-blonde with blue streaks in it
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Tanned with freckles
Class: Adept mage (it's a long story)

Blue also is basically a reflection of me. She's been about everywhere, from Midkemia to Krynn, originally from future earth. She's kind most of the time, but she loses her temper often.

She's a bit over five feet tall, very skinny. She wears a long blue and black coat, white shirt, and black pants, with a silver bracelet on her right wrist with a crescent moon on it. Both of her earrings have crescents on them.

11/27/2004 6:34 AM

let me see if I can join before I post my character...I don't want this to end up like my old posts... just gimme a little time and I'll try to join.

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