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11/15/2004 7:41 AM

Ok, this is set within the 'Buffy' world, however we will not be dealing with said slayer, and out own plot etc will develop. It would be good if you could base your character off of yourself, as I will be doing, however adjustments are obviously made to make the character fit.

If any are interested, feel free to post a wee bio here, just so I have some statistics to run off. This is set after series seven, so there is now more than two slayers, there are hundred of potentials across the world whose dormant slayer abilities have been awoken, so if there are any wannabe slayers, one can be used.

11/15/2004 4:41 PM

I dunno if I want to do the slayer bit or not... can I do an Angel type char?? Please??

Name: Kalina LaGrou
Nationality: French Creole/American
Age: (apparant) 23 (Actual) 203
Hair: Shoulder-length Dark brown w/blonde highlights
Eyes: Hazel green
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 127lbs

History: was turned on april 24th 1824. Her best friend, Millie was a Voodoun and she refused to see her friend (even if she was her mistress) spend eternity as a demon. So she herself used rites to return Kalina's soul, and she succeeded.

Kalina has lived with her little inner demon for nearly two hundred years, and while she usually prefers to be left alone, will kill any vampires who disturb her or gets in her way.

That ok??

11/16/2004 3:57 AM

Yup thats fine love! I was hoping that you would be the one to answer his call for help. its basically me, so we could know each other or something.

11/16/2004 10:12 AM

Name: Jack Bowman
Age: 50, as off 2004
Physical age: 24
Race: Caucasion
Hair: Brown, sort of long.
Clothes: Jeans, T-shirt, usually tye-dye.

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, talkative. Generally unfazed, he's what you could call a vampire with a soul, though he kept his mainly by chance. He was turned in Kansas by an old friend who had been pronounced dead after a car crash, the various odd traits that he had recieved ignored.

He moved to L.A years later.

(Same character as in City of Angels, with a tweak for the Buffy verse.)

11/16/2004 11:04 AM

welcome G! :D

11/18/2004 10:13 AM

Thank you, thank you. Donations are appreciated.

11/18/2004 5:54 PM

I never watched Buffy, however I did watch all five seasons on Angel. The facts may be a little sketchy, but I think Ill give it a shot, since it's a freeform plot. Tell me what you think, b/c I wont post anything till I know if it fits or not.

Name: Ivan Fowl
Age: as of 2004, nineteen
Nationality: Russian, thought he doesnt appear it.
Height: six feet
Weight: 135-155 lbs, decent tone and muscle mass.
Eyes: a very deep and unusual Amber
Hair: night black and about shoulder length, tied back often.
Current Residence: LA

Ivan, son of Agustus Fowl, was born into a family that long secretly practiced the demonic arts. At birth, Agustus had his sons natural emeral eyes removed and replaced with magical ones, burning of amber, so that he would always see the world for what it really was, and not the frauds people tried to pull. Ivan's father was not a kind man, and originally sought to have a son so that he would have someone to pass on his wealth and power, however ever since birth Ivan has disappointed his fathers hopes. First of all, he denied magical training like that all those in his family before him were proficent. Second, Ivan instantly bonded with his mother more then Agustus himself, and in his view became a 'wuss' even though that wasnt exactly the case. Finally, to add insult to ingury, as Agustus saw it, Ivan was unable to work his inate magical talent unless he was seathing with rage.

Ivan's family was extremely well connected in Russian government, even back into the times of the Czars. Not only that, but they were the largest family of surviving warlocks in all of northern Asia. Due to this, magic slowly over the generations corrupted the family's bloodlines. As time whent on sons and daughters of the Fowls began to show magical talent at birth. In the case of Agustus, which originally attracted him to the child, Ivan's was the most powerful yet. Ivan posessed the ability to control atomic energy in the enviorment, making him the perfect sucsessor to the Fowl wealth and influence. However as mentioned above, Ivan couldnt control it at will and he refused to attempt to change that. In his rage, Agustus quickly grew to hate his would be heir.

Ivan is extremely intelligent and all through his life he has studied much. The painful advantage of his magical eyes allow him to see past illusion, and though he has no desire to wield it he knows much about the demonic arts. Needing to learn to protect himself at an early age, Agustus had Ivan taught the various oriental arts, somethign which Ivan finally agreed with his father on. As further sign of the family's demonic corruption, Ivan seems to posess hightened strength and reflexes.

In an attempt to rebound his son to him, Agustus arranged a marriage with a woman whom was thought to be the greatest prize in all of Russia. Finally fead up with his father, and having no interest in the woman, or any for that matter, Ivan flead to to the states and has lived there off a low wage job ever since. Ivan constantly searches for meaning and purpose to his troubled life.

OOC: by far not the best bio I've written, but it's a new character so Ill wirte more as I go. Will this work?

11/19/2004 1:59 AM

I like it Sky, feel free to post!

11/19/2004 2:34 PM

Well thats good. Just to note here I have decided to change Ivan's "ability to control atomic energy" to a unspecified and inate talent for sorcery that was never exploited. In the end this will make it easier for me to play him in a 'Buffy' setting. Also, I'm tossing out his increased strength and speed, making his only controled magical aspect his eyes. Please bare with me, because I am only now getting back into roleplaying and trying to adapt that character for a mutant fandom. Eventually, after I'm sure what I want, Ill write a detailed bio for ya'll. A few minor changes may be made here and there as the character evolves in the first few posts. Hope you dont mind.

11/26/2004 2:38 PM

am i too late?

Name: Rand Al' Thor
Age: (Unknown - Unspoken of - Looks around 28 .)
Nationality: (Unknown - Unspoken of)
Hieght: 6'4''
Weight: 187 lbs
eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Residance: None (Wanderer)

As Rand was a child, his family was raided and killed during the Aragoth wars. He was lucky to have been fetching water by a nearby well. When he came back his home was afire and his townsmen dead. He had no purpose but to destroy his family's killers and seek revenge by the way of justice. Though he does not speak of his past much, the only thing people know is that he was raised by the highest council of paladin's in the Western regions. He was a master of the sword at age 14, and a master of the council at 17, he then left to seek his vengence with the sword he stole from the high council's Throne of Ralgareth. One of the legendary swords found from the age of legends. This sword holds incredible powers, that he must learn to use by himself. Not even the high sorceresses could figure out the powers of the sword. He now is on a path to slay evil, and find the leader of the raiders who has gained power over the years, his name Isialdras.

[Edited by Rand_Al_Thor on Friday, November 26, 2004 2:39 PM]

11/27/2004 3:41 AM

not at all, and welcome!

11/27/2004 7:42 AM

Okay, I'm in! I will be playing as myself, with a few small tweaks. ;)

Name: Stephanie Wiggall
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 185
Description: Short brown hair, usually dyed so it looks like I'm a natural red-head, green eyes, with flecks of gold in them (turn gold when excited, and that's the truth!), glasses, casual style.

Bio: Stephanie grew up in a very chaotic household. Her step-father was abusive, her mother did nothing but stand by and watch, until Stephanie was 16 years old. Halfway through Stephanie's junior year, her mother kicked her step-father out, and told him to get help. Which he did.

Two years later, Stephanie dropped out of high school (had been held back a grade, and therefore didn't graduate with her friends), and got her GED. She has been putting herself through college, and started to practice witchcraft. Stephanie has learned much, and is becoming a very talented witch.

(Like I said, a few tweaks. Such as the weight, GED, college, and witch parts. Oh, and the fact that she's single. Other than that, it's fairly accurate.)

11/27/2004 11:04 AM

interesting first post Rand, but I must ask that you break up your paragraphs with a double space! Please! It makes it so much easier to understand and follow what you're writing :D

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