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11/13/2004 12:03 PM

Okay peeps.. new Star Wars story... I will have Aya, (some control of Palpatine's clone) and Boba Fett (I don't think he'll be in this for long).

Any character species are welcome.. only one or two more Jedi (Dark or Light) but anything else is pretty much okay.. to get a better feel on Aya's character, please refer to Star Wars: Fate's Bounty


11/13/2004 1:58 PM

Hmm...I've never been in a SW rp before....

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11/13/2004 2:34 PM

this story line is set about 20 years after ROTJ. The Empire is very scattered. Aya isn't going to be captured so to speak, the title of the thread "Duel Identity" is a play on words.

11/13/2004 5:44 PM

Eh....sorry. I figured that it was set during the time of the Empire, because of the Star destroyer.....I'll come up with some way to introduce her.

11/13/2004 8:01 PM

This seems kind of interesting. Always wanted to be in a Star Wars thread. Give me a bit and I'll whip up a character.

11/14/2004 4:42 AM

Ok, I'll be coming up with a Sith Lord, just need to think on his character a wee bit!

11/14/2004 7:52 AM

Name: Darth Alphys Imranii
Race: Human
Age: 33
Occupation: Sith Lord
Height: 5'11
Weight: 148 lbs
Hair: Black, long, straight
Eyes: Green

Physical despription: Tall and lean, Alphys is well proportioned and flexible. Despite his lighter weight, this Sith Lord has a surprising strength that has won him many battles. His face is normally void of expression, cold and white as marble, finding that this lack of emotional display often un-nerves others, and he uses such to his advantage. Dressing always in black, perhaps cliche, but none the less, he prefers the colour.

Skills: A powerful user of the Dark Side of the Force, having trained under the Emperor, and highly skilled with the light saber, Darth Imranii is a deadly and efficent Sith Lord.

Light saber: Red

Background: Trained in the ways of the Jedi since childhood, Alphys was seduced and brought over to the dark side while still relatively young. By whom still remains a mystery, though it was thought his convertor was also a member of the Jedi Order at the time. His first task after being given the title of Darth Imranii was to kill all those whom he had once held love for, including his parents and two brothers. A task he readily carried out, torturing and slaying all his family at their home. This earned him the respect of the Emperor, for he was a willing and un-questioning servant of the Sith.

11/14/2004 8:36 AM

Okay....since she didn't really have that long in the other thread, I'll bring her into this one.

Name: Calintha Bronnen
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Occupation: Jedi
Description: Short blonde hair, with long bangs braided and wrapped around the top of her head, dark skin, dark brown eyes, medium height, slender, average looks.

Calintha wears the traditional robes and garb of a Jedi, and carries a white light saber. She comes from a long line of Jedi, and wasn't aware of the fact that she herself was a Jedi until she was a teenager. Calintha is often serious, as most Jedi tend to be, but does have a soft, funny side. Once she is involved in something, she doesn't back down, fearing that will make her a quitter. She is proud of the fact that she recently earned her robes. However, she doesn't let that get in the way of her emotions and duties.

Calintha has strong telepathic skills, and is a fairly good fighter. She meditates daily to center her inner peace, and never forgets the Jedi Code.

11/23/2004 7:09 PM

Well...I'll just retool the character from my other RP.

Name: Ittou Bushi
Sex: Male
Description: Originally trained as a samurai on a planet called Earth in a galaxy far, far away, his strength of will and strong Force power led him to be brought into the ranks of the Jedi. He is pacifistic, but not too strongly so, and will fight when needed. He has a unique style which combines lightning-fast speed and lethal rushes, a style obviously meant to kill, though he hardly uses it so. He uses his skills merely for disarming his enemy most of the time. His family ws torn from him at the age of 15, and he was recruited for the Japanese army. Shortly after, he broke away, discovering the war's true purpose. He has a strong sense of what's right, and to this day has never broken an oath he has made.This is going on too long... sorry guys. -_-' I'll cut to the skills.
Skills: His lightsaber serves him well. He uses the force mostly for speed boosts, and does not have very strong Force powers, though the Force is very strong in him.If caught in a Force battle, he would probably escape as quickly as possible.

Personality: He keeps to himself most of the time, but he is very friendly and personable. He is very touchy about his past, and more concerned about the present and future. Do not attempt to read his mind or look into his past, as the sadness contained could cause you to kill yourself.

Lightsaber: Blue.

Appearance: He has long flowing red hair and wears the traditional garb of the Jedi. His face is slightly creased from sadness. A red diagonal scar that he tries to hide is on the back of his neck.he has a ripped body from training vigorously, with small but amazingly strong legs. He is a little short, about 5' 5".

11/24/2004 4:13 AM

Okay Ittou, I don't mind the character, though the whole earth-bit is a tad off for the game setting, but I will say that your first post is a tad redundant. You've repeated nearly everything that I have, and I wish you would change that post. In all respect, the character is good, but if he's only in his mid twenties or so, he wouldn't know how Aya is familiar. And even if he was older, Luke was the only true force-trained jedi at the time that he would have been around Palpatine, that is why Aya seems familiar to him, the way she uses the force.

To me, when A Jedi uses the force, they leave a type of signature behind, if another Jedi was powerful enough he/she could pick up on that 'signature' if you will, and that is what Luke has done. The signature that Aya leaves is familiar, but not so much that he immediatly knows what is going on.

So I ask you to please change your post.

*Cupps her hands around her mouth to shout*


11/24/2004 4:16 AM

and while Tecnically Luke is an NPC, he is under my control in the story. Please do not use another persons' character without their permission. This is one of the main rules for the roleplay forums, and we tend to get a little upset when it is done. You're new so I'm not gonna loose my head over it, just please don't do it again...


11/25/2004 6:34 PM


In light of your absense, and since we cannot move on without you and that you did not change your first post, I regret that I will have to delete it. Please feel free to re-join the story upon your return. (and please note the corrections I have posted above) If you have any questions, email me. You've shown some promise, and would hate to be the one to scare you away from the forums.

Cya when you return!!


11/29/2004 7:39 AM

Ok, I'll try to make the corrections, but I know hardly ANYTHING about Star Wars, so, I'm not really sure this is the right thread for me to be in.

11/29/2004 1:14 PM

No, probably not. I mean, this is just my opinion, but I would think that in order to participate (and to participate well) in a thread, you must have a basic understanding about either the thread itself, or, in this case, the world the thread is based off of.

12/01/2004 7:45 PM

Ok, I'll go somewhere more appropriate. Bye!

01/24/2005 1:14 PM


Was that a shout for me?? I thought I heard something but I wasn't too sure... ;)

Kalia I can introduce Callan into the Skywalker arc pretty easily if you want, unless you wish for me to use another character? That is if you still are looking for another player?


01/25/2005 2:34 PM


i would like to join as well... i have a few ideas in mind, but only if there is room. is there a specific character you are looking for?

(and yes i am very familiar with Star Wars :) besides if i get stuck i have a great resource)


02/05/2005 8:58 AM

well i might like to play too, to bad no more jedi play as, i guess guns could be fun. What types of people do you want?

04/11/2005 8:34 AM

okay peeps, I intend on working with this further, even if I have to write it all by myself. I'm locking it for now, and Will post to it as I can (unlocking and relocking it each time...) If anyone is interested in helping me, please notify me by Intramail or IM and I'll work it out with you....

04/13/2005 9:06 AM

Okay, posted a reply in the main thread. It's not much I'm afraid, but I hope it gives you something to work off. Best I can do before breakfast.

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