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11/11/2004 3:43 PM

Let's try this again. The last thread got a little bogged down and confusing, then everyone gave up. I think we should do something a bit simpler, more flexible. This is how it should work:

It's set about 15 years after the first thread, in the same place. Anyone who wants can join, but original members should have less trouble integrating themselves, even after we get going.

The plotline will be based on the fact that Boldar is dead, killed by an ice dragon 5years before this, nearly to the day. Cly came back to the town to honor the anniverseries. You may notice he has aged less than a typical human, due to his small amount of elvish blood.

Okay, get posting!

11/12/2004 11:59 AM

Hmm, this seems interesting enough. Maybe I'll come up with a character and join but, for now I have try and keep up with everything. So I'll post later.

11/14/2004 8:40 AM

Alright. I have the same character as before.

11/16/2004 1:29 PM

Ok, heres my character:

Name: Darallackurus
Alias: Dar
Race: Metallic/Chromatic Dragon (Silver/Blue)
Gender: Male
Age: 5th generation dragon
Length: 57 feet
Weight:653 lbs.
Description: In his dragon form, his scales are silver with blue tips. He has blue eyes and his spines, horns, etc. are a greyish color and his wing-webs/underbelly are a light blue color.

In his human form (the form he likes when he is unable to be in his dragon form) he has short silver hair with blue tips and his blue eyes. His skin is tan and
he wears a sliver cloak. Underneath his cloak he wears light armor.

Personality: He is calm and cooperative. He also is kind to others unless he thinks they are an enemy. He is not very trustworthy and takes awhile to trust people. Although, he trusts other outcasts faster than anybody else.

Bio: He wanted to learn everything from both sides of his family so he spent more of his life learning from his parents. For his parents left the Isles to be with each other and teach their children, though most of them left and were killed in battle or by Chromatics. When he had learned everything they gave him his own spellbooks and he left to wander Krynn and become stronger. Also to go on any adventure he possibly can.

Weapons/Powers: Seeing as how he has spent many years learning magic he is quite adept at it and can say very few arcane and draconic words and maybe very few gestures to get whatever he wants. He also has telekinetic and telepathic abilities. And being a half Chromatic dragon, he can radiate Dragonfear. Having two breath weapons he can switch between either one, whenever he likes. He also uses a katana in his human form.

11/18/2004 6:33 AM

Sounds like he would get along with Cly and Tala after awhile.

11/26/2004 7:55 PM

Are we all dragons or something? If not, here's my bio:

Name: Rand Al' Thor
Age: (Unknown - Unspoken of - Looks around 28 .)
Nationality: (Unknown - Unspoken of)
Hieght: 6'4''
Weight: 187 lbs
eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Residance: None (Wanderer)

As Rand was a child, his family was raided and killed during the Aragoth wars. He was lucky to have been fetching water by a nearby well. When he came back his home was afire and his townsmen dead. He had no purpose but to destroy his family's killers and seek revenge by the way of justice. Though he does not speak of his past much, the only thing people know is that he was raised by the highest council of paladin's in the Western regions. He was a master of the sword at age 14, and a master of the council at 17, he then left to seek his vengence with the sword he stole from the high council's Throne of Ralgareth. One of the legendary swords found from the age of legends. This sword holds incredible powers, that he must learn to use by himself. Not even the high sorceresses could figure out the powers of the sword. He now is on a path to slay evil, and find the leader of the raiders who has gained power over the years, his name Isialdras.

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11/28/2004 4:59 PM

Haiya all, nice crowd. Here's my character.

Name: Drovak Ironfist
Alias: Drovak
Race: Mountain Dwarf (Theiwar clan)
Gender: Male
Age: 147 years old
Height: 4ft 6
Weight: 170 lbs

Description: He has thick, wavy grey hair combed to the back. His beard is kept at a fist length, his moustache half covering his upper lip. His eyes and skin betray his involvement with the arcane world; pale opaque eyes and light greyish skin that resembles a corpse's skin. His body has a stinging scent of both charred metal and spice. He is tall for a dwarf; but he lacks the heavyily muscular physique of one. His hands do not have the markings of hard labour work in the mines, instead they were scarred and heavily wrinkled by misadventures with spell components. He does not wear armor, but usually accompanied by a single sided battle axe at his belt, a black ring which appeared made of iron, and a knapsack. He speaks slowly, as if to put force in every single word that comes out of his mouth.

Personality: Drovak does not try to say much when he is in a party. He socializes, yes, but sometimes his words are bitter and acid, reflecting his attitude of insensitive to others and his self centred behaviour. He is merciless and does not show compassion to his opponents. He fights dirty and feels no shame of it, in fact he enjoys looking at his opponent's tragic demise. He can be trusted to be in a party, as long as he gets to keep his share in whatever reward they get. Surprisingly though, Drovak is one who keeps his promise. He also has a fiery temper that needs to be checked.

Bio: A dwarf with a bounty on his head by the Theiwar clan. Hurling a fireball towards his mentor was not a good way to take over the his mentor's school, as he soon found out, especially when the explosion blew half the school up. Now he's a fugitive. He knows he can't go back to Thorbadin, until of course he can bring back something that can 'convince' the Theiwars he's worth having back.

Weapons: A single sided battle axe that he personally had the pleasure of using to finish off his mentor when the fireball trick didn't work. It is lightly magical, just enough to make it light with no additional effects. His has a spellbook for spell memorizing, kept in his knapsack. His ring, originally belonged to his mentor, enables him to cast sleep once a day without memorizing beforehand. He has a dagger hidden in his left boot, a much more useful weopen to silently end a victim's life compared to axe or spell, especially when they're asleep...

11/30/2004 1:56 PM

Nope Rand, I'm the only one.

12/01/2004 7:18 AM

Yeah....I know you guys are probably waiting for me, but I'm waiting for Graff to get off his ass and post something. So, I guess we're all waiting on the same person, really.


12/04/2004 12:33 AM

Name: Chrissa van Trenta
Alias: Chrissa, Chris to a very, very few.
Race: Originally Human, now only so in appearance.
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be 25 or so.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 135 lbs.

Description: Chrissa appears to be Human, though taller than most women, at just over six feet. She is slender and lithe, but her form is one that spoke of speed and stamina. Her skin is fair, contrasting sharply with her long, raven-black hair that is done in a tight, business-like braid that falls nearly to her waist. Her clothing is black; pants that aren't too tight, but make sure she could move quickly if she has too, a shirt that leaves her arms bare, and boots that reach to mid-calf. She wears a tight-fitting breastplate of leather armor that seems almost decorative. The neckline dips far lower than would be wise in a battle, but it exposes one of the reasons why she draws attention, no matter where she goes. Her upper chest is covered in an intricately designed tatoo, one that seems to be flowing vines, razor-tipped thorns, and strange script all at once. It reaches up onto her shoulders as well, some of which are also bare. Her face is tatooed as well; lines of the same, alien script run along her hairline on both sides of her face, so fine that it almost seems a single smooth line rather than individual runes. They end just as they reach her ears. She has weapons, too, though not so many that she might draw attention. A slender shortsword is sheathed at her left hip, and two pairs of knives are also sheathed on her twin, low slung belts. Her eyes are her only un-Human feature; the irises are colored an eerie fire orange, and they seem to glitter with a light that's anything but Human.

Personality: Chrissa is quiet, reserved, often seeming aloof or withdrawn. She's generally calm, but those few who know her know that she sometimes shows a flair for being a bit sadistic. Her temper, though rarely aroused, is not something to be trifled with. Her voice is quiet, but firm, and she doesn't like taking "no" for an answer. She'll take insults easily enough, but once a confrontation goes from verbal to physical, she won't hesitate to draw steel and shed the blood of her opponent in any way that she can. At times, she seems to be a bit whimsical or capricious, though a long time observer might be able to decipher the interesting pattern that her shifting moods has created over time.

Bio: Erykka di'Xayver used to be a simple Human. She worked as a tracker mostly, hiring out to hunting parties, merchant caravans, anyone who might need her services. She was widely traveled, and experienced in the ways of the forests in which she had grown up. Then one night, as she slept among the forms of the other people of the caravan she was assisting, she disappeared into the forest. Anyone who saw her might have said she was sleepwalking. She came back a short time later, but Erykka di'Xayver was already dead. Chrissa was the alias she had taken on, the new identity of the one who possessed her body, and Chrissa van Trenta to anyone who wanted to know more. She left the caravan early the next morning, but not before she had slain its leaders and taken with her the main reason it had left town in the first place.

Since then, she has moved far from the lands of her birth. People who used to know her would recognize her body, her face, but they would know by her strange eyes that something was wrong. But here, in these new lands, no one would know the difference. All the better for her. She had a job to carry out. Certain people had to die, and that was exactly the sort of thing her kind excelled at facilitating....

12/08/2004 10:42 AM

Can I come along?

Name: Alexander Dante
Race: Changling (but only to close friends!)
Age: 18 (looks older)
Hieght: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Job/Residence: Out adventuring

Description: Alexander is a male changling. He currently stands at about 5'11" tall and weighs 140 lbs.. His hair is black blue and is about 7" long and is always in his eyes which are hypnoticly deep blue in color. He has fair skin and and can be described as somewhat attractive. His arms look a longer then what they should be. He looks like an elf though he is to tall for a natural elf. Although this is not what he truly looks like, this is his favorite look. In his natural state he has gray skin and long gray hair and his eyes blank white. His mouth and nose are but hints on his face, which is bereft of expression. He only reveals his true self to hated enemies or true friends.

Personality: Alexander is fleet of foot and can be very silent, but he is also very clumsy, tending to trip on himself alot. Besides this he is very adept at archery and has very good eyesight. He is very poor at melee fighting, so much so that he will run from a fight that he has no great advantage in. Although he will fight to the death for a dear friend to the best of his ability. He tends to be hard-hearted or rash and quick tempered. He is sometimes branded as unintelligent from people not used to his strange personality.

Bio: Alexader's family are all thieves and at a young age he was posted as lookout and then later in life an assassin or sniper. He feels as if someone is always following him and therefor is a little paraniod. He began his life of adventuring simply out of boredom... and a run in with the law.

12/08/2004 2:09 PM

For bartenders, serving maid, and other NPCs, is someone going to play them, or can we just determine what they do on our own? Like, can we say they get us a drink or a room or whatever, or is someone else going to do that?

12/08/2004 3:59 PM

NPCs are generally open to everyone.

I'm sorry that I've missed all this. The thread seems to have a curse over it. That, or I'm just an inefficient ass. I'll be here when I can, I suppose people can use my characters, but only if they use him right!

12/10/2004 12:34 PM

Tell ya what, Graff....I'll take care of Cly. Been with him before, so I know what he's like.

12/26/2004 8:34 AM

Okay, Graffiti, you really need to get back here and post in this thread. I have no idea where you wanted to go with it.

12/28/2004 5:37 PM

Name: Orion Ariast

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: 6'0, and thin. He used to be rather small but he now is heavily muscled. His black hair has been braided and hangs down to his shoulders. He wears a black leather tunic under his blackened armor. His armor seems to be a casual fit and is made of a strange elvish metal. His boots are really more leather straps with metal toe and heel plates. His gloves are segmented and end in barbed claws. They are made of the same metal as his boots, helmet and armor. His helmet is shaped like a jackal's head and has rubies crusted around the eyes, so his eyes seem to glow red.

Weapons: Major- The Black Reaver: A two handed black flambard with a diamond edge around the body of the blade. The blade is 4 feet long and is engraved with the sign of his clan. The pommel of the sword, wich is a large saphire shaped like a flame, glows when he is raging.

Minor- 9 small silver spearheads he had lightened and the now serve as excellent throwing weaons.

Minor- a foot long dagger with barbs up and down the blade. It has been poisoned with magic and will always inject a lethal venom when it contacts flesh.

oh and hes a pyrokinetic beserker too so dont make him too angry.

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