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11/09/2004 8:12 AM

Just to let everyone know what's going on...

I'm trying to bring closure to Tassana's life. Bring this character to some kind of end. Don't ask me why, I suppose it's more or less to finish her off. I've had this character for years now. I feel it's time to retire her. At least for a while. After all, she's been through a lot.

Anyhoo, this thread is going to be about Tassana's decision and it's effect on those who love and care about her. More or less a touchy type of thread.

Anyhoo, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask...

Btw, Care, Alia is 20. So, that would make Alisha about... 17?

I tried starting this thread on my own boards, but it didn't hit off too well. I'm hoping it'll hit off here a lot better.

11/09/2004 11:42 AM

Like we talked about, I'll play Ayesha. She's the adaption of the one in The Home Of Tassana Burrfoot.

Name: Ayesha Firemoon
Race: Human
Hair: Dark brown, long
Skin: Brown
Eyes: Warm green
Weapon: Quarterstaff

Ayesha is the youngest daughter of her family. Her older sisters, Jade and Ashtama constantly clashed, Ashtama a dark cleric and Jade a bard of Branchala. Ayesha, unlike her sisters, is quite normal, content to wander Ansalon.

And, yeah. That's it. I'll post soon.

11/09/2004 4:01 PM

Here are mine....

Name: Ariekne Shadowstar
Age: undetermined
Race: Shadow/Light elemental
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120
History: well you all know ariekne...

Name: Yui Stardance
Age: Undetermined
Race: White Unicorn
Height: (Human form) 5'7" (Unicorn) 5' at shoulder (Built like an Arabian)
Weight: (Human form) 115
Sex: Female
HIstory: at a young age, Yui left darkenwood to explore the world... she's curious and quite head-strong

Name: Yuske tempest
Age: Undetermined
Race: Black Unicorn (well mostly black, his mane and tail are white)
Height: Human form: 6'1" (Unicorn, 5'6" At shoulder, built like a clydsdale)
Weight Human form: 173
Sex: Male
History: Is still in service of the Forestmaster, left to find Yui....

11/09/2004 5:23 PM

Here's the stats for the re-vamped Dragons.

Name: Solarinthariustilaronmelia (Solar)
Race: Gold dragon
Age: N\A
Gender: Female
Solar is of average size for a gold dragon, with a long serpentine body and deep gold scales.

Solar is about 5'7, with curly metallic gold hair and yellow eyes.

Solar served with a unit of the Whitestone Forces during the War of the Lance, and made friends with a young silver named Quicksilver. After the war, when she found out her mate had been killed, she came to rely on her friend, and befriended Verdia, Shade, and the white twins. Eventually, she and her friends came to Fernwood, at different times.

Name: Lyrinverdiasonalrey(Verdia)
Race: Green dragon
Age: N\A, fairly young for a dragon
Gender: Female

Verdia is a small green dragon, extremely agile in combat because of her size. She's not a particularly good spellcaster.

Verdia is about 5'4, with dark, forest green hair, cut short. Her eyes are light green like spring leaves.

Verdia was a young dragon during the War. Shortly after the war, she was pursued by an angry brass dragon, who wounded her. She crashed in the Khalkist mountains, nearly dead, where she was found by a gold dragon named Solar...

Name: Kwiksilveranosthanelo(Quicksilver)
Race: Silver dragon
Gender: Male
Quicksilver is average size for a silver, average in his spellcasting ability.

Quicksilver is 5'8, with short, metallic silver hair, silver eyes.

Quicksilver met Solar during the War of the Lance. He was a young dragon, and she was one of the older dragons in the unit. Solar helped him during the war, and it developed into a strong friendship.

Whew, that's it.
If you from Fernwood I are wondering wondering what happened to Shade the black and the White twins:
Skull was killed by Minoa(as happened in the thread), and Bone left, desolate by the loss of her twin. Eventually, Shade left too, going back to her lair in the Khalkists.

11/10/2004 8:42 PM

The Child No One Knew

Name: Arisoon Darktime
Age: 16
Race: Kender Demigod
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 95lbs
Origin: Fernwood Village
Home: The Black Moon
Hair Colour: White with blonde tips
Eye Colour: Liquid Brown
Alignment: Chaotic
Class: Sorceror

Personality and History: Not much is known about Arisoon. In fact, nothing is known about him. Soon after returning to Fernwood, Tassana went into seclusion, cutting herself off from the villagers and her family. He was born during the night and Tassana handed him over to his father, Nuitari. It wasn't that she didn't love her son, but she knew she wasn't emotionally ready to take care of him.

He was raised on the Black Moon. Living his life practicing the magic and doing little else. His father brought him occasionally to his mother. Introducing them when the child was old enough to understand who his mother was. The only other time he's ever seen his mother has been when he's requested such a meeting, his father more than eager to oblige.

Every year at the same time, Tassana locks her door and allows no visitors. It is at this time that Arisoon sees his mother. His birthday. The meetings were at first heart-felt. The mother and son expressing much joy and love in seeing one another. But as the magic began to consume Arisoon, his meetings with his mother became more for protocol rather than anything else. A particular obligation that he had to accept.

Nuitari doesn't press his son in seeing Tassana, but encourages it. At the same time, the dark god understands the importance of the magic and allows his son to go fully into the magic, encouraging him. His kender mother understands as well, and tries her best not to disturb the young demigod.

11/16/2004 1:07 PM

OOOh,I didn't know you were posting this here...


Lucas Clayton, aka 'Kana'
Age: 40's, 50's (don't ask, he won't tell... Look's twenty though)
Race: Human, with some elven blood, about an 1/8.
Height: 5'4''
Place of Origin: Palanthas and proud of it, but has 'lived' in Fernwood for a long time now and considers his roots there.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blood Red
Class: War Shaman
Weapon: Scythe and his other powers.
Alignment: ???? (depending on the day, Neutral evil or Neutral good)

Appearance: He looks only twenty, but he’s much older. He’s incredibly thin, pale and his red eyes and black hair give him an exotic look at times. He’s also a very expressive person, who has a hard time hiding his emotions.

Abilities: He can sense and channel life force as it flows around him. Especially that which is related to death. He also practices a kind of ancient magic where he channels power through mediums. His mediums are his scythe, Kuromei, his necklace and any magnitude of ‘dolls’ he carries at times.

He is also, despite his delicate appearance, a powerful fighter, with an amazing capacity for violence.

Quirks: Loves death, sweets and attractive/cute people of both genders. Also has quite the mouth.

Personality: One moment, childish and sweet as can be. The next moment, blood thirsty and crazed. Most people think he’s nothing more than a crazy twit or he’s just a flake, but he’s a very intelligent individual, whose seen a lot of the world, and plans to see a lot more. He’s loving deep down and very, very strong willed.

These days, he’s tempered by a sort of melancholy at times. Now that his mother’s died as well, he’s come to realize that so will all the other ‘normal’ humans around him, including his cousins and friends.

History: He’s had one busy life. Twisted and weird as a kid, not to mention quite precocious, he left Palanthas at the age of thirteen, when his father died. He traveled quite a bit and found Fernwood for the first time when he was fifteen, seeing his mother again. He would eventually leave, being flighty in nature and also feeling insecure around the people there.

He developed his powers to his fullest extent, changing his destiny as an ‘ordinary’ human being forever. He worked as mercenary during this time, killing many a person for profit. When he came back to Fernwood finally, he had a daughter, Hitomi…. (don’t ask for the story… He never shuts up.)

Hitomi Clayton
Age: Late Twenties (A lady doesn’t tell her age}
Race: Human
Height: 5’1”
Place of Origin: Somewhere on the road… Doesn’t know where.
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Blood Red
Class War Shaman
Weapon: Divine Sword, plus other abilities.
Alignment: Seems to be Lawful Good.

Appearance: A pretty, slender young lady with red eyes and long, straight, light-
blonde hair. She wears exquisite, frilly, ribbon covered dresses and hats which make her look like a doll. (I’d almost say she’s a bit of a Gothic Lolita…)

Abilities: She has a Divine Sword called Kairos, which has been handed down to her ancestors through the centuries. With it in hand, she’s a tough one to beat. She also has the ability to perceive and channel life force, but focuses on seals and the like.

Quirks: Prudish, likes boys though she tries to hide it, has manners.

Personality: She is well mannered, and sweet, yet tough. Also very dependable. Her father tends to frustrate her like no one else. Comes off as being a bit prissy.

History: Her parents weren’t married and never will be. She has a mother, stepfather, father and half-brother. She spent a good chunk of her life thinking this was a very, very normal living arrangement and a proper one. Then she found out it wasn’t and that she didn’t look normal either. She’s never gotten over it. But, she tries to manage with grace and good humor. Which she needs to keep her father in line.

Sal Geenvere
Age: 50’s… (ask and you die.)
Race: Human
Height: 5’5”
Place of Origin: Palanthas
Hair: Dark Brown (looks dyed)
Eyes: Also Dark Brown
Class: Witch/Sorceress
Weapon: Her magic
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: A wealthy lady who hides her true age very well. Favors low cut and expensive dresses that show off her hour glass figure. Her hair is short, just going past her shoulders. Wears expensive jewelry and furs.

Abilities: She is a witch and can do a large variety of spells.

Pet: She has a large dog which is part wolf. The animal, named Ruby, after her favorite gem. The beast is reddish brown and quite protective of her.

Personality: A snarky little *%&*. She comes off as stuck up and insufferable. Deep down, she’s a decent person though, but has had a hard, hard life. She appreciates the finer things in life, such as expensive food, clothes and wine.

She and Lucas have a past from when they were teenagers... It’s not pretty…

History: She was a ‘slut’ of sorts who eventually married into wealth. But, her husband was a psychotic man and she was constantly in fear for her life. In desperation, she tapped into the powers she had since she was little and eventually killed him off, inheriting his fortune. She began to master her magic even more after that, and soon earned quite the rep.

She came to Fernwood, seeking out Lucas, her childhood ‘friend.’ They seem to resent each of quite a bit or maybe it’s something else entirely.

11/20/2004 11:30 PM

Oh crap! Re-reading the thread I just noticed that I forgot to have Selina give Verdia her pancakes. I totally missed your post Angel, I'm so sorry. :( Can we just say Verdia got her food?

Again, I'm so sorry. :( :(

11/21/2004 2:21 PM

That's alright hun:)

11/28/2004 8:25 PM

Kalia! POST! :-P

11/30/2004 3:39 PM

Hey why am I suddenly thinking of Angel Sanctuary?

12/04/2004 8:07 PM

I replied as best I could. Sorry, Kalia. I didn't know if there was anything special you wanted me to do or whatnot. I'm just trying to move the story along. No one's posted in a few days and I thought I'd bounce the thread up.

Anyhoo, I'm off to post in other threads now. It's ya'lls turn.

Hey, Luni! What'dya think of Alia? *Grins*

12/04/2004 9:12 PM

Hey, Luni! What'dya think of Alia? *Grins*

*chuckles and grins* You're evil Tassa. (joke) I love the twist.

12/05/2004 12:21 AM

Well, I ~was~ gonna tell you about it first, but my cousin wouldn't let me on the damn computer, so I figured I'd surprise ya.

But, yeah. Thanks. I've been wanting to put that twist in there.

Oh, I need you to do me a flavour as well. I need you to go to our favourite site (you know which one I'm talking about) and show them that message I have here in the announcements section. Unfortunately, I can't go there on a company computer. Don't need them damn net police stalking me. Even if it's just a paste and copy ordeal. I don't want anyone thinking that I'm ignoring them. For the same reasons, could you please bring it to Randy's attention for me, if you talk to him sometime soon? I'd appreciate it, dearie.

12/05/2004 7:36 PM

No worries, dear. Done and Done! :D

12/14/2004 10:40 PM

Not meaning to be a bug and nag or anything, but could you please post, Kalia?

12/15/2004 8:14 AM

I think she mentioned in another thread that she was going to be out of town or something for a while....

12/16/2004 8:10 PM

Oh.... Nevermind..... Well, I am gonna advance the thread a little. I'm gonna post Callia and them in a little while. Just to get things moving. I don't want this thread sitting too still.

12/16/2004 8:13 PM

Hey Val, you mind if I bring my characters into the mix? I'm feeling a litte bit better with my writing and I only have one more day of school...

Anywho, I think that since Zynx and the little ones are there, I should bring in Calista at least... Matthiass too. Airi.... well, she should still be alive in this, so I'll bring her too, if that's okay.

12/17/2004 6:35 PM

I posted Selina's and Alisha's reactions to the three newcomers. We start moving in the morning though and I may not be online for awhile.

I gave Tassana permision to take care of my characters while I'm gone.

12/23/2004 3:00 PM

Hey, I have a question. How many years ago would the first fernwood thread have been in the scheme of things?

12/30/2004 11:22 AM

Hmm...lets see. Selina was 95 during the first Fernwood. Her kids are 20 and 17 now, which makes her 155. That would make it...60 years since the original Fernwood.

Wow, is that right?

01/31/2005 6:14 PM

Could someone please post?

02/21/2005 5:06 PM

Here's a pic of Verdia in her dragon form....not mine, better then I can do, but how I've always pictured her:

03/03/2005 12:32 PM

Ok, everyone. I made a mistake. The part where I have the Black Widow talking about the filly? (My second to last post.) It's right befoe the filly is born. So, yeah....

03/18/2005 8:51 PM

Kalia, could you please post?

05/20/2005 12:50 PM

Just to remind everyone, Brightsky does not speak through his mouth. All his words are spoken through the mind. That's why I have * around his words. It's almost telecommunication, only difference is, everyone can hear him speak and the only one he was ever "linked" to was Tassana. (She could convey private messages to him through telecommunication, but no one else can.)

06/04/2005 6:13 PM

Only four posts left for me before this thread is over! And then we'll begin Dark Times.

06/09/2005 11:03 PM

Just to let everyone know. My next post will be the final post for this thread.

If there is anything anyone else would like to add before my last post, I will be posting it tomorrow evening. The post will be the end of the thread and the beginning of the next one.

I hope ya'll had fun with it!

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