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11/07/2004 6:31 PM

Hey everyone. Im back...again. I love the remodeling, and especially this new General RP feature. Im gonna have a field day here.

This is my comeback thread: Dawn of Heroes

It takes place modern day. People are starting to realize they are super heroes. I would like this to flow sort of like the Supreme Power comics by Marvel. Pretty much it is exactly how society would react to actual super heroes today. I want the setting to be as real as possible. People will hate you for your powers.

Sort of like what may have happened when the first couple of mutants sprouted in the X-Men comics. Thats a part of the history they dont cover. I want all characters to be ORIGINAL. Try to limit powers, however I wont be a stickler about it. It just makes it more fun for everyone if we are all close to the same power levels. I hope to make this a long-lasting epic. If enough people join, eventually we could have teams and everything.

Thats pretty much it. Try to get at least 3 posts a week. I vow to be present, and I would like mutual commitment.

-Characters must be human.

-Remember, we are the only super humans on the planet.

11/17/2004 5:46 PM


Nobody interested?....



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