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10/31/2004 7:27 PM

For this story I will need someone to play a little girl, about 8-12 years of age. The character can be completely of the players own creation and history, but she will be introduced by myself in the second post. The girl must also have at least one parent that will be mildy played in the begining of the thread.

I will also need a character that is kind of like a warlord or town vassel, someone who would command alot of guards and such. They must be wealth and evil.

The story and world of this thread will be largely of my creation, but as always I welcome creative imput. The Players are allowed to create their own arcs, and the primary arc eventually will intersect with everything. Also as always, sugestions are always welcome.

Though I wont go too far into it, as to not spoil the story, I will also mention that this thread deals with the idea of multiple demensions and dreams. Also for reference, the boy described in the first post is from the world as he know it today, October 31, 2004.

Thank you. I hope y'all will be interested.

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11/01/2004 5:01 AM

Okay, I'm game :)

Name: Kesseria (Kess) Leingod
Age: 11
Race: human
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Nature: contemplative, cautious
Demeanor: shy, quick to insult...
Hair: dark brown, straight, worn past her shoulders.
Eyes: Hazel Blue

History: Kess is an only child, and always seeminly a source of dissapointment to her father. Her mother died shortly after her birth, and it seemes to be one more thing that her father holds against her.

Hope that will work :D

11/01/2004 1:22 PM

I'll play the evil warlord and his apprentice, if that's ok with you, Jay.

Name: Fadwran Nightruler
Race: Human
Age: 54
Alignment: Lawful evil
Nature: Manipulative, cunning
Hair: Black, going gray, with a short beard and long hair
Eyes: Grey

A petty warlord with a few shreds of magic that he mainly uses to ferret out secrets and keep himself safe from enemies. He is as close to a ruler as the village of Erimsen has, with many guards at his call, who, if not loyal, are well paid.

Name: Arin
Race: Human
Age: 13
Alignment: Chaotic
Nature: Quiet
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Arin was an orphan abandoned at Fadwran's keep. The warlord sensed the boy had some magical talent, and kept him, siphoning power from the boy for himself, teaching him as much magic as he knows, making him into a tool for his own gain....

11/03/2004 1:48 PM

Ok, I'm good with all of the characters shown so far, but before I actually go and begin the second post, which will reveal alot about the kind of world were talking about here, I wanted to make sure of some things first:

1) Angel, I like your character ideas. Your discription of how the warlord uses magic is good, but I caution you on one thing. Magic in this world is a careful concept I'm still working out. Though your characters are perfectly fine as is I sugest you leave both their magical talents as unspecific as possible for the time being, ok? (sorry I didnt say something sooner)

2) Kalia I like your character too. My only question is that, is it ok if when I introducer her I have her say a few minor things to the extent of: who are you? What are you doing here? If not your can do so yourself, but for fluidity it might be better this way, so I can easily work out all I want to say next post.

I know it's slow at first guys! Dont worry once I get everything going...

I can be reached at: JayLahanas on AIM and lahanas@gmail.com if you need me.

11/03/2004 3:54 PM

works for me Jay, especially since I don't have a whole personality set for her per say...

11/04/2004 9:33 PM

Some general information:

Lady of the southern breeze, and constant wind that blows across the Shard Islands. Patron saint of the islands.

Shard Islands: A chain of five islands, each smaller then the last, in the southern tip in the land, surrounded by the Gray Sea.

Gray Sea: A vast body of water in the south of the world. The water has a grey tint, thus the name.

A village on the first, and largest, of the Shard Islands. In ancient times, it was a city of great size and power, but the people who built it have long faded from the word. Now, villagers have taken up in the remains, building woodwork structures into the town. (Lord of the village, Vassel Fadwran Nightruler. Citizen fear him like death and he hold the village in an Iron Grip.)

11/04/2004 10:09 PM

*gives her best I'm-playing-an-evil-character-and-I'm-liking-it*

Okay, I'll try to keep any mentions of magic very vague and unspecific.
How do you want me to start out with Fadwran and Arin?

11/07/2004 11:52 AM

Well I'm just waiting on Kalia to take up on the little girl. As to how you might get your playing in, there are a number a ways. Be creative. :) Ones a evil warlord, what would he always be doing within his own realm?

11/16/2004 10:36 AM


Kalia? Skystrike?

11/26/2004 7:50 PM

Are you still accepting players?

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