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10/31/2004 6:53 AM

Okay peeps, Werewolf apocolypse :) Only Changing-breed chars please, no vampires, no mages, I may allow a changling (Sidhe, ect...) but not many plz. I dunno where this is going at the moment, but perhaps we can figure out as we go along...

11/01/2004 7:47 PM

Well, I'm in. You'll have to help me out alot, since, like I said, not familiar with the setting.

11/18/2004 1:58 PM

Would love to play too. Do you prefer a Bastet or Garou character? (noticed you play the former and I always played the latter. ;) )

11/20/2004 10:46 AM

Just about anything is welcome :) You can use Garou if you prefer :D

11/20/2004 5:15 PM

Ok, how about this one:

James Two Elk, male Uktena Ragabash. (let me know if you want a full sheet on him?)

6'2" (native american of course) male, long black hair (tied back), blue eyes and a slightly muscular build. Wears casual clothing, mostly in combination with some form of leather clothing (mocassins, jacket). Always carries a large hunting knife on his back, covered by the jacket.

personality: Openminded and adventurous. Travels a lot and makes friends easily.

11/26/2004 6:09 PM

Okay works for me Caelin. Go ahead and post if you want, I finally have a plot (rather at least some of it) and I hope you're familiar with the Weaver as you should be with the Wyrm. :D hehe..... >:)

11/26/2004 7:57 PM

I know a little about WA (Weaver, Wym, etc.), but I'm interested. What, when, where, etc., however, is the setting?

11/27/2004 8:06 AM

Year: 1999
Location: New York City, New York
Time/Date: January, 28: 22:45 (PM)

11/28/2004 1:26 AM


Have you a preferred application format? For example: Name, Race, Age, Talents, History, etc. or just the very basics like Caelin posted? Also, is what you have in mind a freeform style as opposed to something with dice roll or a detailed stat sheet? I hope it’s not the latter actually since divvying up points drive me nuts ><

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11/28/2004 3:20 AM

LOL, pipe, don't we all have that feeling, when creating another sheet? ;)

11/28/2004 6:26 AM

detailed character sheets are not nessicary, though be forewarned, my characters do have full sheets (as they were once Table-top chars) though having a list of the character's gifts would be nice (no more than four please!)

11/28/2004 11:44 AM

Okay, I talked this over with Kalia.

Name: Renella Kristopherson
Race: Human
Age: 21
Hair: Medium length, brown, usually in a ponytail
Eyes: Hazel, with glasses
Skin: Fair
Occupation/class: College student

Renella is Selina's younger sister. She's not a Bastet, but she has some of the genetics. (Kalia knows how this works, I'm just following along)

The other one, who's coming in probably at another time:

Name: Lucas Jones
Race: Human
Age: 24
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey/blue
Skin: Fair
Occupation/class: Minor necromancer

Lucas is a minor necromancer with little power, a tendency to show off, a chain-smoking habit, as well as a passion for cheese.

11/28/2004 12:59 PM

James (shadowpaws) Two Elk, male Uktena, homid, Ragabash. (auspice: new moon)

Homid form: 6'2" (native american of course) male, long black hair (tied back), blue eyes and a slightly muscular build. Wears casual clothing, mostly in combination with some form of leather clothing (mocassins, jacket). Always carries a large hunting knife on his back, covered by the jacket.

Crinos form: 9', dark gray fur (antracite), brown loincloth.

personality: Openminded and adventurous. Travels a lot and makes friends easily. (archetype: survivor demeanor: confidant)

* Tongues (homid)
* Fly feet (Ragabash)
* Umbral sight (Uktena)
* Secrets (Uktena)

*Enemy (2 point flaw)
*Driving goal (3 point flaw)

*Ambidextrous (2 point)
*Iron will (5 point)

11/29/2004 3:04 PM

And since I never posted mine.... Selina Kristopherson (Starrunner) Breed: Swara Bastet/Homid/ (Aucspice= Daylight)
Selina’s gifts are as such--
Mother’s Touch(General Gift)
Walking Between Worlds (Swara Gift)
Diamond Claws (Homid)
Cheshire prank (General)
Her Merits/Flaws are as such: Merits: Graceful, Culture Knack, Mix Morph: Flaws: Too Curious, Moon Mad

Favorite Quote: Curiosity Killed the Cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

Introducing a second char, one more experienced....

Name: Mitsuke Kiyoko (Kiyo for sort)
Age: 29
Tribe: Kitsune
Race/Nationality: Asian/Japanese
Breed: Shinju (Metis [Note: Kitsune Metis have no deformities, and they are usually revered by the beast courts])
Path: Dream weaver
Occupation: Police Officer (NYPD: Homicide Detective)
Level: 3

Gifts that will relate to the story:

Moon Dance: By spending one Gnosis point, Kitsune is rendered invisible save for in moonlight for the reminder of the night.

Labyrinth: By using a Kami spell and a word of command the Kitsune can effectively trap all occupants of a room. People can enter as usual, but those who attempt to leave find themselves coming back into the room via the window...etc... (note: the Kitsune is also trapped in the room until the Kami is destroyed.

Imperial Authority: by using the presence that every Shinju Kitsune has naturally, the Shinju can exert her will against another, as the said Shinju is usually held in awe. (Note difficulty is 6, but subject can conter-roll with a willpower roll, diff 7)

Puppeteer’s Secret: again every fox picks up their tricks, this one makes the Kit blend in with the crowd. Everyone expects her to be there, as long as she doesn’t do anything overly stupid, they will also generally leave her alone.

Merits/Flaws: Auspicious Birth, Culture Knack/ Phobia: deep water, Forced Transformation( Umbra travel: Transforms to Kyubi form (Fox form)

12/01/2004 8:26 AM

I'll edit mine later tonight *currently at work*, adding the merits and flaws and perhaps even a second char. (not sure yet)

12/11/2004 5:00 PM

Is there room for one more? (Bastet, of course, like this comes as a suprise.. :) )

12/12/2004 12:18 PM

TYGS! :D *hugs*

List your short profile and jump in. :)

12/12/2004 3:36 PM

I am here, but have been on vacation for the past week. I will pick this up when I return on wensday :D Cya all then!!


12/14/2004 6:33 PM

Yes Caelin, tis I :D As if I could have stayed away.. You know me better then that..

Hrmm, you mean I'd have to pick one? I'll have to look through my notes on home putr, save it and make sure and bring it with me tomorrow for after work. Public net access is a pain :D

12/15/2004 8:25 AM

Aye, it is. Good to see you here, hun. :)

Looking forward to playing with you.

Just put together a little bio, as we have in the posts above and jump into the fray. :)

12/15/2004 4:58 PM

Name: Leah MoonFeather|Concept: Herbalist/Healer|Player: Tygress
Breed: Homid|Pyrio: Daylight|Tribe: Pumonca | Rank: 2

Gifts: Cat Claws, Sense the Truth, Silent Stalking, Eavesdropper's Ear, Mockingbird's Mirror

Quick Description:
Long, thick, raven-black hair, usually held back in a few braids or her hat. One lock of hair is permantly braided at the nape of her neck, with a small thunderbird totem attached, in rememberance of her Granfa. Light grey eyes, and coppery skin, lean build with defined musculature. Usually wears various pieces of Navajo or other Native American jewelry, blue jeans, mocassin or boots, and some sort of top. from halters to flannel shirts.She has a tattoo on the small of her back. 3 white-grey feathers, with the three cycles of the moon, and a paw print.

Concept: Leah is a wanderer, a nature lover and imagines herself as a half decent healer when it comes to herbs. Modern medicine being what it is, she finds she does better selling to the aromatherapy and natural homedipathic crowd. She's opened several such shops in her travels but never sticks around long, selling her share to her partner and moving on. She collects Native American myths as her hobby, and pops up on the federal radar every once in a while in enviromental protests, etc. She's not violent, but she is protective and loyal, and like all Bastet, she knows how to use her claws.

12/16/2004 5:24 AM

Looks very nice, Tygs, but i'll let Kalia decide whether she accepts the sheet, as she is the one that started the thread, but I see one possible hang-up:

detailed character sheets are not nessicary, though be forewarned, my characters do have full sheets (as they were once Table-top chars) though having a list of the character's gifts would be nice (no more than four please!)

Your character has 5 gifts, where she requested no more then 4. However, I am fine with it, if she is. :) I actually downgraded an old werewolf character of mine. (to lose a couple of gifts, etc... as I had played this char on shapeshifters network for 3 years straight, (yes Kalia, i have a sheet for him too ;) ))

12/18/2004 5:14 PM

All right, I'll join in if you don't mind Kalia, I have one i could possibly play??? I'm sorry for not emailing you this and whatnot but i wanted an opinion on my background and stuff cause I was thinking about maybe doing it for one of my tabletop sessions.

(Obviously I've played this before...this is my most jacked character and I've knocked him down a few notchs so he could fit in this)

Name: Maverick "Wyrmslayer" Torgensein, Fang of Garm, Modi of the Get of Fenris (His formal name, yes)

Player: Glasswalker_Reloaded (Or my original, Glasswalker)
Chronicle: RPGC

Breed: Homid
Auspice: Modi (Ahourn)
Tribe: Get of Fenris (Fangs of Garm)

Nature: Loner
Demeanor: Masochist

Noteable features (Stats):

Str: 6 (Fenris pack Totem)
Survival: 5
Brawl: 5
Melee: 5 (Axes)
Intimidation: 5 (Air of Authority)

Merits: Huge Size (7'6")
Untameable 5 Merit
Berzerker 2 Merit
Daredevil 3 Merit
True Love 1 Merit (Chana, read below)
Destiny 4 Merit

Flaws: Driving Goal (Avoid Destiny) 3 Flaw
Noteriety (Ronin) 3 Flaw
Dark Secret (Chana, read below) 1 Flaw

Planatary Aspect: Born under a "Blue" Moon, (The second full moon in a month) Not considered no be of any matter to the Garou elders who don't care about the calander and such, it provides no bonuses in any way, but he considers it a blessing as it makes him "More Ahroun than Ahroun" lol

Rites: Rite of Binding
Rite of Talisman Dedication
Rite of Wounding
Rite of the Hunting Grounds

Gifts: Staredown
Spirit of the Fray
Might of Thor

Rank: 3 (now 0 as he is Ronin, see below)

Appearance: Maverick (Yes, that is the name he was born with) appears to be white, tanned, in his late 20's, he is 7'6" in his Homid form and 11'3" in Crinos. His body is well built, very little fat, and covered in an incredible amount of scars. He has dirty-blonde colored hair, cut short, and blue-green eyes.

Background: Maverick's life pre-change was pretty average. When he became Garou his life was enveloped in his incredible destiny... He would replace Fenris, or rather, he would BECOME the new Fenris to act as totem, allowing Fenris to be reborn and walk the world in a last ditch effort by Gaia to save the planet by rebirthing her totems. (I had a big story arc going where some of the NPC's were destined to become totems so the totems could be reborn) While Maverick worked towards completeing his destiny, he ran into a problem, a stitch in the fabric of his life, a nightmare in his dreams. He found that in his heart he was begining to break the Litany, along with his female pack-mate Chana. Maverick and Chana slowly fell in love over time, and realized they could never be together.

At his breaking point, he fought in a climactic battle that nearly took his life and those of many others, including his pack, and many members of the Silver Pack. In a rebuilding effort, the Silver Pack convened in the Central Park Caern, among what members remained of the Sept of the Green, and held a secret meeting for many hours.

Maverick had had nearly all he could take of the world, and the rules, and his Destiny. Out of fear that it was his last chance he approached Chana with his feelings of love, despite the possibility of the grave consequences of the results. Chana conceded that she, too, felt the same way for him, but she knew at the risk of dieing for the Litany, they could never be together. She told him that she loved him too much to allow him to die at the hands of his brethren, and to see an innocent child die at the hands of hers. In the end, they agreed to deeply consider the consequences of their actions and meet again.

At the same time, both were summoned before the council of the Silver Pack and asked to join their ranks. In the hall they deliberated things such as their pack, and tribes, and the heirarchy of honor among senior members. They spoke highly of upholding the Litany and punishing rightly those who did not.

When the time came for the two star-crossed lovers to make their decisions, Chana stepped forward and bowed, agreeing to join their ranks. Maverick grew angry, knowing that his love and feelings could never be realized now as she belonged to the Silver Pack, realizing that the Litany was all that stood between him and her, realizing that his Destiny was all that stood between him and a "normal" life. He looked at her and nodded once.

"I'll see you all in hell." he said as he walked out of the hall, out of the Caern, out of his pack, out of his tribe, and out of his Destiny...

Now marked as a Ronin, he has little honor from the Garou who once knew him, his name has been scratched from the great stone in the Get's tribal Caern, his renown stripped of him by his elders. Despair is slowing creeping into his heart, for now he fights with his inner anger and remorse as much as he does the Wyrm, every day he feels like he is losing his fight a little more and more. Every day he hears the whispers of the Wyrm a little louder, those that say he'll die and never be remembered, that he will die and noone will cry a tear, or howl a dirge, or write of him in the Silver Record.

But for some strange reason, Fenris and Gaia still look down on him with hope... ... ...

And he can't stop himself from helping young Garou in need... ... ...

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12/25/2004 8:48 AM

Ummmm...... I hope I didn't screw this up for the other players... I really wanted peoples opinions of my introductory story and ideas, perhaps posted it as a seperate thread...

12/25/2004 2:34 PM

no, Glassy don't worry

They're all probably waiting on me, and my brain is kinda fried for WOD right now....I'm trying though, really.... *cries*

12/25/2004 10:20 PM

Eh....I'm here....Kalia's character's gonna have to kinda come to mine, though....

12/26/2004 3:09 AM

Kalia, want me to pick up the slack, until the brain is back on track?

12/26/2004 4:26 AM

Caelin, Please do so...perhaps I'll get inspired as I follow the story... :) Thanks

12/26/2004 11:28 AM

Kalia, I edited my last post, to get things started again. Please drop me a PM as to what you had in mind when you started this thread, so I do not stray too far from it?

01/03/2005 7:01 AM

Tygress and Glasswalker, feel free to jump in at any time. :D

01/10/2005 3:28 PM

Yeah I'll jump in in a fight or I'll start posting when you guys want a fight to break out... it not the WoD without a barfight.... and a Get Ahourn isn't much of a talker...usually :)

I'd prefer to come in during a fight or when characters (I'm thinking Selina) are fleeing. I have a decent intro setup already, but I AM following the story.

01/10/2005 6:53 PM

kk, no problem :D I had a decent post and the darned thing blinked out on me...*Sigh* I'll try again tomorrow...too sleepy right now...:(

01/11/2005 3:35 AM

Great, glasswalker. Looking forward to see you jump in. ;)

Sorry you lost your post, Kalia. :( Get some sleep first. :)

01/11/2005 3:26 PM

I had a decent post and the darned thing blinked out on me..

That's why I always copy my post before I post it 'cause sometimes the site "blinks" on me and I lose it :( It's saved me a lot of hassle.

01/12/2005 12:08 PM

Glassy, you're up. ;)

01/25/2005 5:25 AM

Kalia, are you going to make a post with Selina, to answer Kiyo's question? I'm afraid we'd otherwise get stuck? ;)

01/27/2005 7:28 AM

Me wants in! :D I'll edit this to include the stat points for abilities and attributes in awhile coz I'm at work right now and the original sheet's at home.

Name: Garl 'Fangs-of-Steel'
Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ahroun (Fullmoon)
Concept: Warrior
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Rank: 1

Gifts: Hare's Leap (Lvl 1), Sharpened Claws (Lvl 1)

Fetishes: None.

Additional Info: Garl is a true Get of Fenris, born in the northlands. He can claim direct descendance from the great Fenrir himself. His physical strength far out-matches most of his tribe of the same rank. He has no fetishes as he prefers to leave them for those who have need of them. He uses his claws and fangs in battle, and to immense power.

Backgrounds: (I'll add these in awhile.)

Stats: (I'll add these in awhile aswell.)

01/27/2005 8:55 AM

Ok, allow me to comment on the character, as it is so far.

Rank: 1

Rank 1 is a cub. Someone who has not even performed the rite of passage, thus not considered an adult, but a child. As such, you can be the strongest of the cubs, as listed in additional info, but an adult warrior will only laugh at you.

He has no fetishes as he prefers to leave them for those who have need of them.

In other words, this wolf is stupid? Fetishes are revered among the Garou.

He uses his claws and fangs in battle, and to immense power.

Cubs usually are not even permitted to see battle, much less fight within them.

Are you quite sure this is what you want to play?

01/27/2005 10:36 AM

Umm, no, that's not how I wanna play. >< I'm really new to this White Wolf RPG, and that's my first character and I assumed that all characters start out at Rank 1, from what I read anyways.

01/27/2005 12:41 PM

In other words, this wolf is stupid? Fetishes are revered among the Garou.

Tad harsh. True that fetishes are revered by most Garou but not by all however. It is also possible that Paddy was speaking of Klaives of which some Garou prefer not to use since he does mention using his bare claws and fangs, a truly Get characteristic. He has also decided to play a Get of Fenris Ahroun who are quite known for there battle-lust and ritual combats. If he wishes to play a Garou that shies aways from fetishes, personally I thought the sound of it was quite novel and refreshing from the normal. To the Get of Fenris Strength is the greatest virtue...


01/27/2005 1:27 PM

Yeah, but he can start as a level 2 char, Arandur. I know the Get are more focussed on strength, etc. A garou shying away from fetishes is indeed a novelty, however. I don't think I ever saw one played like that.

Come to think of it, it may even be fun to do.

01/27/2005 3:55 PM

and Caelin, all characters have to start somewhere.... it wouldn't be so bad to have a low-level char with a group of such high-levels...it won't hurt anything....

where the heck did Glassy wander off to??

01/27/2005 7:37 PM

uhh nowhere... im waiting for you to reply to... your reply... yeah

I have to agree with Arandur on his observations of the Get, strength is usually revered above all else, and if you can fight with your bare hands/claws well... more reknown to ya'
But to say that fetishes are revered by most Garou but not by all is purely from a player/storytellers viewpoint. Also, having a Klaive and participating in combat with it is way beyond Rank 1. Klaives are a Rank 4 fetish, and Grand Klaives are Rank 5 and the only way you are going to start with one is a 5 point Fetish background, not unheard of by any means but not common in my games due to storyteller limitations for balance purposes. Your experiences may vary of course.

Caelin, I also have to add that in my games all cubs started at rank 1 yes, but were not nessacarily advanced to rank 2 just for completing their Rite of Passage. If you haven't earned the reknown for Rank 2 but you've completed your Rite of Passage, you are still considered an adult by the Litany, also consider in theory the Reknown penalties, making it completely possible to gain Rank and lose it later on.
Also, battle involving cubs varies drastically among varying tribes, the Get have no problems allowing their cubs to fight, from their viewpoint it makes them tougher.

Just remember a few things that are key to Garou society Paddy...

1 Submission to Those of Higher Station

...."Garou's wolf nature practically enforces a heirarchial structure within their society. Thus the Garou have implemented the concepts of Rank and Reknown. Within reason, any request by a Garou of higher Rank is to be obeyed."

It depends on your tribe mainly whether you obey this part of the Litany, but for roleplaying purposes you may grow tired of being bossed around in the story...

2 Dominance

...."Garou heirarchy constantly fluctuates, thus ensuring that the werewolf most fit to lead the others in a given situation does so. Werewolves forever test one another, and Garou society has evolved to a variety of contests to establish dominence....

....The duel is exactly that: a combat. The winner becomes leader. Duels are rarely intentionally fatal, but frenzy during duels is all to common. Certain tribes, such as the Get of Fenris rely exclusively on duels."

I am also a Get, and if you were to get uppity with me and I had to establish dominance.... for roleplaying purposes... you might as well join another story after the duel cause you wouldn't have a chance....

3 Fetishes

..."Fetish powers are legion, for there are countless spirits within the Tellurian, All fetishes are secred to the Garou, containing as they do the essence of spirits. Thus fetishes are held in high regard and treated with respect."

They are also ranked, and you should only be allowed to harness a rank 1 fetish... anything more powerful may be taken away from you by a higher ranking Garou and there would be nothing you could do about it... but that depends on the Storyteller honestly.

Just consider those thoughts before you jump in Paddy, it'll be easier to play that way.

01/28/2005 2:28 AM

Thanks for the memory refreshment, folks. :)

01/28/2005 5:28 AM

Thanks for the tips you lot. I'll have a better version of the original character done within the next week. (Right now I'm swamped in both work and college. -_-) I'll take in to consideration of what you all said and make a more fitting character for this RP.

02/05/2005 10:54 AM

Kalia I think it's gonna be a little hard to continue the story until you reply to your own post in the actual story :)

02/06/2005 11:45 AM

Ok cool now we can continue the story, but what is the reaper strain??? I've never heard of this so I assume it's a storyteller idea??? I need to know so I know how to post.

02/06/2005 11:56 AM

DNA is a human organization, who don't realize that the 'lycanthrope' gene isn't just a genetic anomaly. The reaper strain was designed as a virus that would affect only those with such a genetic makeup

even "kinfolk" would be affected by this viral strain.

02/11/2005 3:11 PM

aaah I see. But what exactly does this reaper strain do??? does it kill? (i assume it does) or does it do something more/less sinister?

02/11/2005 3:35 PM

I don't really understand the plot, I think it needs more detail. Or maybe I am just slower than usual today.

02/11/2005 4:10 PM

Well now, i'll risk sounding a bit crude.... but if everyone else in here gets it, I think it would be quite safe to asume the latter.

02/11/2005 4:20 PM

The plot is easy to understand if you're familiar with the WOD settings... especially with the more sinister "Perfectionist" actions of the Weaver.... :D
plus, most plots on this site develop as the story does.

02/12/2005 1:26 AM

Okay guys i'm pretty experianced WoDder and my Character Karen Newport Feline Bubasti is in! i need to rewrite the bio cause it sucks now but i'll get that done asap and post it here... I couldnt quite get the setting (and i didnt check here before posting) so i used a Magic deck that isnt invented until 2004 and the "right now" World champion but thats no biggy i take it?

[Edited by Dream_Knight on Tuesday, February 15, 2005 7:12 AM]

02/12/2005 10:01 PM

In the immortal words of Caelin...

"Well now, i'll risk sounding a bit crude...."

What in the blazes of hell are you talking about???

*First, you need to ask before just jumping into a story, ESPECIALLY if it makes to contextual sense... like yours does.

*Second, This is whats happening. Selina is fleeing for her life from something... we don't know what... neither does she at the moment. She runs into James, and together they head to a local changebreed bar to look for help in understanding Selina's dream. There they meet Kiyo, an old friend of Selina from Tokyo, who agrees to help her old friend unravel her mystery. My character interjects and is drinking at the bar. Now they are looking for others who might be interested in helping Selina.

*Third, FireFrenzy you just as well could have been a patron at the bar, you'd have joined the story faster and there would be less writing to get your character together with ours quickly. >.<

02/13/2005 7:55 AM

Okay my side of the story...

to answer the questions,
1) if this is about the usage of a deck that doesnt exist until in the furte who cares i could just edit the post picking anouther deck type.
2) my character is ineterested in anything female so that shouldnt be a problem (hey their close 2 extinct anyways)
3) I will try and meet up wityh u people in my next post. Or just god mod me into the story its okay...

[Edited by Dream_Knight on Tuesday, February 15, 2005 7:12 AM]

02/14/2005 12:42 AM

Yeah..... what did I say before???

What in the blazes of hell are you talking about???

Your "card deck" of choice is not integral to the context of the story in any way. None. Most people don't even know what you're talking about and those who do just roll their eyes because half of your initial post is nothing but useless flavor text!!!! A little bit is ok, it brings characters to life, but you could have ended your post alot sooner. You need to consider when/how to break up what you write into different posts or do more editing if this is an example of your standard work. Work out what you want first, then edit out what you don't really need, then post it.


02/14/2005 9:54 AM

Indeed i'm sorry i never though of that *shames* want me to delete the post? and i just roleplayed the charater i cant help he isnt a fireman. This is what he does it'll stop when i get involved in the rp though i'll just go *Plays in the protour for most of the day* and then continue with my post. If ou want to delete go ahead or ask me to do it....

AGAIN Sorry i never considered it might not be okay with the lot of you.

02/14/2005 12:59 PM

Ahem, the entire story of a deck confuzzles me greatly. We are playing WoD here and not Magic: The Gathering. Glasswalker has a pont however, before just jumping into a story, you need to post in the OOC thread first, to see if the thread is still taking players.

In this case, yes, we are still taking players, but your opening post makes it difficult to combine with the current story. In effect, for readability, it throws those reading the thread completely off the subject at hand.

02/14/2005 9:58 PM

hmmmm ... you also seem to be having problems with your signature... your html seems to be off... let me see if I can figure it out...


Should be.....

img src= "http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v66/FireFrenzy/Vamp%20sig/signature.jpg"> /image

Then add a "" around the "/image"

02/15/2005 7:06 AM

Its just that this character jumped into my mind when i was reading the breedbook Bastet and saw a devil's deck, so i made the character to play Magic the Gathering... I'll rewrite the post and drop into the bar thing where you are at...

And i'll fix my sig i coded it the way i'm used to on most other rpg forums... EDIT i finished the rewrite of my bio (this is one of my RL rpg characters) i'm pretty sure he'll be dredfully anoying but thats just the way he is... especially if your corax he;s still trying to figure out how to best serve them. now he's thinking fried...

Bio of Karen Newport; Feline Bubasti most noteworthy (or so he sees himself):


Karen woke up in the vile infested cage he and his mother had shared for his entire life, he hated the fact that he was locked up but there was enough going on for him to most often be busy. There was a busy streak; the 2-legged-cretures-that-smelled-wrong (read SETITES) had brought someone he hadn’t seen before with them he couldn’t quite figure it out but he felt a connection with the one they had brought, his mom urged him to go back to “sleep” they weren’t the best hosts. Yeah they fed him and occasionally cleaned his cage but it was still al filthy pen and he while short and stunted from malnourishment was still quite small there wasn’t even enough room for him to stretch out, but it was all he had and from the look of the surrounding cages they had one of the bigger. He noticed that the stranger and one of the 2-legged-cretures-that-smelled-wrong came his way they were apparently in conversation and then just when he thought they would pass him by the stranger turned his head and said he’d be taking the kitten, while the other man seemed very opposed to this the other man seamed quite persuasive, perhaps this was the way of the 2-legs he had no idea how they organized their prides. And he was lifted out of the cage by the stranger who smelled for some reason exactly like his mom and while he was feeling torn from his mother she had told him stories from when her kind ruled the 2 legs and he hoped it was his time now to do so. Well there’d be time to figure the smell part out later. And then he was carried to the door they had passed through. And then they were in one of the most marvelous places he had ever seen, all this light and these strange impressions he’d have to explore every bit of it. But the stranger made it clear there would be non of that and he put him in the back of a weird metal box, Karen’s first thought was NO I WILL NOT GO INTO A CAGE AGAIN and he struggled like a maniac and managed to break free from the strangers grasp and he disappeared into one of Cairo’s many small alleys. For a stray cat on streets of Cairo Seeks-the-truth had a pretty decent life, he was adopted by a family that fed him and cleaned him after he had escaped the stranger. He was a loved member of that little family and he found he had a passion for people and there strange habits. He had a pretty fine life but he found he was losing his more feline side and he was beginning to think different of course in hind sight this meant his change wasn’t far off.
One day after one of Cairo’s many riots the family had fallen asleep and Seeks-the-truth woke up to find there was someone in the house. He went looking as he found this life quite pleasing, and he didn’t want it to change. He found there was someone in the dining room rummaging through one of the wooden things, the one with the shiny-sharp-things in it. That was not his that was from his pride and he was trespassing on HIS terrain… and then it happened… He got so mad at this transgression of the way of the pride…

First change:

…He changed into a giant-cat-man-thing and he killed the transgressor in a fit of rage and the entire house to, and halfway through the next house he fell unconscious from the physical overload. The next morning he woke up in a strange house because some cat was licking him. And there was a stranger there who was standing next to him was cleaning the blood on his paws and “mouth” at first he was startled but then the cat mad a series of purrs and gestures and he somehow understood even though he had never spoken the languish himself, it was something along the lines of: your safe and you’ll soon find out who you are. When they were done the stranger left and he followed since it didn’t really matter where he was, on the way out he saw the coroners take out his beloved family but they didn’t matter anymore as he had the strange feeling it was going to be all right.

He learned the things about the were-cat society and the reason for his being “different” from his brothers and sisters. His mentor was a very wise and forgiving cat; who still remembered what it was like to have the life you once knew ripped out from under you by the strange blessing of the mother-of-cats. His mentor introduced him to the world of men and he told them of the strange things they did, and he explained a bit of why they did it. This was very strange and Seeks-the-truth had a difficult time adjusting but he managed in the end. His Mentor also introduced him to the human game of magic and he thought him the rules. It was a difficult game to master but he felt that it helped him understand the humans somewhat sitting at that table with those cards made life seem easier somehow… And he became quite fond of it. He was also encouraged to read about human history and the technology they had developed to make there life easier. But in the end he felt he had a pretty decent life.
His first year flew by and at the end of it his mentor told him he had like the time he spend with him and but that he needed to leave to be on his search for secrets once more. As a favor he introduced him to his jamak King-of-Cats, and he like the Seek’s attitude, so he became his jamak. And he decided (with the approval of his elder’s) that he could best serve the Bubasti by traveling the world to create children from the best of the different blood lines that those countries had to offer, and so he left for the United States as he wanted to compete in the magic pro-tour as it gave him a very discrete way of visiting all those countries and to gather bits of interested information while on the way… They granted him a fetish item so he might better defend himself in the face of people that had been playing magic for most of their lives he later found out this was one of the infamous devil’s decks. And so he has been traveling the world ever sinse.

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