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10/22/2004 2:06 PM

Four centuries pass...while language has become more diverse and complicated.... Human civilization has declined... Forests and jungles run rampant, the skies clear and free of all pollution. Humans live in small tribes, and most of them live in peace on the central continent of Euramsia. The two largest tribes where the Star-watchers, or Enelve’astre (Star-eyed) They lived north of the Black-Sand Desert. And the other was the Azusa clan, a group infamous for their cruelty... the Azusa live just north of the Fire Mountain, Killiarlm, which is north of the Enelve’astre Plains.

Two smaller tribes live nearby, the Rocfliers* who lived in the mountains to the west, and the Uranthis who lived fart in the arctic north.

Kelli, lead hunter and apprentice shaman to the Enelve’astre clan, shouldered her bow. A small quiver of obsidian headed arrows lay against her back. At twenty summers she was tall and slender, hiding strength born of a lifetime of hard work. A pouch made from the skin and feathers of a scarlet Roc hung from a leather thong around her waist. She lay against the cliff edge, the thick conifer trees supplying ample cover. To the south, the edge of Night desert stretched to the horizon, making it seem, as though it were the edge of the world. Looking north, the great Fire-Mountain, Killiarlm blew it smoke and ash into the sky.

In the dim red light, Kelli spotted the dark Shape of an obsidian Roc; it’s black fathers highlighted by the scarlet light. She watched it for a long moment, before leaping to her feet, and running down the hill. Her long blonde hair was tied back in one thick plait, a thick leather strip tied around her forehead, decorated with a few feathers from a White Roc.

A Denhyli stag pawed at the ground. The creature almost resembled the unicorn of our legends. It had short soft fur, the stags where usually a glossy blue-black, with almost imperceptible striping. While the Does’ where usually a dun-brown. It had a short, stiff mane that was black at the roots and faded to white on the ends. A spiraling black horn curved up from the center of its forehead. It was laden with only a softly-cured animal skin and a lovingly made leather halter.

Kelli leaped onto the Denhyli’s back, and urged him towards the Enelve’astre camps.

“Hai! Hai! We must hurry my friend...that is an Azusa Roc!!” She cried, her pale violet-gray eyes dark with fear for her people.

* a "Roc" in this is about the size of a modern day elephant, not nearly as big as depicted in D&D, and can be shades of red, brown or black or white.

** Also, just about anything can be used and made up here...this is a near -clean slate....though I ask no dragons....bit of an overkill....though dinosaurian creatures may be used....I was kinda thinking of using the Velociraptor.

this was the beginning of what I originally had, if any who decide to join agree on this starting point that's fine, if not we can figure out something else here :D

10/22/2004 2:12 PM

I might be interested in joining, depending on where this is going.........

10/22/2004 5:53 PM

Hmm... a mix between a Dyheli and a Unicorn... interesting...

This looks kinda cool :) Might join up on this here soon... *ponders* Will have to come up with a suitable character...

10/23/2004 4:48 AM

Hmm... a mix between a Dyheli and a Unicorn... interesting...

LOL. Well as I said, what's in the OOC is what I originally planned, we can go another route if you all like....

10/23/2004 2:12 PM

Nah, I think it's cool :)

10/23/2004 4:13 PM

okay....what I was thinking was that I would probably have to play a major bad guy ;) and say that perhaps a weapon left from so long ago was found intact (Proably something nuclear) and it falls to Kelli and party to stop them...

10/23/2004 6:16 PM

Kalia, if you don't mind... could you run a quick description of these roc things by me? They seem pretty important to everyone...

10/23/2004 6:19 PM

This looks like an interesting thread. I'll have to figure a character out. Though I would like to know maybe alittle bit more.

10/23/2004 8:56 PM

Ooooh, ooooh, I have a sci-fi char who would fit in this perfectly.......he would have been alive from before the disaster/apocalypse, is that ok Kalia?

10/24/2004 4:57 AM

A_A um, I guess so, but you'll have to come up with a reason why he's four hundred years old....

And Airi, Rocs are like huge eagles. (Just a bit bigger than the ones featured in LOTR and ROTK, and more colorful) I apologize for not specifiying them, as they're pretty common in D&D settings...

10/24/2004 10:38 AM

I wanna join. This looks like it's gonna be fun! All I need is to come up with a character...

10/24/2004 1:26 PM

A_A um, I guess so, but you'll have to come up with a reason why he's four hundred years old....

Meh, kinda hard to explain. He's sort of like a were-wolf, but different, very long life-span. I don't know if you want him in the thread, if not I'll come up with a different char. I though he would fit in, since he's from a futuristic earth sci-fi series.

10/24/2004 1:56 PM

Name: L'aerei Ad'seho
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Tribe: Star-watcher
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair: dark auburn (waist length)
Eyes: hazel (changing from brown to gold to green)

Background: L'aerei is the third son of the Ad'seho clan. Growing up, he was always in his brothers' shadows. His eldest brother, Eskae, is a high rank priest in the clan. Teaching his fellow clansmen the peaceful ways of Daialcoa. The second brother, Asorys, is the clans doctor, tending to the sick and helping the hurt.

L'aerei knew nothing about the gods and cared even less about medicine and herbs. His only love was the blade. Though, that has very little place in his clan. Even his two sisters are higher rank then him. His older sister being the clan loreteller and the youngest child, his little sister, Kala, being revered for her youth.

L'aerei has been pressured to join his brothers in their professions, his parents believing that that was where he belonged. At least, according to the clan. However, L'aerei chose to join the clan warriors, those lesser in the clan ranks, on hunts for food.

The sound of clashing blades and the twing of the bow brings more joy to L'aerei. He loves the outdoors and dreams of a destiny far greater than his family has planned for him.

He loves his family, especially his little sister. He watches over the 15 year old girl protectively and has even secretly taught her the use of a sword. While his sister thinks it's play, he knows that one day she made need such skills to overcome the dangers in the land.


Name: Kala Ad'seho
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Tribe: Star-watcher
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 5'
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: light auburn (down to her elbows)
Eyes: same as L'aerei's

Background: Being the youngest daughter in the clan, Kala is known for her mischievous, childish ways. She's also doted on by all her family. But, it is L'aerei she looks up to. She dreams of being a fighter like him, though her family has a much different plan for her, assuming she'll take after her sister and become a loreteller. After all, that was the only position for a female save child-bearing and caring.

She devotes her time to learning to be like L'aerei. Learning the ways of swordfighting and how to take care of herself. She does this secretly, for she knows the dangers of her family learning the truth...

I hope it's alright for me to play two characters? If not, lemme know and I'll just play L'aerei.

10/24/2004 3:32 PM

both work for me, gonna be interesting since Kelli's tribe is more towards a matriarch society, so she hunts, she's to be the head shaman, and so forth... :D

10/24/2004 3:41 PM

A_A I don't think that will work well.. I suggest new characters made for this specifically...k?

I do need someone to play from the Azusa clan... the Rocflier who's heading for Kelli's people now... Anyone??

10/24/2004 4:55 PM

_A I don't think that will work well..


I do need someone to play from the Azusa clan... the Rocflier who's heading for Kelli's people now... Anyone??

I could do that, I guess........

10/24/2004 8:08 PM

Hey Val hun... Star-watchers and Enelve’astre/Star-eyed are the same tribe, if I read that correctly.

10/24/2004 8:12 PM

Star-watchers is the tribe. Enelve'astre is the clan.

10/24/2004 9:03 PM

the Star-watchers, or Enelve’astre (Star-eyed)

Star-watchers is the tribe. Enelve'astre is the clan.

Don't think she made that distinction.

10/25/2004 12:01 AM

((Bleh >_
Name: Sharrah Lawaihu Po’makani (Po’makani is Hawaiian for Nightwind, btw ^^)
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Tribe: Star-watcher (Enelve’astre)
Alignment: Lawful good
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Long, straight, and black
Eyes: Dark brown
Background: Sharrah is a scout and a hunter, always has been. Ever since she was a little girl, she would go out on night watches with her parents, learning the ways of stealth. Now that she has grown, she goes on missions herself, with only her faithful Ga’ren* at her side.

(Bleh… >_*Ga’rens are a mix between dogs and lizards. They are about the same height as a mid-sized dog and have lizard-like features completely covered in fur. They come in many different patterns, browns, blacks, and whites being the most common. They are smart and easily trained. Though hunters at heart, they can make good house pets as well.

Name: Charin Manwe
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Tribe: Azusa
Alignment: Lawful evil
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hair: Short, dark brown
Eyes: Ice blue
Background: Charin is a warrior and a scout for the Azusa tribe, and was raised to be so. He is the chieftan's son, and prides himself at being the best at what he does. He has been able to weild just about any weapon with ease from the time he was a child.

10/25/2004 11:13 AM


Name: Kikari Saigetsu
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Tribe: Azusa
Hair: Golden-brown, long
Eyes: Warm brown, almost amber
Skin: Very tan
Age: 17
Kikari grew up among the Azusa as one of their best Roc-fliers.
(I guess she'll be one of the attacking ones)

10/25/2004 4:01 PM

Star-watchers is the tribe. Enelve'astre is the clan.

Atctually, Airi was right, but I don't mind making it a disticnction... they are known as the Star-watchers, and the central clan is Enelve'astre. Hows that? The name Enelve'astre means Star-watcher so it follows suit that the central clan be named after their name?

and your chars are ok Airi, I dunno about the Azusa being a matriarichal society, I was thinking of making them either Patriarichal or something where they're all pretty equal or something...

And you can use your male Azusa as the one on the Roc now... I'm also gonna plan for something to happen between him and Kelli :D

10/25/2004 5:26 PM

Ok. I got confuzzled. I can change it. I'll just have them talk about the central clan rather than giving it a distinctive name... I can fix it. Sorry about the confuzzlement.

10/25/2004 8:26 PM

Updated a little bit, will make a post now :)

10/25/2004 8:54 PM

American Pit Bull Terrier :)

Hey Kalia, email me with whatever plans you have for my little scout there, would ya?

10/26/2004 5:42 AM

That is an adorable dog! You didn't tell me you had a pitt! Aren't they awesome?

10/26/2004 11:21 AM

He's cuter;)

10/26/2004 11:46 AM

lol. I don't, that's just a picture I found online that had the right coloring :) All I have at the moment are two cats, a snapping turtle, and a catepillar in a cocoon (..don't ask). I want a dog really badly, but our place is too small for one right now. When I get on my own, though... I'm getting myself a Rot if I can ^_^

10/28/2004 9:24 AM

Rotties are great dogs. I know quite a few people who have them and they are awesome. One day I hope to get a German Rottie. Which is a Rottie that can weigh almost up to 200lbs :)

10/28/2004 10:42 AM

Yeah, we had a purebred American when I was a kid... he was the most awesome dog ever :) That's why I want to get one... and also, just 'cause they look awesome... I want a Bull Mastif. ^_^

10/30/2004 7:31 AM

Bull Mastiffs are awesome as well. I like big dogs. And not just any big dog (Standard Poodles are too prissy for me.)

So many people misunderstand certain breeds (Rotts, Pitts, Mastiffs (Bulls mostly), Dobeys, Shepherds, Chows, etc). All these dogs have a bad rep. Is this deserved? Perhaps in certain individual dogs. But not in the breed itself.

I hate it when I'm talking about one of those breeds and some ignorant person pipes in "Those dogs are so mean!"

I always look straight at them and say, "Actually, that little dog you are holding is probably a lot meaner."

Gods, I can't stand little dogs...

10/30/2004 7:43 PM

I'm assuming that Ser is talking to L'aerei? I'm gonna hold my post until I know for sure.

10/30/2004 11:56 PM

I agree... it depends on how they're trained as much as anything else. They may be a little bit naturally protective of their owner or property, but that comes with most dogs.

10/31/2004 7:02 AM

*nod* yup he is Tass

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