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09/14/2004 8:15 PM

Post your ideas and thoughts in here, or if you want you can email me at Zbeggin4u@aol.com Thanks.

09/15/2004 3:20 PM

Well, I'll come back. Let me see if I can think of a plot...

Keep in mind, we never really finished the first's plot line, we just got sidetracked, but in any case, we could set this a few years afterward

09/15/2004 7:11 PM

What was the first one about again? I got so caught up in hijacking & destroying it that I forgot.

09/16/2004 1:45 PM

It was set during the War of the Lance, and the group was trying to oust the draconians from their town.

09/16/2004 7:10 PM

Oh yeah, now I remember, lol. Well how bout we make this like the companions did, we could say that everyone departed for a few years and like some of us could run into each other while fighting some evil forces. Ok bare with me I'll explain:
something like a great and powerful warlord attacking Haven and we all run to it's aid and happen to meet up there, or maybe a couple of our characters went off and died or had a kid and it could be like 20 years in the future. Yeah something like that like Misty and Cly lol. We could do something like that. If that's stupid sorry but just some ideas.

09/17/2004 11:22 AM

Hold on... I just got a pretty good idea...

Hows this sound for a start- it involves a quest, but we have to play it to find out...

[check the rp section...]

09/19/2004 7:18 PM

I'm going to leave Misty sord of out of the story for just a little while, you'll see why.

09/21/2004 8:01 PM

I'm gonna let yall have your convo before I post again.

09/22/2004 6:39 PM

What I'm about to type is stupid but oh well lets have some fun!

09/23/2004 12:49 PM

I'm thinking about joining. Give me awhile and I'll either find a character or make a character to use. If I can I'll post the characters stats later. Bye bye for now.

09/23/2004 1:50 PM

You're by all things welcome to join. :) I don't think we should have more than 6 people tops though. Right now were at like 4 or 5 lol counting you soaring.

09/23/2004 1:54 PM

Hey, found a character I could use. Though I was wondering, would it be ok if he was an Ursoi? I found some info on them at http://www.dreadgazebo.com/astinus/folk.html or the Chambers of Astinus. I thought it'd be cool to play a intelligent bear who can talk and use weapons. If its ok I'll post his stats later on. Well later.

09/23/2004 1:57 PM

Sounds different, we could try something like that... What do you think guys?

09/23/2004 4:53 PM

Sounds fun. Good luck involving him though. Doesn't seem easy.

09/23/2004 5:09 PM

Hope you don't mind that I took control of the drunks like that...had an idea and ran with it. Now we can see them again in the future, instead of just having them dead at the drop of a hat.

09/23/2004 6:11 PM

Good idea. Better than mine. Anyway, just ignore my post.

I'm surprised noone's noticed the base of my 'quest.' It was pretty obvious, in the first sentence of my first post. (IC.)

09/23/2004 6:36 PM

Hope you don't mind that I took control of the drunks like that...had an idea and ran with it. Now we can see them again in the future, instead of just having them dead at the drop of a hat.

Fine with me, I'm not sure I really would have had Kiyo kill them anyway :D;)

09/25/2004 9:37 PM

Do you mind if I jump in? I think I was in the beginning of the first one but i had to go, this is my first day back and i need somthing to play so...

09/25/2004 10:09 PM

Yeah, about having an Ursoi, scratched that idea. Although I could have found him away in, I don't really know much about them so I'll figure out another character. I'll try to post with the character tomorrow.

09/26/2004 6:06 PM

Well, I'm kind of out of the story now till yall come and meet me.... :(

09/29/2004 1:19 PM

Ok, here's my character. Hope he's okay.

Name: Eric Voren
Race: Human
Class: Red Mage
Age: 23
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair
Hair: Medium length and brown, wears his hair pulled back in a ponytail
Weapon(s): Carries a few daggers in well hidden places.
Appearance: He is medium built and wears a red cloak and a red silk tunic underneath.
History: At an early age he was able to use magic and so his parents gave him to the Wizards of High Sorcery to teach him. From that point on he has served them willfully.

10/04/2004 4:32 PM

Cly sat at the bar alone

Well, are we settled on a story line, or can we still go with my little quest?

10/05/2004 1:06 PM

Well Graf since you are pretty much the DM of Tavern of Fire then you should lead this one to. Sure let's go on your lil quest but wait till after you talk to my person

10/05/2004 1:08 PM

Yes ma'am.

10/05/2004 6:47 PM

What a gentleman. :)

10/06/2004 11:40 AM

Anything for the lady.


10/06/2004 1:16 PM

And a flatterer too!

10/06/2004 1:24 PM

Sorry about not posting. I've been waiting for an opening, I still am kinda. Hopefully I'll be able to put my character in soon.

10/06/2004 1:26 PM

Name: Kaetie
Age: 16 years of the moon (umm I have no idea what that means just guess lol, she looks 16 years old)
Race: ancient unknown race of elf
Sex: Female
Skin color: Silver
Hair color: Brilliant Blue
Eye color: Brilliant Blue
Height: 5 foot
Weight: 90 lbs
Special Abilities: She can speak to the woods and the stars. Great Stealth.
Weaknesses: Very anti-social, obeys only woods and the stars.
Alliance: Woods, Stars, and the Darkness within.
Items: Her beloved Silver Short Bow.
Appearance: Wears her hair in a ponytail, when it is not in a ponytail it hangs to her shoulders. Wears a Brilliantly Blue tunic of unknown make. Same for pants, and her boots are Silver. Resembles a young woman.

My new favorite character!

10/06/2004 4:26 PM

I may bring in my unicorn Yui if that is okay with everyone... I need to work on her stats...

10/11/2004 2:52 PM

Lol, nice Kalia, did you steal that from ZELDA? Lol, just kidding... The flute that called your horse lol.

10/11/2004 3:05 PM

*snicker* actually no I never thought of that....lol :P

10/11/2004 5:10 PM

Oh wow your just smart then huh? I'm smart to I gots a uhm let me check, 310 on my SAT verbal and momma says that good! :P

10/11/2004 6:34 PM

310 out of what?

Heh, I think I'm about as smart as you...

10/12/2004 2:41 PM

I dont know let me ask my mommie.... 310 out of like 1000 she said, she said most dont get as high as I did.

10/12/2004 3:04 PM

Wow. That means that most people are pretty stupid.

Oh wait, I knew that... ;)

10/12/2004 4:29 PM

um... is anyone gonna post or are ya gonna banter back and forth? :D

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