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08/31/2004 9:45 PM

I relize most of the people on that list are no longer here, but my characters might not realize it. It is a list of all the characters that they have interacted with on these forums, and you will find the reason for the summons next week.

Lucas was left off the list intentionaly, at the request of some of the party.

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09/01/2004 7:33 AM

*eyes the list*
Whoa......but I don't think any of my chars are on there...I think...yeek, that's quite a list.

09/01/2004 8:10 AM

Lucas was left off the list intentionaly, at the request of some of the party.

I feel a little disapointed, but I guess if he's not wanted I'll respect that.

09/01/2004 10:52 AM

Oh, I thought it was my Lucas the caravan master of the Caravan of Death.

09/01/2004 11:10 AM

Hm. My characters include Eliar, Bardus, Schtolheim, King Ai Mer Beech, Parvatis and Marduk. The last one died at the end of FF2 though.

09/01/2004 12:54 PM

Ah, I've got Syr and Karina. Kidn of suprised Ankh/Krystal/MInoa isn't on there. >_>

09/01/2004 1:09 PM

Yes, I was refering to Lucas of the Caravan

09/01/2004 1:10 PM

Kidn of suprised Ankh/Krystal/MInoa isn't on there. >_>

Second post. She was told in person.

09/01/2004 1:15 PM

i knew that.

09/01/2004 1:39 PM

Lucas the caravan master of the Caravan of Death.

Timesplit wanted him there but the others didn't.

09/01/2004 1:42 PM

Whoa... now that is quite a list now, isn't it? When would you like all of those characters to start replying (as in, when do you want us to start postin')?

EDIT: Eep. Never mind... >_> you will find the reason for the summons next week

09/02/2004 3:45 PM

Oh, okay. I'm kinda relieved, not that I really wanted to be in this thread or anything. It seems like such a massive undertaking, more than I could handle. Best of luck to everyone.

09/02/2004 8:22 PM

Don't worry. Only about a tenth of those characters are still here.

09/03/2004 4:11 PM

Lessee....you mentioned these characters that belong to me....

Crystalamira/Glimmer/Kalia; Navarre; Kista Starblade (AKA Kistalanthasa); Kynia Starr; Krystal Rose; Midnightstarr (Aka Middie/Heather); Ayeka Drache; Touga Drache.

The ones who are still around and can attend....

Crystalamira, Navarre (resurrected in FC2), Kista Starblade, Kynia Starr, Middie, and Ayeka....

wow....:D gonna be interesting.

09/03/2004 5:22 PM

So is anybody going to post their responces to these fliers? Or just wait around until the week is up...

09/03/2004 5:52 PM

I got one, I just gotta get it off the laptop...perhaps in a few hours :D

09/04/2004 1:06 AM

None of my characters are on that list. Wait...I don't have any characters here. I could if I had a decent arc to introduce them. I have several to choose from.

09/04/2004 4:59 AM

well as thistle put in his first post, 'no one will be refused' you could choose a character and that character could be like: "wonder what all this is about, that's quite a list of people" and then go off after them? :D

09/04/2004 7:12 AM

So I take it these are all characters from Future Fellowship and the like?

09/04/2004 10:22 AM

Most of them are a lot older than that

09/04/2004 10:27 AM

Hmm... don't think I can bring in those FF-specific characters though. Hard for them to work in other threads. But that's only Parvatis. The rest of my characters will come in next week.

09/05/2004 2:31 PM

Hmm, my only character in that list is Zero. Eliar, I think I saw Kevin in the list also. Can't forget about him.

09/07/2004 9:44 PM

Ok, time for people to arrive and begin milling about outside. Tommorrow night I'll post what this is all about. But I need to know who is there before I can continue.

09/11/2004 6:09 AM

Sorry for the delay. My computer got screwed up. I'll post the next part when I get it fixed.

09/13/2004 12:59 AM

Yes, it's true folks. After 5 years of being here, I'm headed out. Although it's great to know all of you, I've been loosing interest in the forums, and Dragonlance in general, for about a year now. Wanted to wait for FF2 to finish first though, no loose ends with my charaters that way. Just not enough going on here, and nothing left for my characters to do. I've developed all four of them as far as I can go here, and think it's time for me to move on.

Give me a IM some time though. I'll be around, and if I get interested in Dragonlance again, I can always have Timesplit bring them back.

09/13/2004 9:05 AM

Aw man, was hoping that you'll join FF3.

Well, take care. I myself had lost interest in DL too, and that was almost half a decade ago. Remained for the RPing and most of all, the RPers, never for Dragonlance.

09/15/2004 6:26 AM

Hey guys, I'm not gone yet though. Let's get this party going. POD, Jacques, Kalia, Eagle, anyone else?

09/15/2004 10:43 AM

Haha, people had became so depressed about your departure that it's turning into a funeral. Nasty nasty Thistledude. :D

09/16/2004 7:28 PM

Hey thistle care if I join this before you depart and leave us?

09/17/2004 6:07 AM

Sure, come on in.

09/21/2004 8:11 PM

Ok, I'll try to find a good pop up and annoy yall spot. Hehe! ;)

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