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08/22/2004 11:59 AM

Okay, basically this is going to be following two plotlines: a Conclave plotline, where a few mages are sent to investigate the strange things that have begun to occur around Ansalon.

Dragons have begun to disappear, as have mages and other magic-users(with the exception of clerics).
The other plotline follows Kari and a few other survivors of the destroyed villages. The two plotlines are probably going to merge.

Anyhew, characters:

At least one other survivor from one of the destroyed villages of Southern Ergoth for Kari's story arc, and any other characters you want to have.For the Conclave arc, I'm playing an ambassador who was comandeered, and probably a mage, later on. We need some more mages for the delegation.
Anybody interested?

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08/22/2004 12:25 PM

I was looking for a story to bring in either Jadrek or Kynia into...since I haven't used Kynia in a story since FF2. I could bring Kynia in as a survivor, and Jadrek in for the mages, as he is one in his own right....


NAME: Kynia Starrsa
RACE: Kirioyal (Race of Irda and Elven blood)
AGE: (appears) 29 (actual) 290
CLASS: Psionic Ranger
HAIR: Dark Brown (it has finally returned to it's original color)
EYES: Ice Blue
SKIN TONE: Dusky, makes her eyes really stand out.

History: Kynia is the leader of her people that reside on a continant far to the west off of the coast of Ergoth. The Kirioyal are a race that originated through the inter-breeding between Elves and Irdra. They are guarded by the spirits of the Ancestral Guardians, or the spirits of Irda that died long ago. Usually the bonded spirit takes the form of a horse, either white (For healers) or Black( For the warriors.) Kynia was once of the lowest Royal Caste, and she and her twin escaped the near ruin of their people. all the Royals were killed, making Kynia and Krystal rulers by default.

In effort to free their people, Krystal and Kynia came to Ansalon, in search for an artifact. Krystal was killed during the attempt, but Kynia returned to her people triumphant.

NAME: Kyel
AGE: 756
RACE: Ancestral Guardian (Spirit of Kylensel, Irdra Healer)
APPEARANCE: Silvery white hide, with flowing mane and tail. Eyes are Ice blue, and seem to occasionally stare right through a person rather than at them.

NAME: Jadrek Drache
RACE: Pureblood Vampire (3/4 really as his mother was only 1/2)
AGE: 98
Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Blue-Violet
Class: Ranger-'dabbler' in neutral magics.

History: Jadrek Drache is the elder son of Ayeka and Alucardt Drache. For any more info on them go
Here (http://groups.msn.com/ThreeMoons/ayekadrache.msnw" target="_blank)

08/22/2004 1:01 PM

Welcome aboard! I just realized neither Kari or Anitha have their stats up....

Name: Karilla Irant
Race: Human
Age: 17
Hair: Long and black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair, but tan
Weapon: Longbow
History: Kari is the only survivor of the destruction of her Ergothian village, Salles.

Here's the Ambassador.

Name: Her official name was changed into a solamnic name, Anitha Sulitar. Her real name is Celestia Darksilver.
Race:Half-elven. Not many people notice, since the tips of her ears were cut off, and she has gotten very good at hiding her elven traits.
Age: 45, but looks to be 23.(which is what she tells everyone she is)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tan
Anitha's father was a dark-elven warrior. Her mother was a bar-maid in Palanthas. Celestia, the result of her father staying at the inn for a night, was raised by her mother. When she was twelve, her mother died, leaving her on the streets. Celestia became a thief, until she was caught by the city watch at eighteen.
She escaped from jail, and left Palanthas.
After about thirty years, she ended up working for Lord Gregor in solamnia, where she said her name was Anitha, and wound up his ambassador.

08/23/2004 9:59 PM

I'm thinking about joining, though I need to think up acouple characters to play. May be awhile but, I'll figure something out.

08/25/2004 12:11 AM

Well I hope these characters are good enough, I'll start posting tomorrow.

Name: Eric Voren
Race: Human
Class: Red Mage
Age: 23
Eyes: Green
Skin: Fair
Hair: Medium length and brown, wears his hair pulled back in a ponytail
Weapon(s): Carries a few daggers in well hidden places.
Appearance: He is medium built and wears a red cloak and a red silk tunic underneath.
History: At an early age he was able to use magic and so his parents gave him to the Wizards of High Sorcery to teach him. From that point on he has served them willfully.

Name: Drake Boak
Race: Human
Age: 18
Skin: Tan
Hair: Black, short and spiky, with two strands coming down.
Eyes: Hazel
Weapon(s): Dual swords and a few daggers.
History: Only survivor of his Ergothian village, Celstin

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