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07/09/2004 5:54 PM

;) this is a story between Airiana and myself... once we get some sort of plot down, we'll ask others to join k?

07/09/2004 5:59 PM

oh, BTW, this is my pic of Keth....

07/09/2004 6:05 PM

That is a beatiful picture.

07/10/2004 7:00 AM

*blush* thanks Graff...I got a tad bored at work and started the pic...I was originally just toying with how the wings could be held, and just finished off the picture. while I was drawing I came up with a sketchy story about Keth... and lol, here we go ;)

07/10/2004 9:46 AM

A blue/gold dragon, eh? Sounds like a perfect match for that silver/red dragon that's flying around here someplace.

07/10/2004 10:10 AM

chuckle...aye, that it does...

....now i need a dragon...ho hum.....well call me when you want in, Kalia, when you ask i am at your command....and...i'll pull some intersting dragoness out of the works......

*wanders off to think devious thoughts...*

07/10/2004 2:58 PM

Also, I have an idea, if you want me.

07/10/2004 3:37 PM

lemme know your Ideas, and we'll see what we can do :)... Graff, do you have MSN IM at all??


add me if ya got it ;) Also, Thistle, please check your email... I sent you one weeks ago, and never got a response.....:( I had something important to ask you....

07/10/2004 5:54 PM

All I've got is email.

I have a sort of sketchy idea, but I can fix it up. Right now I know that it would be a gold, probably old, and especially scholarly, who somehow got dragged into whatever situation is presented. Beforehand, I would like to check out the dragon section of the Uziel's site.

07/10/2004 6:02 PM

I think I will play black/white......yesh...evil black who was expelled from his homeland by (insert someone here) meets whitewho is far belong his normal boundries...and they have a child.....who will be a white/black...and she will be a girl....yeah.........

............*cackles manically*

07/11/2004 5:16 PM

I love this, lol, so many people making hybrid dragons now :P But Poddy, you do know that if yours is strictly a Chromatic, that they (the other Chromatic dragons) would have killed it on sight, right? Metallics generally just banish them, but Chromatics are a little less tollerant...

07/11/2004 5:52 PM

*eyes Airi*

....she lived in some...far off place..and dragons are too big fat and lazy to go kill her...*looks around conspicously*

07/11/2004 6:05 PM

*eyes Airi*

....she lived in some...far off place..and dragons are too big fat and lazy to go kill her...*looks around conspicously*

lol. Or... perhaps she got away? ... She hid or something?

07/11/2004 8:47 PM

Finally posted. :) Hope that'll work. Feel free to have them come bug her, lol... she'll be annoyed, but I don't think it'll bother her as much when she sees Keth.

08/11/2004 1:24 PM

*Looks at phauran73, then at Kalia* I think you're post was good, even if it did need a little bit more on the punctuation/paragraph side of things but... I dunno, Kalia? Are we opening this up to other RPers just yet?

08/11/2004 1:53 PM

it's alright hun... The only thing he goofed on was that this is set after WOS (War of Souls) so Paladine is mortal, and thus cannot answer your prayers ;)

alright everyone, feel free to join in whenever :D Cya!!

08/12/2004 2:35 PM

*pokes her head in*

Actually, I had several blue/gold dragons, as have other people. They've been around for awhile, I think.
Awesome picture, by the way, Kalia:)

08/12/2004 9:32 PM

Figured I'd put up my character sheet for Lieke, now that it's done. If and when I ever finish the picture I'm doing of Lieke and Keth, I'll post it up here too.

Name: Liekelatier
Alias: Lieke
Race: Silver/Black Dragon
Class: Dragon Magus
Gender: Female
Age: 75
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Physical Description:
Dragon-form: She is nearly forty-five feet from snout to tail tip and stands about thirty feet tall. Her scales are the color of hematite stone, while her eyes are a dark, ruby-red. Her underbelly and wing webs glitter with far more silver than black, while all of her claws and spikes are as deep black as ebony.
Mortal form: She takes the shape of a teenaged human girl of about 5'6" in height and a slender 125 pounds in weight. Her skin is very dark and her eyes and lips ruby red, as her eyes always are. Her hair is long and silver, though streaks of both red and black can be seen here and there, and it is bound in a single long braid that falls midways down her back. She wears the robes of a mage that are as dark as ebony. The runes sewn into its edges are of silver and red, and the rich velvet whispers softly around her boot-clad ankles as she walks. From each barely-pointed ear hangs a dangling earring that shows the three moons: Solinari is full, before it hangs Lunitari, which can only be half-seen, and then Nuitari is in the fore in its crescent phase. She wears a ring on each ring-finger of silver; one holding an onyx stone while the other a ruby.
Personality: Lieke generally expects the worst-case scenario in any given situation. She is sarcastic, pessimistic, and secretive. Despite this, she generally cares for the people she allows to get close to her, though she doesn’t even like them to know it. She is very intelligent, as most dragons are, and is honor-bound, despite her mixed heritage.
Biography: Lieke was born the second dragonet in a clutch of three to her parents Calistanoanlikathlik (a Silver/Red dragoness) and Zynx (a Silver/Black dragon). Her brothers are the Silver Taetialreore and the Silver/Red Shradilogonowit. She grew up just outside of Fernwood Village, spending most of her time there until her mother denounced dragonkind and her grandmother, Kilairiandralsilvantaslik, lost her life trying to prevent the War of Souls. Since then, she had moved away from the rest of her family and traveled the world of Krynn. Recently, she met up with her mother at the Tower of Wayreth (where her mother has become a Magus of Nuitari), and was told that she must go to the Dragon Isles and be Recognized by the Council of Elders, as all dragons with Metallic heritage living outside the Veil are supposed to do.
Weapon(s)/Power(s): She is very strong, though physical strength is not something she generally takes advantage of, preferring magical strength and mental ability. She uses magic far more than anything else, and will always use it first in a battle. She inherited the acidic breathweapon of the Black dragons, though she uses it only as a last resort.
Other(s): This particular dragoness has a disadvantage against anyone who could be considered fast, and absolutely hates to admit when she’s wrong.

08/13/2004 8:39 AM

yeah I was a bit tired when I wrote it but I figured on this. This char had been brought up on the legends and what not of the old stories. His mother, even after the Choas War, still didnt wish to believe that Paladine was mortal so taught her children the old rites and prayers and what not. He is merely acting the way he was taught to by his parents. Even though somewhere in his heart he knows that it might not be true.

[Edited by phauran73 on Friday, August 13, 2004 8:41 AM]

08/20/2004 8:33 AM

I hope you guys don't mind me barging in. I've been wanting to use this character for a long time, but I've never gotten around to it...

Oh, and btw, hello again to all who know me :p.

Name: Ryskrailoan
Alias: Krai
Race: Fire Dragon
Gender: Male
Class: None
Age: unknown, for there is no concept of 'time' or 'day' where he is from.
Alignment: True neutral
Description: Dragonform: As Chaos designed 'his' dragons as parodies of his 'children', Krai is as large, if not more physicially powerful, than a large male red dragon would be. His whole body looks like it was formed of magma and his scales, if they could even be called that, look like cooled bits of lava giving form to a dragon. Krai's wings, though powerful in their own right, cannot lift him off the ground and usually stay folded against his body, blending in with the rest of his scales. His eyes glow a flaring red/orange.

Mortal form: Krai takes the form of a pale, sickly human with long, straight black hair and piercing red eyes, which he usually keeps covered from view. He dresses himself in rags, not wanting to draw attention to himself.

Personality: Krai is cruel and merciless, not because he wants to be, but because it is in his nature to be so. In truth, Krai seeks the meanings of joy, hope, and, overall, peace instead of the hate, despair, and wrath that Chaos had burned into his soul to keep him moving.

Biography: Born to Chaos and unwillingly submitted under his rule since he could remember, Krai was bloodthirsty until the very last day Choas had held anything under his power. He had killed more chromatic and metallic dragons alike in the Chaos wars than he could number his own scales. However, after Chaos released his hold on Krai, Krai, having never tasted freedom before, killed both allies and enemies alike, unable to control himself. Later, seeing the bloodshed he had caused, he ran away, using what magic Chaos had given him to blend in with the populace of Krynn the best he could. And so he stayed in that form, releasing it every once in awhile when a chromatic or metallic dragon or dragonbane tracked him down. The chromatics, he killed as if they had been killed by a dragonbane. The metallics, before they had left, as if a chromatic had killed them, and the dragonbanes the same way. So the world was never aware of the lone fire dragon walking upon Ansalon, amongst some people, watching, wary, but also tired, so much in a way no human, elf, or any other race could ever imagine.

Weapons/Powers: Krai's dragonform emanates extreme temperatures of heat and will incinerate most everything if they come too close without magical/divine help or a very thick hide. His wings, usually folded against him, serve as a powerful shield. His dragonbreath is pure heat with flecks of lava and stone flying with it. However, the powerful magic usually given to dragons is not available to him besides rudimentary abilities such as shapeshift.

Other facts: Krai is especially weak against the divine powers of Krynn, as his own divine backing has been sealed away. Furthermore, almost all dragons are his enemies, forcing him to be wary nearly every changing second, in case of an attack.

08/20/2004 3:42 PM

Welcome to the story Dan :D Good to see ya, better stick around this time ;) :P :D

08/21/2004 10:14 PM

hehe, so do I. I'll edit this post and try to put the pic of my chara up here ASAP.

08/24/2004 4:08 AM

Phauran, please separate your paragraphs better, hit the enter key more than once to separate them it makes it sooo much easier to read :)


I'll post later today

08/26/2004 8:59 AM

Yeah sorry about that. My schedule's really nuts right now so I am trying to post so fast my grammar just went to hell that night. He,he,he. Anyways, Will work better on that in the future.

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