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06/27/2004 2:27 PM

Okay, Airi, and anyone else who have read the Valdemar series. this is set during the first book in the Mage Storm trilogy, Storm Rising. (Which is after the Mage winds and before the Owl Knight trilogies.) I would like one other herald only please... and then others are open, Tayledras scouts/mages or even the gryphons, Kyree, and even the Dyheli are welcome :D post characters here before joining and I'll let you know if it's acceptable...

06/28/2004 10:57 PM

Hmm... I will have to come up with a character... I will probably play a Tayledras and possibly a gryphon if that's alright... *walks off muttering something about feathers and goes to make character sheets*

07/02/2004 11:07 AM

Here's my Tayledras character, lem'me know whatcha think, hun :) If I ever get around to it and see a need for one, I'll play a gryphon too :) Gotta love those vain birds! :D

Name: Brightwind K’Treva
Race: Tayledras
Bondbird: Kreetane, the red-shouldered hawk
Class/Job: Healing Mage/Scout
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Alignment: Lawful Good
Physical Description: Like most Tayledras, Brightwind is dark of hair and fair of eye… that is to say, she has black hair (with a couple silver streaks 'round her face from living in the Vale for most of her life) and blue eyes :D. She’s of moderate height (about 5’6”) and is slimly built. When she’s working as a scout, she wears the subdued browns, grays, and greens that are usual for that job. Any other time, however, she can be found in the flashy garb of her kinsmen. In any dress, the fabric is bedecked in patterns based on Kreetane’s feathers. (I'm working on drawing an anime version of her at the present.. when I get done I'll post it ^_^)
Personality: Brightwind is a quiet mage of the Journeyman class who generally seems to have more than her share of patients with others, especially children. She absolutely loves nature and can have quite the temper when she sees it violated. At just about any other time, she is a happy if subdued young woman, but when her fuse runs short and her patients is finally spent, it would be in everyone’s best interest to step back and stay as far away from her as possible until she cools off.
Biography: Brightwind was born and raised in K’Treva Vale and has spent most of her time in and around that area. She learned early of her magical abilities and has been a student of the arcane ever since. Recently her scouting missions have been going farther and farther away from her home, and she is becoming accustomed to being away from it.
Weapon(s)/Power(s): She can effectively use her climbing hook as a weapon as well as a bow and arrows. Her Bondbird, Kreetane, has also helped on occasion, as does her magic abilities. She is one of those few who are blessed with the ability to communicate not only with her Bondbird, but with humans and the other non-human sentient races as well. It is not a very strong talent, but it exists nonetheless.

07/02/2004 2:56 PM

Name: Starstorm K'Shena
Race: Tayledras (Hawkbrother)
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134 lbs
Hair:Silvery White
Eyes: Silvery Blue
Rank: Herald-Mage
Current Residance: Haven; Valdemar
Companion's Name: Kesseria (Kess)

History:(already stated on first post)

Abilities: Mindspeach; Mage Rank: Master

07/02/2004 3:00 PM

Airi hon, if Brightwind lived within the Vale, her hair would start to bleach out to the silvery color of those who live within proximity of the Heartstone... figured I'd mention that....

But other than that point, all is well.

07/03/2004 7:32 PM

Airi hon, if Brightwind lived within the Vale, her hair would start to bleach out to the silvery color of those who live within proximity of the Heartstone... figured I'd mention that....

I thought this only happened with those who worked with the Heartstone? Perhaps I was mistaken in that, though. Dunno, *smiles* you've read a few more of the books than I have, so I'm sure you're right. Will go make changes :)

07/03/2004 7:43 PM

the books, (specially the Mage Winds trilogy) stated that even those who weren't mages, their hair would bleach.. its just the proximity of them. for Adepts its inevitable, and even they may choose to dye their hair, though in a few days it would bleach out again.

07/03/2004 7:44 PM

*note* It would take longer than a mage who worked with the heartstone, but it would happen.

07/03/2004 8:13 PM

*Nods* Tankee for the info, dear :) I made her have a bit o' silver 'round the face.. figured that should suffice :)

07/07/2004 8:16 PM

Posted again.. if I screwed up the location, just let me know and I will fix it... so ...tired... need.. sleep! >_<

07/08/2004 3:58 AM

no prob airi, and yes you did mess up a bit... the location was right, but the description in the time frame is wrong. The plains didn't actually exist till Urtho's tower was destroyed. The Star-eyed is the one who restored the ruined land to the plains.... I belive it was mostly forest till then...

07/08/2004 5:15 PM

Eee... then I mixed a couple books then, lol. I'm pretty good at screwing up timelines and stuffs like that there... >_> So we would still be at the edge of the Pelagris but... there'd still be a lot of wooded area past that?

07/09/2004 3:56 AM

kinda...basically in this time were we are, the Pelgaris forest doesn't exist in itself... the true Pelgaris hills and forest don't come into existance untill after Ma'ar and Urtho destroy each other... the magic released is what twist the creatures and plants and created the Pelgaris forest.

07/13/2004 9:20 PM

Fixed it... 'least I think it's fixed, anywho...

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