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06/17/2004 2:38 AM

Here it goes... It's a start at least.
The main goal of the heroes is to prove that Kension didn't kill the lord of Palanthas and to stop Fin'lar.
Fin'lar was killed by Cherizal and Zander during a previous adventure. Only his spirit remains, but he refuses to give up his dreams of power. He plans on taking over Palanthas and the tower.

To do that he needs a body he can inhabit, otherwise he can't work his most powerful magic. He has made a pact with Morgion and his clerics and they will help him find the right woman, the woman who will give birth to the new Fin'lar. If the plan succeeds, he will let them rule Palanthas and it will keep the tower and its magic for himself.

Cherizal will go inside the cave alone to attract the guards' attention. She will be captured and the clerics will try to give her to Fin'lar, but she is not the right woman, so she will be used as bait. If you have other ideas, please feel free to post them here or to contact me via mail or IM.

New players are welcome. You can be a prisoner in the caves or a cleric of Morgion, or even Fin'lar if you wish. But please no dragons, demigods or other strange characters.

The characters we have so far (I hope I remember right):
Cherizal: Silvanesti elf, red robed mage, Dalamar's apprentice
Zander: Human, black robed mage, Dalamar's ex-apprentice
Therion: Human, serves Corria, the ice goddess
Jorgan: Human, warrior
Brooke: Human, mercenary
Kension and Hitomi: Humans, from the city guard of Palanthas

06/17/2004 2:55 AM

I will try to play 'Tomi again if that's alright... I really didn't mean to drop from the other thread... I can't do that anymore ;) it would look bad on my position of RP Manager :$

06/17/2004 4:04 AM

That would be great, Kalia!

06/17/2004 10:01 AM

Well, I wasn't in the last game, but a prisoner of caves would be nice. I'll write back soon...later.

06/17/2004 5:44 PM

Im new here but i'd like to join as one of the baddies.. a cleric i suppose. I'll post as soon as i get an affirmative. But I wont be able to post that often. Maybe once or twice per day.

06/17/2004 8:49 PM

Is Cherizal going to be captured on purpose or will the guards just find her? And is there anything specific that the group is supposed to be doing or looking for while in the cave? Sorry if these are silly questions, I just want to make sure I understand everything.

06/17/2004 9:44 PM

Cherizal will go inside the cave alone to attract the guards' attention. She will be captured and the clerics will try to give her to Fin'lar, but she is not the right woman, so she will be used as bait.

I guess that sums up that.. uhh I would assume it's up to me to capture her unless she has designs of her own. Thats assuming I am to be part of this adventure. Which is, as of yet, an unraveled mystery..
As to what you'll be doing in the cave, huahahaha only time shall tell my lady. ^_^

06/18/2004 12:29 AM

Phobic and Noif, you are both very welcome to join this thread :) Just post some info about your characters here.

Cherizal doesn't really wish to be captured, but she knows that someone has to attract the guards' attention, so she is sacrificing herself to give the others a chance. She hopes to get away, of course, but she won't. Your cleric can be the one to capture her, Noif.

And Care, I'm not sure what the others will find in the caves. I guess they'll have to follow Zander's lead. But you'll find Phobic's character in one of the cells and you will surely be so unlucky that you will meet some clerics or some other kind of danger.

06/18/2004 5:23 AM

like I said I'll take 'Tomi again...is anyone gonna take Kension or should I just do it?

06/18/2004 6:29 AM

Well, Glassy played Kension after you left (as a secondary character though), but I'm not sure how often he will post. If you want him to play an important role in the story, I think you should take him back, otherwise we can let Glassy play him.

06/18/2004 9:40 AM

My name is Josh btw, so we're on even terms. Heh.
Most Are put off by the name.


Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Height: 5'9" or so
Weight: 120lbs

Noigrom the mad some have called him. 'Crazy Noi' by others. More fittingly, and the only name which he had never been called, Master. Yes. That had a certain ring to it, a certain flair that Noigrom had sacrificed much to attain. Master of the dead, bringer forth of unholy undead, All would now refer to him as his due! He would make sure of it, would castrate every fryer and farmer until they bowed knee before hi..
"You idiots! Do not harm the sacrifical host!" Noigrom waved his hand and a rotting corpse fell to the floor, its life, or unlife, stanched by Noigrom's will.
The human girl was finally showing some sign of life, thrashing at her undead escorts, who mindlessly began to strike her back. Seeing the altar upon which you were to be crucified and transformed into something.. more, that would do it to you.
Noigrom walked infront of the girl and began to chant. "Resfi unto omni verato.. resfi unto omni verato." He continued to chant, his voice a steady monotone spelling out despair and hopelessness, causing the primal instincts of the girl to simply,.. die.
Noigrom smiled, taking great relish in the overpowering of her will, in sundering her mind and causing her to stand rigid, unmoving and completely unaware of the corpses that lifted her and placed her onto the ceremonial altar.
Their usefullness abated, Noigrom dismissed the zombies, hardly noticing as they fell to the floor completely lifeless. Two clerics and a black robed wizard entered the anteroom adjoining the sacrifical chamber. Noigrom pointed and they took their positions, not out of obedience, as Noigrom would have wished it, the efforts of conjuring and perfectly ressurecting their charge simply wouldn't allow for mind-alteration. A dominated mind was often destroyed or freed in concentration. And this ritual would take every once of concentration these three could muster.

The wizard spoke a word of power and a hundred candles burst into life around the altar, setting leaping demons around the cavernous room. Immediately, the duo of clerics began their chant, raising their arms to their patron, calling in one voice to their god Chemosh, bringer of plague and pestilence.
"Great master of worldly death, corruption and disease, master of strife. Take our offering, great lord, behold what is yours by rite." The candles flickered, as if in responce to the cleric's bidding, dancing with a life of their own, flaring and casting wax down their length in rivulets. The room got considerably brighter, and the clerics spoke again in unison, this time in the tongue of magic. "Veetah, Mortus, Khyio.. Veetah, Inmortum, Imperium.. Veetah! Adun Toridas! Adun Entaroadun!"
The clerics keening chant ended with a great gout of fire rising from the hundred candles. Smoke coalesced above the altar, swirling in a maelstrom of evil and bad intentions. The wizard took his que, as they had gone over this important part many times, and began his casting. Tendrils of bluish smoke streamed from the wizards fingertips, weaving a strand of thickening porpotions that floated away from the mage toward the riotous ball of smoke in the middle of the room. The mage moved his fingers with amazing dexterity, shaping the dweomer into a giant cord of woven spells. The magic reached the smoke and violently recoiled, whipping backward toward the black robe. The wizard fought for dear life, for not even he knew the concequences of failure now. He managed to bring the massive knot of spells about, and with a willpower only one of the arcane can muster, plunged it into the black mass of smoke. The strain was painted on his face quite plainly, Noigrom almost laughed at it.
The smoke swirled maddeningly, drawing into it the woven spell the black robe provided. The knot of magic and smoke became one, a multihued mist that folded in upon itself and again, until it was a round globe, the size of a man.
A deathly quiet filled the room, punctuated by a sputtering of candles going out.
It was almost time. Colors swirled across the face of the globe, milky whites and sea-blues. It radiated a soft glow, enough to see the girl still lying prone on the altar. The mage departed, apparently trying to do so indiscreet. Noigrom had no need to slay that one. No time or reason even. The globe was slowing its rotations and finally came to an abrupt stop. "It is time!" Shouted Noigrom, his arms raising to throw back his hood. Magically charged white hair stood up in its ends, giving Noigrom a spectral look to his already gaunt features. It was now time to play his role in the ressurection.
Reaching into his robes, Noigrom brought forth a wand like no other. The slender black ivory base was quite normal, but affixed to the end was a greenish glowing stone, providing ample light in the darkened room. The wand had been handcrafted by one of Chemosh's chosen, along with a plethora of wizards, so Noigrom had heard. It would bring the spirit of Fin'lar from his astral prison through the gateway the globe provided, then the phlyactery of a defeated lich on the end would swap the girls soul for Fin'lar's.
Noigrom spoke three words in rapid sucession, brought the wand above his head and stepped foward to place a hand on the girls forehead. Abstractly, he noticed a sheen of sweat covering her form, but didn't pay much mind to the fact. His attention was fully on his objective, so close accomplished..
Cracks formed across the globe, spiderwebs outlined in garish light crossed its face completely.
"Come forth, O depraved one!"
"Revel in the life that is yours for the taking!"
"Come forth dead one, exist once more in this world!"
"Come home!"
"Come forth, Fin'lar!"
The cracks on the globe shimmered, and with force enough to knock the three clerics to the ground, it exploded, fragments lodging deeply into every available surface, the walls, the floor, the clerics, who screamed in anguish as the magic ate at their very souls,.. and the girl. The girl might have suffered the worst, for the magic bore down on her mercilessly, pummeling and separating her body until what was left spashed and dripped. The ghost of Fin'lar floated above the gore that was the girl, and opened its mouth in anger. "Noigrom... yo...u fool! Wr... ong fema.le. Fail..ed! Me....e" Its voice recalled to some distant place, the ghost of Fin'lar thrashed in fury at being defeated, at being riducled in this manner. The ghost unraveled, wisps of empheral reality scattering on a forgotten breeze..

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06/19/2004 4:27 AM

*slaps head very hard* God, I'm stupid! The clerics were supposed to be of Chemosh, not Morgion! I was too lazy to check it up :(
Btw, you covered my mistake very well, Josh. And I think that this mix of clerics of Morgion and Chemosh can be very interesting.

I would also like to compliment you for your impressive first post. It's great to have such a good new writer on the boards! It would be great if you cut this piece you have posted in the ooc thread and paste it into your post in the ic thread. And some more paragraphs would make the reading easier.

06/19/2004 4:38 PM

lol. i will, but i didnt think everyone would want to read a story before they post... so i put it here for reflection..

06/20/2004 8:00 AM

Ok, guys, Dean was in a car accident the other day so he won't be able to post for a few days and Phobic hasn't posted about her character yet, so I thought I would throw in another prisoner, so there's something to do for the people who took the right tunnel.

Name: Therel
Age: 29
Race: Human
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 6'4"
Alignment: chaotic evil

Background: Therel passed his Test when he was 26 and became one of Dalamar's apprentices after Zander's departure. His time in the tower was short though, as he didn't dedicate himself 100% to magic. As soon as he could, he would leave the tower and find a woman to sleep with or a tavern where he could get drunk.

No matter which punishment Dalamar put him through, he would not study harder or stay away from the town. Dalamar sent him away and made sure he would not find another master.

Therel is not very powerful, mostly because he doesn't want to spend much time studying. His interest in magic is limited. He uses magic to get the things he wishes without working/paying and to harm the people he dislikes.

He was captured by Fin'lar's lackeys as he knows the tower and hates Dalamar. Fin'lar hoped to turn him against Dalamar and use his knowledge.
Therel didn't accept Fin'lar's proposal of allegiance, therefore he was beaten and tortured to bend his will. He is now ready to surrender.

06/20/2004 4:31 PM

Hmmm.... I know Glassy. I'll see that he posts more often. So, any positions still open or should I bring in my own person???

Just so I know.

06/20/2004 9:33 PM

I follow the posts more often then you think Pogget. I'm not sure yet wether I want to follow this EXACT story, i was thinking more along the lines of a new place, new time, same characters. I don't know how much I can come up with for this story. I can run Jorgan, and I kind of enjoyed playing Kension as a brother-in-arms, but my idea was to sum of the end of story one with the intro to story two, that way Kension and Hitomi could "live happily ever after" so to speak, freeing up two characters from play. But I'm rambling now...

I even had an intro for the new one thought out... just a simple dungeon scrawling story in search of Jorgan's past. His friends would just be tagging along for the adventure i guess.

But I'm in regardless... the storey wouldn't be the same without Jorgan ;)

06/20/2004 11:44 PM

Welcome back Glassy. I was starting to wonder if you got my email. Did you?

06/21/2004 2:25 AM

I'm sorry, Glassy. As you didn't write anything for several days, I thought I could start the new story where we had stopped. You didn't explain what you wanted to do exactly.
You can always start another thread about the search of Jorgan's past. I think some of the characters in this story would not follow Jorgan though, as they are not his friends.

Pogget, you can be whatever you want. Another prisoner, a cleric (could be one that decides to help the companions) or anyone else who has a reason to be in the caves.

06/21/2004 8:54 AM

Jorgan, Theron would love to be a part of your ADVENTURE. I will post in both threads, if a second is made.

06/21/2004 2:51 PM

Hey yall, can I join in? I could play a theif who wanted to be placed in the prison for his own motives or a cleric with a change of allegiance.

06/21/2004 3:09 PM

If a thread is made about Jorgan's adventure, you gotta know Brooke will be there. ;) My posts may be slow at times given RL stuff, but I can't resist.

06/21/2004 5:10 PM

Hey Cherizal do you want me to run the baddies?
Lol I was just putting you into perspective.. If you want to dictate what happens, as I dont know exactly where you want this thread to go.. surely not with your body being used to house that itchy fin'lar.. O.o Let me know.

06/22/2004 1:25 AM

Pogget, please post some info about your character. Is he human? How does he look like? And why wouldn't the guards attack him? You must explain, otherwise I can't accept it. The guards are there to find and destroy any intruder. If there's something special about him, I need to know. And I need some background as well. How did he end in the caves?

Josh, yes, you are in charge of the baddies ;) And no, I don't want Cherizal to die. I was thinking that Fin'lar could appear during the ceremony and tell them that she is not the one, but that she must not be killed. The right one is one of the other girls in the party. Cherizal will be used as bait and Fin'lar wants to be the one to kill her, after he's been reborn, to get his revenge (she was one of the mages who killed him).

Mariner, you are very welcome to join. In my opinion the cleric would be the best choice. If you choose the thief, then you'll have to find a good reason for his presence in the caves and tell me why he hasn't been killed.

06/22/2004 5:27 PM

Cherizal, since we have followers of Morgion and Chemosh I think can throw in my Druid to help expalin why both sects are working together. I will incorporate what she looks like and her story in the thread. Tell me what you think.

Name: Jara Wilshade
Age: 34
Race: Human
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 ft 6
Alignment: Neutral Evil

As one of Morgion's favorite disciples, Jara has been ordered to align herself with the preists of Chemosh to discover what their motives are. If he is dipleased with their actions Jara has been instructed to deal with them with any means possible.

06/22/2004 11:05 PM

I hope my part of the battle with the zomies in the cavern is okay. I had a bit of trouble following the details of what had gone on so far.

06/23/2004 4:08 AM

Mariner, I like your idea!

Don't worry, Care, yours was a very good post!

06/25/2004 4:54 AM

Josh, Gai or another of your characters can stun Cherizal before she can complete her spell.

06/30/2004 7:47 PM

Hey guys, Glassy and I won't be posting for a while. Glassy's comp is toasted. so we won't be online often. sorry


07/02/2004 4:24 AM

I can see people have lost interest for this game. Josh and I are the only ones who have been posting during the last week. I will put this on hold at least until people want to start it again.

07/02/2004 4:34 PM

I still check in, but can't do anymore until a few others post. When it gets started again, I'll be around when I can.

07/04/2004 3:31 AM

Hey ya'll. I don't know when a good time to introduce my character would be. Any suggestions would be helpful.


07/04/2004 2:37 PM

The problem right now is that I am not sure if we can continue this thread or not. Dean hasn't posted anywhere for ages, Pogget and Glassy have comp problems, Kalia hasn't been active in the thread either, that means that most of the initial party has disappeared.
I'll have to think about it and see if I can get some good ideas to tie the loose ends.

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