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05/29/2004 10:05 PM

MisAdventuresome Ventures is a DL newcomers thread. As you might have guessed, it's about gnomes. Mainly, anyway. This takes place shortly before the Cataclysm, and Mt Nevermind has been thrown into chaos by a terror beyond imagining: the artificial dragon. Invented by the dearly departed (for obvious reason) Olidarnibshaft.
Poor Oli met his demise when his artificial dragon got out of control. The beast is now preying on any gnomes who venture outside of the mountain, and all their technology has been useless so far. Since their allies, the Solamnic Kngiths, who are supposed to deal with dragons and such, are busy mucking about with some idiotwhoneedsafewboltstightenedinhishead, by the name of King Priest, and another idiotwithaloosescrew, by the name of Lord Soth. So, it's up to the gnomes or any unfortunate visitors to the mountain to deal with the world's one and only truly artificial dragon. Hell hath no fury like a robotic dragon.

I'll be playing Trina, a kender, and Karmawhoisveryfondofmessingaroundwithanythingrobotic, and a half-elf named Rashan. Somehow, someway, the fire-breathing, steel-covered, rust-proof dragon must be destroyed. The fate of the world (or at least a small part of it) rests in the hands of whoever is unlucky or foolish enough to be in Mt Nevermind.
Let the madness begin.

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