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05/24/2004 1:05 PM

OOC:I have been trying to come up with a thread that kind of steps away from the normal group/travel far/defeat (insert evil being/person/dragon) kind of adventure. In this thread the dilema is not an evil emerging presence. The dilema is the knowledge of a lost civilization that is forbidden to speak anywhere on krynn. It has been so long that virtually noone even knows it ever existed. Except of course the gods. That is until Khal stumbles upon an ancient map that does not look familiar in any way. The only thing he can decipher is a partial name of one of the continents.... Un ed ta e O Ame i a. Another map next to it has the name Ahm' Ra' Hica in the same place, but this map looks considerably newer.

His curiosity is peeked by the 2nd map. Which has inscribed in the ancient solamnic tounge "Here lay the nation of Ahm' Ra' Hica the land of Futures Past. To know our beginning you must first know their past."

His thirst for knowledge leads him and a few others on a quest to learn more of this past nation, why it is forgotten, and where it is now. For then.......they will know the secrets behind why the nation was lost, and why the gods dont want it to be known, why were there messages in ancient solomnic tounge? The quest will be perilous. Lots of adventure.........but a mind bender as well. I realise the boards are slow right now but............are there any takers? I will start the actual thread once I have a few players. I'd like to start out with at least 2 additonal players.

Also, I dont mind critisism(sp) Please let me know whether you think this is a good thread idea or not. ;)

I dont like to burden anyone too much with a bunch of rules. I only have a few.

1. Please post and introduce your chars here 1st before posting in the thread.
2. No dragons please.
3. This is a universal rule among rp'ers........please dont control someone elses char unless they have given you permission to do so.

05/24/2004 1:32 PM

Un ed ta e O Ame i a.

Looks alot like United States Of America. :P ;)

05/24/2004 2:44 PM

I'll jump in witcha ontarys ^_^

05/25/2004 1:59 PM

I'll join too if its okay.

05/25/2004 5:23 PM

I'll also join, if it's cool.

05/26/2004 6:36 AM

Ok, thats 3 people. Enough to start with. State your chars(name and attributes) and then I will start the thread.

05/26/2004 3:59 PM

Okay... I'm in...ya better keep up with this Ontarys ya know?

Anyway, here we go...

Name: Cindell Rand
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Hair: Blonde (Long, normally worn in a single braid)
Eyes: Blue
Rank/Occupation: Warrior/Palladin

Special abilites: or rather "Skills"

Hand-to-hand combat
Long sword/Short Sword
Long Bow/Horse Bow
Jewlery making (does this normally between jobs, literally, she'll work on things while in saddle)

Items: Magical sword: The sapphire in the hilt will glow when someone speaks a lie/or deception in some way...

owns one battlesteed, a dappled grey mare whose intelligence matches any dog...

05/26/2004 6:13 PM

Yay, doing stuff!

Name: Tototl
Race: Qualinesti Elf
Sex: Female
Age: 103
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eyes: blue
Rank/Occupation: White Robe/Archaeologist

Skills: A scholarly mage, she has studied ruins, maps, and history as well as the barest of magics to earn her white robe.

Items: An excavation kit, magnifing glass, parchment, quills and a green-hilted dagger that was a decorative gift from her brother.

05/28/2004 1:42 PM

Some of you are probably aware of this character and used to it by now, but it's my favorite.

name: Misty Darkness
race: Silvanesti Elf
sex: Female
Age: 128 (age is the same as a 28 year old human female)
Hair: Blue
(for better description, look at my icon)
Skills: Excellent marksmanship with her Elven short bow, can keep from being heard constantly
Abilities: nothing out of the ordinary

05/28/2004 8:56 PM

Name: Boren
Race:Kagonesti Elf
Description: He has short brown hair. His eyes are hazel eyes and has 2 silver bracelets, one on each arm. He also has tattoos going down his back and on the left side of his head. He is also mildly built. Wears medium clothing and also a brown cloak.
Occupation: Ranger

Long Bow
Hand- to- hand combat
Dual swords
Map/Trail reading

Items/Weapons: Dual swords, a long bow and arrows. Plus his silver bracelets.

05/29/2004 2:25 PM

Wow. Lotsa different elfy kinds. hehehe Yay!

05/30/2004 4:18 AM

Hope you don't mind this being my first RP...

Name: Tsri-in
Race: Silvanesti Elf/Irda (doesn't know other half)
Gender: Male
Eyes: black flecked with silver
Hair: straight black with silver tips
Occupation: Scholar (From Astinus' library)

Irda Magic

Items: Simple scholar's robe, waterproof leather-bound book, ink, quill, and an innocent looking quarterstaff

[Edited by Solitaire on Sunday, May 30, 2004 4:20 AM]

05/31/2004 1:13 PM

Solitaire I like the story arc you are using (recording what was lost for astinius) very good idea, I hadnt thought of that. As for the other gods, try to avoid controling them because I have plans for what they will do. As you are astinius's scholar it is ok for you to use him as you wish. ;)

05/31/2004 1:18 PM

Wow. Lotsa different elfy kinds. hehehe Yay!

Yeah it is LOL! It will be quite interesting to see how you 3 will interact, seeing as you all should dislike each other a bit because of the different nationalities. Specially the Qualinesti and Silvanesti. >:) Or will you guys take the easy route and be all buddy buddy? LOL (im such an instigator) >:)

05/31/2004 7:49 PM

Do I ever take the easy way? You know me better than that. :P Speaking of the instigator, if ya feel like it, check out Age of Horrors. I put up a little idea that hasn't been addressed yet (dunno if it will be but hey, whatever) and I think you'd make a good Kingpriest. ;D

06/07/2004 11:32 AM


Have you tried the training grounds?

06/07/2004 12:13 PM

What's that supposed to mean?!?

06/08/2004 2:48 PM

Somehow I knew that would be taken the wrong way. My apologies. Though, the best way to become a good writer is to accept critisim(sp). It simply means a lil more practice would help. I am sorry if I offended.

06/08/2004 6:49 PM

I thought that was what you meant. I am not a bad writer, I am just having a hard time thinking of anything lately. I just want to keep up to date in the stories and haven't been writing as good as I can. Let me show you how good I am.

06/10/2004 1:37 PM

Hey there....Hope its not too late

Name: Maja

Occupation: Artist, poet, musician/ thief

Age: 25

Appearance: 5'7, 160. Slightly frail, for most of his power comes from his words and mind. Midlength black hair to shoulders. Wears diverse clothing: A black beret and shade glasses, a new invention from a local gnome-(sunglasses). Light brown skin and a chin patch style beard. Also has a green button down vest over a long sleeved black shirt.

General Info: Maja is a very philiosophical poet/musician who makes money off of sessions he has at the cavern every other night. He is fairly famous for his ideas and artistic advice. He plays a small travel guitar that straps to his back, since once and a while he likes to spread his influence in other cities. Somewhat arrogant from the standpoint that he believes that he is better and more gifted in creativity and thinking than others. This only shows when he is mocked. Maja also has a two daggers at his belt, which are mostly for the artistic hilts, which he made. Maja is a cunning thief, who rarely needs to be physical in his works. He is very smooth and slick and misleading. He has a strong love for money, that almost comes equal to his love of music and writing poems.

((Maja will meet up with the others in the city.))

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