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05/22/2004 3:41 PM

M'kay.... obviously this is set a year after the DOVM...

With the Death of Takhisis, Paladine was forced to become mortal to retain the balance. As his blood flows through Crystalamira, the magic that was once a part of her has faded to nearly nothing...

Expect this one to move slow, so bear with me people...

05/22/2004 4:46 PM

Heather dear, I must say that the first post draws me in, even if I already knew kind of what it would be! ^^ You will have to tell me how/when you would like me to introduce Calista into this... will talk to you the next time we're both on messenger, okay?

05/22/2004 10:41 PM

Karina, her powers being partially godly and part arcane, will most certainly be a force to be reckoned with. Both will be drained, but not nearly enough so that any mortal mage could match her. I'll probaly put both her and Xreona in this thread, the bad and good guys respectively...I am, however, not sure how to introduce them. STill seems like your call, Heather...^_^

05/23/2004 12:49 PM

Heather dear, I must say that the first post draws me in, even if I already knew kind of what it would be!

hehe, Thanks Airi

...I am, however, not sure how to introduce them. STill seems like your call, Heather...^_^

Perhaps Kalia will search Karina out...even though they are enemies, they are both Children of Gods, and she may feel that Karina would have some insight on the problem.... As far as X, she could just be visiting her mother or something.

05/27/2004 5:50 AM

hey, um...is it possible for me to take part in this thread?

05/27/2004 6:07 PM

NO! You're NOT!

jk...of course you can. just throw yerself in here. ^_^!

05/27/2004 9:49 PM

Hehe... :P Threw Calista in. As you can see, she's a black robed mage now... she's pretty much forgotten her draconic heritage and disowned her kids and mate... but more on that later! ;) I had to bring her in somehow, so I hope you don't mind the way I did it.

05/28/2004 12:03 AM

I think Tavern of Fire is just about done with Tala. Want to use her? Here's her stuff. Let me know, k?

Name: Tala Greenleaf (no, no relation to that infamous LotR elf)
Sex: Female
Race: Elf
Occupation: Wanderer
Description: Long black hair always worn in a braid, dark green eyes, smooth skin, tall, lithe body, always wears leather boots, pants, soft green tunic, leather vest.
Weapons: Bow and arrows, short sword, and a dagger hidden in her left boot.
Background: Tala is a Wilder elf that left home when she was 50 so that she could see the world. She now refuses to let anyone know her real age, but she does look like she's about 28 years old. She's in the midst of another journey when she stumbles across the villagae, hears of it's plight, and decides to help out.

05/28/2004 5:06 AM


Here's my character

Arvis Thurwood
Race: Human
Occupation: Guard of Palanthus (So he says...)

Description: A man who appears to be in his late twenties. About six foot, but very thin. Has evenly cut, short brown hair and brown eyes. Wears a light shirt, with a vest, a proper overcoat and brown breeches. Also has a hat. (Think Victorian, folks.) Carries a long sword by his side and always has a pad of paper and a pen that he constantly whips out. Speaks and carries himself in a proper manner.

Weapons and abilities: Uses a long sword, knows a form of hand-to-hand combat, and seems to know lower level wizardry as well. Has a vast array of knowledge. He also seems to be able to teleport with incredible ease.

Background: A young fellow who seems to be about, searching for knowledge and the meaning of life. He claims to be an elite officer in the 3rd division of the Palanthus Guard's Great Library division. Note though, that no such division exists, for which he offers no explanation. He will also teleport into the oddest places at the oddest times.

By the way, Calista is a black robe?

Lucas: Calista? How? *he's not handling it very well*

05/28/2004 1:04 PM

By the way, Calista is a black robe....

Lucas: Calista? How? *he's not handling it very well*

lol. Yep *Nods* It was planned long before she starting talking with Lucas and the others.. and this is even after she's married to Zynx and has three hatchlings... ^^;; Basically, she's renounced the Light and anything in her life that was such. The reason for this is mainly because of all the bad she's gone through... she feels that Light can not hold out against the Darkness, and thus her becoming Darkness herself. I plan on writing a story about it sometime... when I get around to it, I'll post it somewhere that everyone can see it!

05/29/2004 1:52 PM


Though talk about a complete flip in personality.

05/30/2004 8:12 PM

Though talk about a complete flip in personality.

Yes it is, but she has gone through a lot of trials since Fernwood, and most of those ones that she found too hard to handle.

05/30/2004 8:26 PM

Er, I would like to join, that is if it's ok with you, Kalia. I know I'm not the best RPer and, er, there was problems with me and the first Full Circle, but I would like to join, if you'd let me.

06/02/2004 2:28 PM

Hey I have a question? Can someone sum up the first Full Circle thread for me?

06/02/2004 4:15 PM

the first one wasn't much, set about fifty years before this one... it was when Kalia was locked in her human guise to protect her from herself and the Dark Queen... the whole quest was to cuz Kalia was having dreams/nightmares that she could only half remember... so they went to the Tower of High sorcery to see if they could get an answer...

There they were abducted by Karina and brought before the dark Queen.... Kalia eventually came to terms with the truth and she and her friends escaped... that's the general gyst anyway

06/03/2004 5:08 PM

Well if you are still looking for players for this thread let me know what you need and I'd be happy to jump in ;)


07/05/2004 4:37 PM

Hey, I can still jump in again with my character, can't I?

07/05/2004 4:59 PM

*nods* yup... didn't you play in Jorza's DL Legacy?? if so then you'll have an idea on what is going on now ;)

07/07/2004 1:51 PM

Do you still want me in this or no?

07/07/2004 4:26 PM

no, go ahead :) I won't stop ya ;)

07/11/2004 6:11 PM

Ok, this has been bugging me...

you've been back and forth the entire time.

Is it Navare or Navarre?

07/11/2004 6:47 PM

sorry...but for this story I've been pretty much using Navarre.... I know I used Navare before, but I think it looks better with the extra 'r' and it adds a bit of a roll to the name.

07/15/2004 10:30 AM

Okay...is there any particular place you would like my character to come in at?

08/16/2004 10:27 PM

>_> ... I know I need to post in this, but... I dunno what to write... <_< I sorry. My creativity has left me

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