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05/17/2004 7:52 PM

I am wanting to start a new RP, but my character will be a Pegasus, so if anyone wants to join, share your character in here and we will get a plot and storyline going. Thanks ~~~ Jocelyn.

05/17/2004 8:06 PM

Name: Faith
Race: Pegasus
Age: Unknown
Color: Black
Abilities: Can understand peoples feelings and thoughts. Can communicate through thoughts.
Enemy: Unicorns
Sex: Female

05/18/2004 5:16 AM

well I can do one or two of these three chars to bring into this...

Name: Uriel
Race: Centaur
Age: 40-ish
Colors: golden brown (Hair and tail) Chestnut body
Eyes: Green (Very much like my avatar pic)
Abilities: Excellent Archer, other abilities are kinda obvious.

Name: Kiela SilverWing
Race: Gryphon (Falcon type)
Age: 120
Colors Silver/grey with black markings
Eyes: Gold
Abilities: Some minor hold on magic, usually elemental magics

Name: Yui Stardance
Race: Unicorn
Age: Unknown
Color: White with crystalline horn
Eyes: Violet
Abilities: mostly defensive abilities, though will attack if cornered/provoked
(Also has a human form, with silver hair, and a faint star-mark on her forehead)

05/18/2004 4:00 PM

I like them Kalia, it will be hard to have my pegasus and your unicorn together. LOL. They don't seem to like each other. Pick whichever you want. I'm still looking for a couple more people to join or atleast to make a few more characters, especially some kind of knight or something.

05/18/2004 8:59 PM

that was the whole point of me posting about Yui, gotta have some friction in a good group ;)

05/19/2004 8:18 AM

What's this thread about anyway? And what types of characters are you looking for? Are there any restrictions? Is this DL related? If not, shouldn't it be in the general rp forum? I need to know more before I join.

05/19/2004 9:05 PM

that was the whole point of me posting about Yui, gotta have some friction in a good group ;)

Reminds me of when Flint and Tasslehoff were together...LOL! :P

05/19/2004 9:07 PM

What's this thread about anyway? And what types of characters are you looking for? Are there any restrictions? Is this DL related? If not, shouldn't it be in the general rp forum? I need to know more before I join.

It's just in the making, still not sure how to start it. Any characters are welcome. No godly characters. Yes it's DL related. I was thinking of it being around before the 1st cataclysm. But I still want ideas from people before starting the actual story.

05/28/2004 2:07 PM

Any more ideas anyone?

05/29/2004 2:58 PM

Okay, ideas. Here we go. Um...right before the 1st Cataclysm? So the Kingpriest is, more or less, taking over the world, gathering worshippers, exterminating "evil" races and plotting his rise to godhood. Most clerics have lost their powers and the mages have been banished and the Tower of Palanthas has been cursed. Oh and the elves have retreated to their woods.

The Kingpriest has also just announced his edict of thought control, by which any evil thought is the equal of an evil action. His legions (armies, clerics, follwers, whatever) are hunting people down for their "crimes". (I don't remember if the hunting actually happened, but it seems logical.) In five years, the Kingpriest will attempt to become a god, the true clerics will be recalled and the Cataclysm will occur.

In the meantime, a cleric of Sirrion (my char) has been able to keep his clerical powers. He is found out by the edict of thought control and thus in big, big trouble. He rises against the Kingpriest and doesn't suceed, fleeing at the last moment. They give chase and he is obviously in big, big trouble (maybe the Kingpriest needs him to become a god? How do you become a god anyway?), with waning powers and few places to hide. The pegasus char (sorry, forgot the names already) and perhaps the unicorn? are contacted by Shinare (Sirrion's consort) to find the cleric and bring him to safety.

Where safety is and what they need to do to get there, I dunno yet. I have some vague ideas, but I thought I would offer this up first and see if ya like. I think the conflict between the pegasus and the unicorn is a good idea, seeing as the gods are willing to test the good in anyone at this point.

Ideas for other characters...someone could be a cleric of Shinare, tagging along or related to my char...and someone could be the Kingpriest or one of his lackeys. That would be good. I'd rather not be the evil side myself...so if anyone else is willing, that would be great. As a plus to the evil side, it isn't necessary that my guy gets away or even lives cuz the Cataclysm did occur and obviously evil was doing okay for itself.

So there we go. Vague plot idea. Whaddya think?

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05/31/2004 7:56 PM

No good, huh? :)

06/01/2004 7:18 AM

Doesnt look like this one is getting much play. But I think its a good idea

06/01/2004 12:10 PM

I'll leave it alone for a little longer and then maybe start it up myself minus the Pegasus and stuff. Are you interested in playing the Kingpriest or one of his lackeys, Ontarys? Anyone else watching and interested? This area of Krynn's history is very neglected...this could be cool.

06/01/2004 12:48 PM

Course I could be the kingpriest ;)

Ya know...I started out here with most of my chars being neutral/good. Now most of em are chaotic evil >:) LOL or just plain ol bad. Fun though.

06/01/2004 1:58 PM

Oh, it's just so good to be bad and you know it. :P Okay, looks like you and maybe Dark Master are in. I'll flesh out the idea a bit more and if Misty doesn't claim, I'll start up a new thread and recruit. Need a coupla more peoples for this to work, methinks.

06/01/2004 3:44 PM

Hey starlite, I like your idea. I'd be glad to join your thread if you start it up. I wouldn't mind playing a lackey of the Kingpriest or be a cleric. Though I don't have much experience with playing a cleric but if I had pointers, I think I'd manage.

06/01/2004 8:00 PM

i like it and i wouldnt mind being a claric.

06/01/2004 9:20 PM

Coolies. Don't worry about not having experience with clerics...I've never played one either and don't expect you to follow anything...just play like your char is devout to something. I'd prefer this to be somewhat canon, but only in the sense that we have a definite setting here, so, for example, it would be very strange for an elf char to be around. If you really, really want an elf char, fine...just have a very good excuse for why he's there. It would also be weird for a mage to be chosen to help my guy out, seeing as mages are hunted too and this is probably a low-profile thing. But Ontarys will find us anydangway, so I guess it's open. :D Just take that stuff into consideration.

So, pick a god, look him up and then you can even play that god speaking to your char. Course, I'm weary of godly characters same as the next rper and you don't get much godlier than a god, so smiting is probably out unless it really enhances the story. But I would bet that cleric/god interaction would be a good thing.

If you wanna be a lackey, you'll probably have to talk to Ontarys. Playing the evil side is hard enough...two evils takes a bit of coordination, I would say.

I'll probably set up a thread and recruit tomorrow or, as I might be busy, on Thursday. I need to make sure I have my heroes before I actually start...one of you will most likely be a hero, but I'll probably need at least two besides my guy.

Sorry that's so long. :D

06/02/2004 4:16 AM

I'm still in to play the Unicorn i guess.... ;) dunno about the person who started this thread though.... so we may need someone to play the pegasus...

06/02/2004 6:04 AM

I'm in Starlite, and have a better idea on my char. Still along similar as we discussed the other day, but a bit more solid now. Talk soon anyway hun.

06/02/2004 3:00 PM

Cool. No one needs to pick up the pegasus part...this has pretty much evolved into a whole new thing, so I'm going to start it up in a new thread called Day of the Cataclysm: Dawn. We pretty much usurped Misty's thread to have this conversation and for that I apologize. People have disappeared for way longer than Misty has so far, so there's no reason to say she won't come back and want to run her char and story. If she likes the idea at that point, she can always meet up with us at the other thread.

Hope to see you all there. We'll start with posting char information. :D

06/03/2004 4:32 PM

Oh sorry guys and gals, I was on vacation for a week. I'm sorry, I'm back now. I started this thread and will be here to be in it. I liked your ideas. I will play the pegasus since it's my character. I had an idea to add to this, since the name is age of horrors there should be alot of chaotic stuff going on, like demons from the abyss or something.

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