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05/07/2004 10:31 AM

We fell into Chaos… lost all hope… we live in the Age of Misrule. The Pagan Celtic Gods, the Tuatha De Danann, Golden skinned and beautiful beyond comprehension, once more roam the land they used to inhabit before the time of banishment, and in their wake spring the creatures of Ancient Myth and Legend. Also do the Fomorii ravage the land, the monstrous devils whom wish the destruction of all humans. Technology barely works, entire cities lie in waste and ruin, communication is limited to traditional and old methods, and magic is now the force over science. Now is the time where survival of the fittest has its most appropriate meaning, for if you are weak, you will not survive this New, but Old World. The Brothers and Sisters of Dragon fought to stop the One-eyed God’s return to the world, The God of the Fomorii, and lives were lost in the effort… many lives of innocent mortals, and immortals alike.

Do you have the strength of will and courage of heart to brave this world of Old Power and Dark deeds? Such will have to be seen, will it not?

Ok folks, the basics. The Gods of Celtic Myth are infact a reality, and used to rule this world, however they were banished thousands of years ago, and now have returned. Due to their reappearance, technology is failing and magic is becoming a far more potent and common power. However it is still fresh, and very few mortals are endowed with the potential to learn it in its many forms. For those wishing to join, here is what I would be looking for;

A group of at least 3 people, maximum of 7, maybe 9 if I decide to add in a couple NPC’s. A brief char bio, like the one I will write just now;

Name: Martin Johnston (Mar’Tynus - Celtic title)

Age: 20

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Blonde/Brown, short, styled

Build: Slim, slightly toned

Height: 5’8

Other physical traits: Bares the mark of the Danann on his forehead.

Occupation: Was a student, now practitioner of the Old Ways. Is rumoured to be the start of the next line of Druids and Sorcerers.

History: Born in the world of technology and science, Martin was an average elder teenager, went to school, university, however had always held a fascination for the Celtic Myths, and Legends, in general. In particular magic of course. As the Age of Misrule began, and the world was thrown into Chaos, he found himself finding this new, but old world, appealing, as a power was sparked in him, and his fascinations had become a reality. Not an easy thing to take in, and neither was it for his parents, devote and faithful Catholics, whom found the emergence of the Pagan Gods a shock to their religion. The Catholic Church was shaken severely by this, and have lost a great many of their ‘flock’ to the Old Ways. Priests have met heavy resistance in several places. Martin himself, has now become what can only be termed a druid, or sorcerer in the tongue of mortals, though he is known to the Tuatha De Danann, who have branded him with their mark…a very specific mark, to a very specific Danann, however the design is not known to him, nor can he find it in any text of ancient origin. He does have an incling as to who the mark belongs, however Martin fears to speak the name out aloud just yet.

Talents: Martin is still discovering his power, as it is new and fresh in him, he has some minor knowledge of herbal remedies and natural medicines, he can touch the Blood of the World and draw magic from it, a small but growing knowledge of The Craft and its rituals. He knows a few of the Secret Doors that can grant safe passage and their locations, the main one being Stonehenge.

Please also note that your character does not have to originate in Britain. He or she can of course come from other parts of Europe, USA etc etc as the Danann ruled over the World, and not just Britain, though their strongest deities did reside there.

This thread may also be 'rated', as it will be dealing with some Dark Fantasy aspects and adult material.

05/07/2004 1:59 PM

Name: Heather LaValle (Starr)
Age: 26
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Approx 150
Eyes: Hazel green
Hair: Brown w/blonde higlights, worn short "Pixie" style

History: Originally from the States, and working previously as a Security Officer, Heather managed to fly to meet her friend, before technology failed altogether. Finallly changing her name to Starr, she swore to help fight of the Fomorii

gifted in the protection magics and healing, as she was a Wiccan Priestess, she followes Rhiannan (Welsh)

05/08/2004 6:23 AM

Welcome Heather! glad you joined.... lets see if this version of it will last longer.....

05/11/2004 6:32 PM

Name: Ailani O Kai

Age: 19

Eyes: Large, slightly slanted, and gray

Hair:Red, long, and curly

Build: Medium

Height: 5'7"

Other physical traits: Bares a scar from birth on her upper right arm that seems more like a mystic symbol than a birth mark. Aside from this unusual marking, her skin is flawless and has an olive tan.

Occupation: Student

History: Ailani has always felt herself different from those around her, even at the University, with so many abstract thinkers. When technology began to fail, it was if she felt singing in her blood, drawing her to mystic places of the ancient times, such as the ruins of Stonehenge and other such Celtic sites.

Talents: She can feel the drawing of magic, but as yet does not know much more about what is going on. She heard someone speak of a man, once a student, who could now wield this ancient, yet new power. She has gone in search of him to see if he can help her figure out what is going on with her, and teach her to control the magic she feels flowing all about her.

05/12/2004 5:06 AM

Glad to have you on board Airi! Feel free to post when you wish to. The general idea will be to head for Stonehenge, perhaps you can bump into Heather and me on the way.... if you wish, I could have a few Fomorii 'attack' you at night and this is when we can come across you.

Basically, the Fomorii are once again attempting to rebirth their Lord of Shadow and Destruction, the One-eyed God, Balor, whose rebirth would mean the end of everything....literally. However they need a few things first, which will be mentioned in character. Don't want to spoil anything!

05/12/2004 7:40 AM

Quick question, D_M... where exactly in the U.K. are you and Heather right now? .. Finally got my map working! ^^

05/12/2004 2:10 PM

Well, we are somewhere near Edinburgh, however will not entering the city, as it is little more than a ruin now. We'll be making our way south to Stonehenge, perhaps that could be our meeting point then...... hmm..... actually, I might be able to speed things up in that respect....

In regards to the books from which this story is derived, much of the myths and legends did happen..... or there is at least some truth in them. For example, King Arthur. He never actually existed, however, he was a metaphor for something greater, The Life Energy of the Earth ( The Earth's Blood), represented by blue fire. Only those with the intuition and correct perception can see the blue fire of the earth, myself and Heather, with some help, will be able to see this, and in time, your char will aswell, if she has not already seen sparks of it. The blue fire has lain dormant for thousands of years, but it has now been re-awoken, The Waking of the King. As such, this energy is now very strong through the world, stronger in other some areas such as Edinburgh (Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh Castle ), which is a Well of Life Energy.

Anyway, with the proper training, it is possible to move through this fire, as it crosses the country in a 'network' or 'grid' like pattern, connecting many of the Old Rites and Sacred Places, theoretically, it would there fore be possible for 'Martin', to connect with the energy and move himself and Heather along the grid to Stonehenge!

Wow... I think too much, lol.

05/12/2004 7:47 PM

Hmm... are there any of these places between Edinburgh and Stonehenge that have a concentration of this energy that Ailani could meet up with them at (passing through, sensing energy, then finds Martin and Heather)? Like somewhere around Gloucester or Oxford... maybe even a little north of those, near Manchester or Nottingham? Hmm.. next time I catch ya on messenger I'll have to send you the editted map that I have...

05/13/2004 3:40 AM

More than likely there will be another sacred site along that route..... infact yeah there will be....... let me have a look for one. I have an idea what they are, but will need to make sure.

05/17/2004 8:29 PM

Oh, by the way... here's a doll-made picture of Ailani:

05/18/2004 7:21 AM

Cool Airi! hehe. I'm still trying to link some of the sacred sites together, some of their histories make it kind of hard to appear there. With the likes of certain Guardians that would smash us into the next existence should we set foot there. Just a comforting thought.

06/19/2004 11:55 AM

Anyone interested in keeping this going? I'd quite like to.

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