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05/03/2004 10:38 PM

I've only been in an anime thread once before, so bear with me.

The story takes place in the world of Princess Mononoke, or one very similar to it. In this one the mighty forests which cover the land are not all ruled by one Forest Spirit, but each of the 9 Great Woods which started all forests is ruled by one particularly powerful spirit.

One of these woods, the Great Riverwood, which is the oldest of them, is under siege by the new Emperor, who wants to destroy all the forests, fearing the powers of the gods and the spirits. All over, the woods are burning. A small group of humans, a tribe known as the Hishimi, live near this forest, and live peacefully with it, on it's southern borders. On the eastern edge, a village of the Empire, known as Forgefire for it's high quality weapon's routes, is where the emperor has sent his troops to begin to burn the woods. With their crude rifles and flamethrowers, many woods have already fallen. They intend to eliminate the Great Riverwood, and hoep that they ancient gods will lose their hope.
The gods and spirits will not abandon their woods without a fight. Particularly the proud clan of giant eagles in the nearby mountain, the Hokono clan, are as proud as the wild boars, and hate humans as much. They would do anything to destroy the town and save the forest. But things are not going well.
The Great South Forest fell a year ago, and many of its gods were turned into demons. Many of it's Kitimono, the good spirits, became Kotomono, evil spirits. The demons and evil spirits have blindly turned their rampage north towards the Riverwood, where many races are gathering, for a battle between men, spirits, gods, and demons. On the south borders of the forest, the Hishimi are in great danger.


A clan of evil Kotomono, a race of spirits known as the Hito, have offered their aid to the foolish and proud emperor in destroying the forests of their enemies. It is the Hito who are driving the blind army of demons. The Hito also have allied with a clan of evil wolf-gods, the Monoku wolves. The Monoku long ago were banished from the woods for a terrible crime, and have become evil and twisted. With the aid of the Hito and the Monoku, the Emperor may succeed in his mad goal.

The goddess which ruled the great Riverwood has been dead for a few hundred years, and her champion, the forest drgon, Shantia, is nowhere to be found. The clans of gods, spirits, and forest dragons have allied, and prepare for a battle, the likes of which has never been seen.......

05/11/2004 12:06 PM

I'll join if I can do so with a char like San.... though with a more creative name than one that means "Three" ;)

Name: Araiko (wild child) ;) Companion: Wolf: Seiame (Star-river) Big enough for her to ride on
Age: 19

Came from another forest to help when they heard of the troubles.

05/11/2004 2:58 PM

Yay! Someone joined!

I'm going to have multiple characters who will meander in, and here are the only ones I'm sure on yet.

(This is the only one I've ever used before)

Name: Ayame Ushimi Kiroto
Race: Human of the Hishimi tribe
Age: 26
Hair: Parchment blond, long
Skin: Fair
Companion/Possesion: A sentient sword containing a forest dragon named Kasumi(More on her later)
Past: She has lived all her life in the Hishimi village to the south. Her family was killed by a disease, and she inherited the heirloom katana containg the dragon Kasumi.

(Here's her sword)
Name: Kasumi
Race: Forest Dragon
Age: 1,239
Kasumi was a dragon of the Great South Forest before it's destruction. She was battling a demon, and was overpowered, and sent hurtling over a cliff to the seacoast. She was found by a human named Kirono, and she became his companion. THey led several battles against various demons, which were being controlled by the Hito. After his death, a vengeful Hito trapped her inside her friend's katana, and she became an heirloom passed down to Ayame.

Name: Nokotomo
Race: wolf god
Age: Unknown: believed to be around five hundred or four hundred.

05/24/2004 10:45 AM

Eh? You sure it's Three? I remember reading the name and it was a completely different word that sounded identical to Three. Hm.

05/24/2004 1:06 PM

yup, the credits read "san" so unless they goofed, it means 3 (shrug)

05/27/2004 8:39 AM

Just so you know, I'd be interested in joining this anime thread, but I haven't seen this particular anime. Sorry Angel.

05/31/2004 7:08 PM

I am a big fan of Princess Mononoke, though I am slightly new to this forum [Don't peg me >.<] Anyways, I will create a char..but first can someone please tell me how to place a little pic by my name....

06/01/2004 9:44 AM

Another Mononoke fan! Yay! As for the little pictures, (they're called avatars), just click the [Your Settings] link at the top of the page. When you're there, go down and there'll be a panel for you to upload pictures from your computer. If you need any more help with our site, just go and ask in the Support & Questions forum.
Welcome to the Boards, by the way!

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