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04/16/2004 8:12 PM

This thread will have a DM (GM) and has a general storyline. Please post all questions here.

04/17/2004 6:31 AM

so what ya want Jase? Chars based off of our R/L persona?? that would be cool... though I won't be as far-fetched as I was in "Worlds Beyond" I just found out I'm a killer marksmen... never shot a gun in my life and a friend let me shoot his .45, and all seven of my shots hit paper, and three landed in the black.. and that was at 8:30 pm so it was very hard to see with the muzzle flash blinding me. :D

04/17/2004 7:03 AM

Characters dont have to be based on real life. The only thing myself and this character share is a first name. (I personally am very fond of my name.) Well the thread will fallow a mostly RL like world, though there will be a few mixes with the paranormal in the future. On the whole, this world is exactly like ours today, save it's post nuclear holocost for the United States. Stay tunned!

Welcome to the thread.

04/17/2004 7:35 AM

Perhaps the ruined/burning apartment building could be your own, Kalia? You should try to meet with Jay and Nicole on the streets if ya can.

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