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04/12/2004 4:59 PM

OOC: Timesplit has a riddle he needs solved in character, for one of my off-forum stories. It involves the extensive crossover/backstory stuff that he deals with. If Glimmer or Navare can figure it out in character (meaning, Kalia can figure it out OOC without me telling her the answer), then I'm done with this part. If not, Timesplit will try to notify the general populace of the riddle asking for any answers anybody has.

Oh, and Timesplit is asking at some time when both dragons are alive and well (he's a time traveler, he can do that.)

04/12/2004 7:33 PM

heh, interesting.... though I'm not always that good at riddles ;) but I'll try :D

04/13/2004 12:28 AM

Perhaps a riddle isn't the best term for it. It involves a bit of forum history, and recollection of old events. Also, while I have ideas planed out on where to go from here, it will have a rather large impact on the forum storyline down the road.

A bit of background on the forces that he's refering too though, I can give without spoiling the riddle.
One of the forces is known as Phyrexia. It comes from the magic card gaming universe, and while the bulk of its power is gone in their storyline, its technology and leaders are still around. This is the force led by Yawgmoth.

The other force is known as the Horrors. The come from the Earthdawn gaming system, and in part from Shadowrun as well. While they have emence forces and power, they have no way of getting to any planes besides the earth of Shadowrun. They are the ones led by Verjigorm.

For my insane storyline, the Horrors allied themselves with what remains of the Phyrexians to gain access to other planes. They are currently dealing with Dominaria, but will attack Krynn when they are done there. In shadowrun, (where the horrors will eventually attack even without my strange crossovers), the technology and magic is strong enough to fend off as much of the attack as it needs to, but Krynn has no such defences, which is what worries Timesplit. I have a plan on how to stop them from being able to come to Krynn, but I'm not going to just give it to him without some outside help.

04/13/2004 6:28 AM


04/13/2004 8:35 AM

Timesplit figured your dragons are two of the most powerful and knowledgable beings on krynn right now, so he started with you first.

04/13/2004 8:38 AM

sure thing ;)

04/16/2004 3:02 AM

OOC: okay, so when does this take place?? Gotta know cuz of glimmer and Navarre's offspring...

04/16/2004 6:53 AM

Let's see. Probably pretty recent in the timeline. As old as they can get before the trouble starts building that killed them off. (I think it was Navare that got killed off sometime, wasn't it?)

04/16/2004 6:55 AM

Oh, actually. Either that or just after the original fernwood village. Whichever came first.

04/18/2004 12:24 AM

The valley is again, from the thread "Serpent Feather," which I'm still trying to get a new copy of from Chung.

Ok, the reason for not contacting Mirror or Stacey is of course, they don't post here anymore. But that was the best I could think of for an in-character reason.

04/23/2004 1:02 AM

That's the cue for anybody else who thinks their character is important to be summoned to a meeting of the important people of krynn. Swifty, you'd probably be one of them, the rest of you can figure out if you think you're important enough. If you can't get yourself there, I'm sure the dragon that contacts you (or, has already...) can bring you back.

04/26/2004 4:03 PM

Thanks. Tommorow morning I'll post in character

04/28/2004 8:35 AM

Hannah dear, we're in the Dragon Isles, and the Gold you're talking about.. is there with us! ;)

04/28/2004 11:22 AM

Big hint: The person in question has been played on these forums in two different threads. (And only two, I think.)

04/28/2004 11:33 AM

Wow, this is harder than I thought. Knowing who it's supposed to be, and having to come up with reasons to shoot down very good and valid sugestions. Keep up the ideas.

04/29/2004 9:00 AM

I knew that, Iwas jus ttesting you >_>...

04/29/2004 9:42 AM

I knew that, Iwas jus ttesting you >_>...

Mmm-hmm, keep telling yourself that, dear... *grins*

05/06/2004 5:48 PM

Thank you all for trying. Rok knows who it is, so he's going to lead that way. We'll still need a little help on how to contact her though.

05/14/2004 3:09 PM

Timesplit really needs to be hit by the Clue Bat right now. Nobody at this meeting (In fact, nobody at all acept Aseri) knows it, but he has an Alitheometer with him. He doesn't know what it's capable of though, which is why he didn't just ask it. Course, he'd also have to haul up a few volumes of books and take about a week to do the asking, but that's not the point.

The Alitheometer is what he used to find his home earth plane (also hiding), which is where he found his brother and got all this info. But given the circumstances of his getting the thing, he doesn't really know much about it. Ahh, if only he knew of the world it came from, then he could go there and get the information with no problem. But he hasn't made the connection about this thing and questions yet.

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