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04/11/2004 12:53 PM

OOC: Okay peeps, no OOC's in the thread k?? thanks... and lemme know what you want to play in this, stats included if possible. Also, I need someone to play the "Baddie" who destroyed Eliana's Villiage and stole the "Stone" and even help me come up with why it's so important k?? I also want semi-normal chars... if such a thing is possible here ;) j/k

04/11/2004 7:38 PM

Kalia, I have a 2 character I could place in this RP. Ghandorim a dwarf, and my black robed mage Trikel. If you want I could have Trikel do the whole destroyed village thing.

04/11/2004 8:56 PM

Sounds good to me :) thanks

04/12/2004 9:03 AM

Hmmm.... meesa might be interested in joining! :D

04/12/2004 12:55 PM

Yea!! You're back are you? coolies ;) and I finally remembered where you got your idea for your char you played in DL Legacy: New beginings ;) hehe, X right? anyway, you're more than welcome, you know that :D

04/12/2004 4:55 PM

I would like to join..i'll rescue eliana. ^_^

04/12/2004 7:36 PM

Sure thing, as we already discussed this in I.M. Though I guess this makes it official ;) lol.... you dissapeared all of the sudden on that I.M. where'd you go?

04/12/2004 8:23 PM

both these characters I got out of a RPG that I was playing, I made both of them
NAME~ Ghandorim
SEX~ Male
AGE~ 174
RACE~ Dwarf
CLASS~ Fighter
ITEMS~~mithril chainmail, ' axe of slaughter '

NAME~ Trikel
SEX~ Female
AGE~ 34
RACE~ Human
CLASS~ Mage (became a black robed mage at age 23)
ITEMS~~' staff of Nuitari ', black robes of death, dagger made from a shard of rock brought back from the abyss

tell me what you think

04/13/2004 1:45 AM

X?? You mean the anime? Kamui? If thats what you're talking about, then yeah, hehe. Still trying to think on a char, was just going to bring Stephen in, not sure though.

04/13/2004 6:25 AM

no, I believe you based your little bad-assed demon off of one of the "Dragons of the earth" as per the movie... there was a guy who had the whole sash-thingy going for him...lol

and bring in who you like ;)

04/13/2004 8:06 PM

Kalia I will hop into this story if you guys get it started you can use my black robe to steal the stone. You can give her a personality that you want me to addopt for her in this RP if you like. Just for everyone to know, my black robe is available for everyone to use.

04/14/2004 3:21 PM

Hi Kalia and everyone! I'd like to join, and I have a character in mind that might fit into the storyline.

I've used her here before, but not in anything that lasted very long. Her name is Silaquendra, and she's a Silvanesti elf. She's also a mage, and in my conception of her, she'll eventually leave Silvanesti and become a Red Robe. She does so in part because of the experience she has during her test, when she is reluctantly allowed to take the White even though her decisions and values better fit neutrality. However, if I'm going to insert her into the story as an inhabitant of Silvanesti, she'd still be a White Robe. That would make her a rather ordinary character...by the standards here, at least. ;)

Mind if I post?

04/14/2004 8:38 PM

If you don't mind Kalia, I think I will wait till you guys post a few more times.

04/20/2004 3:44 PM

M'kay, moving right along... anyway, FYI, the stone is a key/powersource for a weapon... pretty much only you will be privy to MD, please email me at ShimmerStarr2003@Yahoo.com for more info

04/20/2004 6:21 PM

Hey Kalia, I was thinking instead of putting Ghandorim the dwarf in this story putting in my all time fave character Misty, you know her. The blue hair elfmaiden. She about 29 now. Is that cool? I know you already have a blue haired elf, but 2 would make it interesting or completely stupid, so it's up to you.

04/21/2004 11:30 AM

Hey peeps. Ok, gonna try and implement a character, don't know if they'll fit, but thats never stopped me before. hehe :D


04/21/2004 2:50 PM

Kit, I am so sorry, I actually missed your post... please, go ahead and join, I'd be happy to have you join in on one of my stories :)

And Misty, I think it would be better that we keep with the dwarf if that's alright... we have three elves as it is....

04/25/2004 5:40 PM

Alright, you're the DM. Dwarf it is.

05/04/2004 12:19 PM

Um, Misty, I'm quite confused..your first post suggeted that Ghan was somewhere ELSE besides Silvanesti, besides, i don't think dwarves like elves and would go save them, anyway. So.....is Ghan talking to Equi and Kyre, and if so, how did he get there?

05/04/2004 9:05 PM

I am confused also, let's just say he was passing through and noticed you all and overheard your conversation. He knows some elven.

05/05/2004 7:34 PM

But i thought he was dealing with his armies wherever you put him....>_>

05/07/2004 7:18 PM

Forget that , it was dumb. Just that didnt happen, I will go delete it.

10/18/2004 7:28 AM

I might be interested in joining.
All the threads I've joined lately seem to be 6 feet under. I read through the previous posts, and this seems to have potential.
Are there any character types in particular you'd like or need? I'm guessing no more elves;)

11/26/2004 8:01 PM

I'd love to play the main evil guy in this. I just have to edit by bio a bit. let me know..

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