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03/16/2004 1:32 PM

This is story takes place 600 years after The summer of chaos, and takes place in the town called Shera an thieves/wanderers town on the isle of Chistyne near southern Ergoth in a tavern called Chaos there are some things I need help with so help with what i left out ok
1. this is not a comedian one it has to be a serous plot. Example: the beginning of tavern of fire no black mage comes in and kills everyone ok.
2. No fights take them some were else please. Example the beginning of the tavern of fire fight which took up most of the pages.
3. Stay with this RP please.
Thanx’s the plot I need help with thuogh ok.
And here’s my character
Name: Merith
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Race: human
Occupation: Sorcerer of Geomacy, and uses Animism of Mystic magic /Wanderer
Description: Tall, Semi Built, Tan skin, wears a red shirt with dark red baggy pants has dark brown hair. Also has a Dark red pendant that has magical powers
Weapons: uses Twin swords and a staff
Background: Raised by his step father until he’s was 10. He at the age of 10 was sent to a boarding school. Which he ran away from when he turned 13, and was raised grandpa who taught him the art of Geomacy, and Animism. Then when he turned 26 he started a tavern(Chaos named after his life), and a blacksmith shop ( Lunarus named after his hawk) in his home town.

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03/16/2004 7:32 PM

What know one wants to join my rp?

03/16/2004 7:55 PM

I'll join as soon as I pull my head away from some other things. Just be warned, the consistency of my post will depend on my schedule.

Sex: F
Race: Elf
Occupation: Red robed mage
Description: The typical elf, tall, golden hair, slender.
Background: Apprenticed as a wizard at the age of 8. Travels frequently, and now happens to be in Shera.
Any further details may be included in the plot.

And I await you first post....

03/16/2004 8:15 PM

first off I’m glad I have my first player in my rp. 1st thing this is my plot i know it needs work.Here it is!
the gods have come back to the world but in there absent... problems have started with them and the dragons (who believe they should be the new gods of the world). So a war has started in the world the ones who follow the gods and the ones who follow the dragons. 2nd off I need some help with it I know but that is were you come in:)

03/16/2004 8:27 PM

2nd off I need some help with it I know but that is were you come in:)

Oi, that's where you're wrong...you see, my roleplaying skill is, how should you say it, lacking the right material, ib elieve.
I've not roleplay often, and my preference lies in freeform.
And i'm familiar with Dragonlance in its basic timeline, and creatures but I still need to revisit, so i can't help you in that area either. Sorry.

You can however, like most thread begin in a tavern as you have indicated and we'll continue on from there.

03/17/2004 8:30 AM

Well I guess will have to wait because i'm new to this.
Also if you need to know the history of Krynn on look it up under Reference on Dragonlance.com :)

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03/17/2004 8:40 AM

I might join. One tip, if you want your posts to have less typos use copy/paste and word processor/spell check.

03/17/2004 8:58 AM

Please join.
I'm sorry about the typos but my Word perfect isn't that good so sorry for the typos.

03/17/2004 12:29 PM

Thats okay. I can read it well enough.

03/17/2004 2:54 PM

Yes, yes, thank word processor or else my loss in the spelling bee would be tremendously evident. :)

Now, are ya going to start, or do we have to hold our breaht?

03/17/2004 3:34 PM

Yes, yes, thank word processor or else my loss in the spelling bee would be tremendously evident.

Yes, and now you know I’m not one to get an A+ in English any time soon ether. So is this better cause I got a better word perfect.

Now, are ya going to start, or do we have to hold our breaht?

Yes, will start soon enough, but if you want to hold your breath you can ( not sure how much good it will do though)

03/19/2004 8:57 AM

I'm sorry, im going to have to back out on this one, as i have my hands full on some other rp. Its a good thing you havnet started yet, but i'll make a mental note to check this out once you get it going.

03/19/2004 11:50 AM

That, ok erylaen. Not gonin start until Silvermagess tells me if she gonin join or not. I'm also not gonin start until i get 1-2 more people cause that way i'm here by myself.

03/19/2004 2:54 PM

Yeah, I'm joining, don't worry.

03/19/2004 3:33 PM

All we have to do is get one more person to join then we'll start O.K?
Also can you put your character up there please?:)

03/19/2004 3:54 PM

OOC: alright, I guess I'll join in... but be forwarned, I have been pretty busy these past few weeks, and my presence may be a tad sporatic...


Name: Nakira Silverwind
Race: (Originally) Kagonesti Elf
Age: 248
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Rank: Ranger/Earth Mage

History: Nakira was a slave to a Silvanesti lord. When she was 120, she stumbled across her Master involved in the forbidden dark arts. when she saw what he was doing she panicked, and managed to disrupt whatever spell he was working on... and it backfired... on her.

The good news was he was exhiled, the bad news was that she was forever changed... and became and exhile herself.

Appearance: Due to the backfired spell, Nakira was forced into a form of a White wolf. She could ,at times, assume a half elven/wolf form. In her full wolf form she wears crystals and feathers woven into her fur, with colorful leather bracers laced on each leg.

Hair: White
Eyes: Emerald Green

And yes, she can speak in this form.
Languages: Kagonesti, Silvanesti, and Common.

In a far corner of the tavern Chaos, a lone figure sat. Face completely concealed by the hood of a dark green cloak, the figure seemed to be more content on the glass of wine that sat on the table than on any of the patrons of the Inn...

A gloved hand curled around the class and raised it to the shadowed depths of the hood.

03/19/2004 4:19 PM

Yes, now we can start tomorrow.
The reason tomrrow is because I'm gonin add another charater flare Merith's son
Also when I put Meriths age in I ment to put in 39 not 29 sorry bout the mistake.:)
Also gonin start the story off but I have to think of a start firet unless one of you want to start us off.

03/20/2004 11:51 AM

Alright I’m posting my other character
Name: Flare (Merith's son)
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Race: human/ elf
Occupation: Sorcerer of pyromacy, and uses sensitivity of Mystic magic
Description: Tall, Built, Tan skin, wears a red vest with red shorts has red hair. Has a really bad temper( Since his mother died). Also has great elven sight, but can't grow a beards also doesn't have the ears. Has some elven features but are hard to tell from how little he shows them.
Weapons: Short bow, with arrow that can with stand flame, and a curved sword that can also with stand flame.
Background: Grew up with his father because hi mother died when he was young. took interest in pryomacy, and sensitivity magic. Has helped his father run both the blacksmith shop and the tavern. Changed his name to flare, when her took to the arts. His real name is Argotha.

03/21/2004 6:50 AM

Here's my character.

Character: Tammy
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Race: Human
Occupation: Rogue, Specializes in break ins.

Appearance: Rather short, lightly built. Has long brown hair and dark green eyes. Wears black pants and whites shirts. Has a rather pretty face.

Personality: Rather nice, well mannered. Kind as well. On the outside at least. Inside his head he's constantly making rather sarcastic remarks.

People are always mistaking him for a girl because of his appeareance and his rather feminine name. People who push this too far will draw out his inner persona.

Weapon: Short sword.

Background: Left the family farm when he was 14 hoping to make a living for himself. Unfortunaly, he fell in with some theive who kinda corrupted him. Needless to say he owes his rather two faced personality to them.

Basically, he's trying to break the habits he developed, but it's rather hard for him.

03/21/2004 9:24 AM

Hi, sorry I didn't start yesterday, but for some reason every time i tried to it wouldn't let it kept haveing me refresh?reload so i'll start later since i got it fixed. Is anyone else having that prob?

Here's my character.

Good. :)

03/21/2004 1:02 PM

OOC: For a reference, I have a picture that I have drawn of Nakira in her wolf form... hope you like it.

Copyright by Heather Trumpeter-LaValle

03/21/2004 1:17 PM

OOC that is really good did you draw that on computer or hand drawn?
now lets start ok.:)

BIC: Flare walk into the tavern and says “ wow, it’s great outside the mid summer wind is blowing and, smells great”

Merith “ glad to hear it son now I hope we get some good business tonight.” All of a sudden a fight breaks outside in front of the mayors office.

03/22/2004 4:11 AM

OOC: I hope I'll not overstep my bounds when I say this, but I say that it would be better to start a new thread entirely... as this is marked as the Recruitment thread...

and yes, the sketch is all hand-drawn then scanned in. I'll set up the new thread if you don't mind, that way I can post now instead of waiting....

03/22/2004 12:52 PM

OOC: I hope I'll not overstep my bounds when I say this, but I say that it would be better to start a new thread entirely... as this is marked as the Recruitment thread...

and yes, the sketch is all hand-drawn then scanned in. I'll set up the new thread if you don't mind, that way I can post now instead of waiting....

Good idea, and if any of you want to join a rp already come to spherics misty and start there, cause it is going to stop allowing people to join after today. Kalia come join please. :)

04/02/2004 7:06 PM

so then it would be too late for me to join?

04/03/2004 2:20 PM

you, can join don't worry when we get to about 10 people i may have to stop people from joining. Only because I'm to lazy to read more then 10 post each day on one tread. lol:D. post your character here first then just jump right in.:)

04/03/2004 3:00 PM

the area where the town is placed at is in the middle of dragon land. tthe gods land start a trasis. the elves homland is taken. the dragons are about to go to war witht the gods. this town i left out of most of the dragons way because of a treaty, the dragons have with the mayor.so th draconians are only in the town to keep "peace" betewen them and the dragons. So misty your hole renegade, thing won't work sorry. this a very storng story line.

04/10/2004 2:21 PM

who exactly does our group support, the gods or thwe dragons???

04/16/2004 8:17 AM

The gods because merith and flare worship 2 of them. flare is a follower or sirrion,and merith is a follower of chislev. ther also ...... well you'll see

04/28/2004 9:58 AM

Ok, i hate to say this but this tread is closed ok no more post no nothin srry guys but cya

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