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02/10/2004 4:09 AM

Okay I have been thinking of trying out a tale outside the Dragonlance arena. It is something that I am a fan of though I don’t know how much interest it will stir. Anyway, enough rambling, and on with the premise:

I am a huge fan of all things undead and that inhabit horror films, particularly those shambling undead known as zombies. I am going to run a thread similar to the Romero films, the Night of the Living Dead novels and also the video games and movies of the Resident Evil series (Similar, but not that exact setting).

Okay here is the opening scene and background. It is set in a US town called Hamilton, today the 10th of February, 2004. It is shortly before midnight on the night of one of the most vicious storms the state can ever recall, lightning flashes across the sky and torrential rain has caused extensive flooding amongst the isolated town.

The storm has also brought down both power and phone lines and mobile phones do not seem supported in the area (no signal). It will open with an accident involving a coach bus (enroute to stop over in Hamilton) and a police cruiser.

This idea seems to be the best way to get the characters together from the start and also allows for almost any character to be aboard that bus (or even in the patrol car). I will be playing one of the officers in the patrol car and I know that Cheri intends to play one of the bus passengers. The reason for the Dead rising is known but is to be kept secret until later in the tale. That said, if someone’s character has a plausible reason for knowing, I will discuss it with them…

This is a tale of relatively normal folks, (so please let’s keep it that way) surviving amongst an unimaginable, nightmarish horror, the Rise of the Dead…

Okay folks, characters get posted here first before entry to the IC thread. For those who are unsure what the capabilities of your average zombie are just let me know and I shall post them here.

Note: I did fully intend to leave this thread open to anybody, but in light of certain actions in another thread (the deliberate sabotage of Nightcreepers), Angel you are asked to stay away.

02/10/2004 5:02 AM

I'm really looking forward to playing in this thread :)
As I guess this is going to be a decadent thread, I've made up a decadent character.

Name: Sexxy Rexx
Age: 29
Description: Average height, slim, long blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin, she looks quite innocent.
Background: Rex is an ex-rock musician, she played drums in a female glam band called Lonely wolf, but she was thrown out of the band because she slept with the singer's boyfriend. She has tried to play in other bands, but never reached the same success. Now she earns her living making porno movies. She's maniodepressive and drinks too much.

02/10/2004 10:34 AM

Name: Chara "Ice" Taurus
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Physical Description: She has long, jet-black hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. She is about 5' 9" and is slim at 130 lbs. She usually wears dark colors: black, dark blue, dark green, dark red... and the darker the color, the better. Her left eyebrow, right nostril, as well as both ears are pierced. As far as jewelry goes, she will only wear silver or platinum and detests the color gold.
Personality: She's a bad girl, though good at heart. She plays tough, never letting anyone get close to her, even though that is what she desperately wants. She is highly intelligent and can be very manipulative when she wants to be. Is extremely sarcastic, and loves joking around, though she does it most when she's in trouble.
Background: She grew up in a trailer on the outskirts of Hamilton and dropped out of high school at 17. She has always been poor, and despises those with money as much as she hates being poor. When she quit school, she left her parents in their run-down trailer and got a job at a nightclub as a bartender. She and a friend of hers share a rented apartment in the middle of town. She is known to be a cleptomaniac and the entire police department knows her well. Her sarcastic attitude and cold blue eyes have earned her the nickname of Ice, which even the cops have starting calling her.

I thought she could have just been picked up for shoplifting... again... and would be in the back of the patrol car--caught just before the storm hit. What you think Ary, will she do?

02/10/2004 5:41 PM

Name: Drew "Tank" Meaker
Physical Description: He is stongly built and bigger than most people. He is about 6'6 and weighs about 267 lbs. He has tan skin, spiky black hair with one strand falling to his left eye. He usually just wears baggy pants and a t-shirt.
Personality: Although he is very big he is mostly used to doing someones bidding. You could say he is a lackey. He usually doens't get close to anyone and keeps to himself. Yet, when angered he can become very destructive.
Background: When he was little his parents beat him yet, no one could tell because there were no bruises or anything. When he finally had enough he practically destroyed his trailer in which he lived. They call him the tank because one day a gang wanted him to join them but when he said no they beat him up with everything they had, from leadpipes, to trashbins, etc.. Of course he went to the hospital but only for awhile. When he went back to school he looked like nothing happened. And since then he has been taking orders from anybody who pretends to be his friend(s).

If you need more then I'm sure I could come up with more. Later.

02/11/2004 10:36 AM

Characters look awesome guys will be starting the IC thread very soon! ;)

02/14/2004 6:02 PM

I'm gonna throw a character out here...if you don't like it, or don't want me participating, just let me know. Don't worry, I'll be fine with it.

Name: Becky Shepard
Age: 16
Description: Short brown hair, green eyes, freckles, rather comely, average shape.
Background: Ran away from home, in hopes of escaping her verbally, physically, and sexually abusive father. Takes her awhile to trust people sometimes, especially men. Is very shy, but once someone gets to know her, she can be very outgoing. Is not afraid of anything living on earth.

02/14/2004 7:06 PM

Your kidding right 'Mae? Of course your welcome to join, I'd be honored to have you aboard... ;)

02/14/2004 8:46 PM

Thank you so much. I won't let you down.

02/17/2004 9:53 AM

I'm sorry I didn't post this early, I didn't see it at first.

Name: David Haliger

Age: 21

Description: He is 6', he is in good athletic shape. He has Tan skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. He wears jeans, t-shirt doesn't matter what color, and a black jacket.

Background: He is from Southern California. He just finished college and is taking a few months off to travel around the US. He is smart and usually seems mean to people he first meets(in a normal situation). He hates stupid people more than anything. He likes fantasy and science fiction.

That is pretty much it again I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier.

02/24/2004 3:44 AM

Well, it looks like my character is invisible... hmmm... I wasn't aware of this ability of hers. But I really hate to be ignored, so I guess it's best if I leave the thread.

04/05/2004 8:52 PM

Okay Airi... I got the message, and those thugs you sent around to my cave-like lair with the louisville sluggers who wanted to do nasty things to my knees really drove the point home *laughs*

Anyway I am back and posting in this thread daily... Long, unlive the undead! Or something as utterly dramatic...and forgettable... ;)


04/06/2004 6:11 AM

Okay Airi... I got the message, and those thugs you sent around to my cave-like lair with the louisville sluggers who wanted to do nasty things to my knees really drove the point home *laughs*

;) Not a problem, dear... I figured that I'd get your attention one way or another! :D:D:D ... Will be posting a little later... dunno when I'll get a chance for a good post today...

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