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Welcome to the Free Form RP Forums Guide. This guide will help you get started in roleplaying in these forums. If you are new, please take a look at this guide. This will help you understand how to use these forums. You may also view our walk through videos which is a more detailed version of this guide. The videos are recommended for people with Cable/DSL connections or higher.

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What is Free Form Roleplaying?

Free Form Roleplaying is a medium in which little or no rules are used for roleplaying. In a way, it could be considered more as a collaborating creative writing game. There are no dice to roll or any real rules on what can or can't be done during roleplaying. Mostly, what your character can and can not do is limited to the type of character you're playing and the storyline that is currently being played out.

Free form roleplaying is about collaboration. You are interacting with other writers in the story so most of the time you have to be sure you are not over-stepping your bounds by controlling another persons character.

The most important thing about free form roleplaying, especially on the RPGC FFRP Forums is your imagination and your writing skills.

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How the Forums are Formatted

When someone starts an RP Thread, they have the option to use an OOC/RECR thread along with the main thread. OOC stands for Out of Character and RECR stands for recuitment. The RP action happens in the main thread and discussions that isn't part of the RP action in the OOC/RECR thread.

Sometimes Thread Owners opt not to use the OOC/RECR thread. If this happens it's most likely that the RP action and non RP action posts are contained in one thread.

The reason for an OOC/RECR thread is for the purpose of organizing the RP. Keeping the actual RP action in the main thread and discussion related to the RP and not part of the actual RP helps the flow of the storyline. The OOC/RECR thread is usually used for questions about the actual roleplaying, organizing the storyline, and or for people to ask to join or post characters.

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Starting an RP Thread

When starting an RP thread, here are some tips and guidelines to help you get people to join your RP:

Will it Work?
Sometimes you have an idea but your not sure if it would work with the members here. The best way to solve this problem is to post the idea of what you want to run in the "RP Ideas Interest Query" forum. People check the forum often and will reply if they like the idea. Afte a few replies telling you "How swell of an idea it is and how swell of a guy/girl you are for coming up with it", you can go start the thread in the appropriate forum and let them know it's ready for play.

When posting your idea, be sure to note as much detail for it as possible or people won't bother replying. See the Purpose and Setting sections below.

When you start a new RP Thread you have the option to include an OOC/RECR thread. This is important since the OOC/RECR thread helps seperate the actual RP from discussions/question/characters posts. This will help your actual RP flow better.

Purpose, Setting and Set Up/Rules
Make sure you state a PURPOSE, SETTING and SET UP for your rp, either in your first post or in the first post of the OOC/RECR thread. If there's no information of your immediate plot (Some kind of goal or purpose), if people can't read about the setting they will RP in and if they don't know how to join (Must I create a character first?, Do I just jump in or should I ask first?) then it's most likely no one will want to take the time to join your RP.

A purpose is ALWAYS important. Are they going to find the holy grail? Save the princess from the dragon, stop an evil take over of a kingdom... etc. Giving your rp a CLEAR goal about what the players is striving for will not only perk interest but also keep your thread going. It's not required but it's a good thing to always try and give your story/game a goal that people can reach.

Spend time on your opening OOC thread. Post a clear paragraph about what the setting is. Where is your RP based? The area of the world as well as some other information they may need to get a clear idea about the enviroment they will be questing in.

Make sure you let people know how to join. Should they post their character first and have you approve them to play? Or should they just break loose and jump in? Telling people HOW to join your game will keep other people from coming into your thread and asking "Can I join?" or "Can I play too?".

It's important to also post any rules you have and be clear about it. If they have to submit a character first, have a template people can just copy and fill out when they reply to your OOC thread for their characters.

Also, include any other details like how you wish to run your RP thread. For instance, if you want to make sure people post legiable post; Good Grammer and Spelling only, No flamming allowed, Posts will be approved first... etc.

Which Forum to Use?
We have forums for different settings to roleplay here on the RPG Consortium. Be sure you post in the RIGHT area. If you are not sure or when in doubt, post it in the General Roleplaying Forum. It's better to post a wrong RP thread in the General Roleplaying forum than it is to post a wrong one in a specific setting forum. The RP Sages will move it to the appropriate forum if applicable. People get touchie when you post a thread that has nothing to do with the setting you've posted in.

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Joining an RP Thread

When joining an RP thread, here are some tips and rules to help you get started without getting shouted at:

Get Known
Before you join any RP thread, it would be a good idea to introduce yourself in the Welcome Wagon forum over at the Community Forums. Most of the RPers here that play in these forums have been here a while and it helps for them to know someone before they join their thread. Some people prefer to RP with only selected few and some welcome new people into their threads. Either way, it's a good idea to let people get to know you.

Find out how to Join
Always check the OOC thread of an RP and find out how to join. Don't just read the actual RP that's going on and jump in. Take a look at the OOC thread and read what there first.

It will sometimes (and should always) contain the set up of what the rp is about. Some Thread Owners have specific rules before the allow anyone to join. Some people may already have enough people that have joined the rp and they don't need anymore people. Either way, checking the OOC threads will make your life and everyone elses life involved easier. No one likes people interrupting their "zone". If there's nothing posted about how to join then ask if you can join by posting in the OOC area if there is one. If there isn't one, RPGC mail the thread owner. He's the one that make the VERY first post in either the Live RP area or the OOC area.

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Important Tips

Here are some tips while using the RPGC FFRP Forums:

  1. When adding the subject of your RP Thread, be sure to use the name of the "game" or "adventure" you are running. DO NOT decorate your subject with pretty characters or HTML code. The staff will delete your thread if we see any of that going on. It doesn't not make your RP thread stand out, it only makes the topic listing chaotic.
  2. When posting in the active RP thread, be sure to use proper punctation, grammer and spelling. Use a spell checker when possible. No one wants to roleplay with an illiterate. We're also not your homies or l33t pozers. Please use proper english.
  3. The Thread Owner (The person who created the thread) is in charge of his/her thread. If they tell you to stop doing something in their RP, then stop. If they don't want you to join or don't need anymore players, then no means no. If they have to get staff to handle unruly members, trust that you'll most likely get banned.
  4. Try and keep your RP thread that you've started active. Do not start 50 different RP threads if you don't have time to take care of them and keep them active.
  5. Unless specified, do not Powergame, Metagame or Godmod your characters. Most people don't like playing with these types of players.
  6. BE PATIENT! If you post something don't expect an answer right away. Sometimes people don't log on to check the RP thread for a day or two, sometimes longer depending on their schedule. Do not ask for "help" on how to play other than in the "RPG Forums Support: The Training Grounds". Only questions on how to use the forums, how to play or how to join a thread will be answered here. If you ask such question in someones RP thread, it will offend people. No one likes people interrupting their game with questions that has nothing to do with what they are playing.

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Here are some terms you'll find when RP in these forums:

  • BIC
    Back In Character - Sometimes used preceding a statement or description from a character's point of view after making an OOC statement.
  • FFRP
    Free Form Role Playing
  • GM
    Game Master - The person who's usually in charge of running the storyline and plot while players participate in the story. Not usually a position used in FFRP.
  • Godmodding
    A term to describe someone who roleplays a character with the the ability to avoid all potentional character-damaging, fatal attacks or any boon that should have happened to a character during roleplay.
  • IC
    In Character - Sometimes used preceding a statement or description from a character's point of view.
  • Metagaming
    A term to describe someone who uses knowledge gained out of character and not obtained in character or within the storyline.
  • (MS)
    Mind Speak - Usually used preceding conversation made thourgh the mind. Usually through powers like telepathy or spells.
  • Munchkin
    See powergaming/powergamer
  • NPC
    Non-Player Character - A character that's not actually played by a person participating in the game but a character in the actual storyline.
  • OOC
    Out of Character - Mostly signified when you're speaking out of character in the middle of a roleplaying. Sometimes used preceding a statement or description when breaking out of roleplaying to ask a question or make a comment.
  • PC
    Player Character - A character played by a person participating in the game.
  • Powergaming/Powergamer
    A term to describe someone who roleplays a character with too many/much/powerful magic, abilities, or skills defined by one with authority.
  • RECR
    Recuitment/Recruiting - A phase of getting people to "join" before an RP thread begins.
  • RP
    Role Playing
  • (VQ)
    Very Quietly - Usually used preceding speech indicating that it is spoken very quietly.
  • (W)
    Whisper - Usually used preceding speech indicating that it is being whispered.

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