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"The dusty throne only holds one Of decay and depression The warrior hides from his enemies An inescapable agent of retribution Lies in ambush from above"

28 years old

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Shane's Interests

Hobbies: Video games, Writing, reading, creating my own worlds. Guitar. Writing poetry and long beaches in the sun. No, wait...
Likes: Man, that is rich.
Dislikes: Death and its accumulations. Destructive birthing houses. Red Wine. Punk rock. . . ugh.

Shane's RP Experiences

Role: I am more of a GM
Experience: Between 6 to 10 years
Availablity: I'm not looking to join any groups right now.

Last Updated: March 12, 2012

More about Shane and some RP advice!

Dear Diary, Entry One

Upon my approach to the Summit of the unbegotten mountain, I happen to relate the elemental and metaphysical memories of my mystical journey and the hardships lying therein. I can contemplate now on what has befell; but then, before my journey's start, could not begin to fathom these unsubtle, eccentric occurrences.

In the beginning, as I first scaled the mount, a red glowing beast came and spent his wisdom onto me. He said "Mrrrhhhh. . ." I was caught unawares by this statement. At this point I thought the beast wasn't taking me seriously. He had huge feathers in his hair and when spoke the earth would shake tenfold. And the he said, "It is better to be lost in innocence than to be awake in the cruelty of man." As I pondered his puzzling words he flew away upon the backs of doves as the sun set over a sea of blood. I could not understand then, what the beast had said. I continued my journey as I laughed queerly to myself, remembering what the Eye and the Hand had told me.

The rehabilitation of this thought had begun to set my mind at ease. I mean, I love doves. I love ham. The emergence of the two could only bring about the killing of doves by throwing hams at them. You know? Right. Well anyway. . .

As months passed while scaling the impregnable mount, I began to lose all heart in my endeavor. Until another being came to me in my hour of need. It was a fearsome and wretched creature, belonging to the blackness of night. It came and went, and said nothing three times. And on the forth it arose and its face was terrible to behold. It said, "Mrrrhhhhh. . . I'm cold." In my deplorable state of distress and terror I could not properly respond. And then the creature said. "Upon the image of regress, you will see a boy whose name is Sue. If you have that of a liberalist ideal, you have nought a mind of your own." He left and in his regression from whence he came, I saw a boy whose name was Sue. Poor ole chap. . .

Let me say this before I proceed: That of the Hand and the Eye, is birthed a being of pure and substantial thought. And this being, having bought his knowledge from the Great Elephant, came to find a mountain within the threshold to the celestial burden of the One. And this being (I find out later than it was none other than myself) was entranced by the mere size of this mountain and all its mad complexities. I said to myself and to all who would now hear me, "I will climb this mountain, and top the Summit. And by the Hand and the Eye, I will embrace the Sun and the coming Dawn, and all will know my name!" And when I said that, I knew it would come to pass.

So after having my doubts cast away from that of the Fire that feeds for the Hand, I drew my garments up and continued my journey. Head held high, eyeing my goal, my Summit, I hummed the last 59 seconds of the Burial Song, of which seemed to have no foreseeable end.

How marrs729 got into roleplaying:
I kill all evil.

Even in the shower.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
Find a new hobby.

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