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"When life hands you lemons, throw them back and say 'Make your OWN damn lemonade.!'"

15 years old

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Ambrosia's Interests

Hobbies: -Reading fiction books -Listening to music -eating junk food -writing poetry, stories, raps, etc. -Meeting new people and making friends -Loving -People-watching -Watching tv -Laughing
Likes: -Emailing -Eating junk food -Light flirting -My haters -Spazzing with maii friends -Spencers -Hot Topic -Warm weather -Skinny jeans -Tattoo designs -Broadway Musicals -Attractive people -Dasani water -Music -Shiny things -Energy Drinks etc
Dislikes: -Conceited people -Spring water -Western movies -Robert Patterson -Kristen Stewart -Stalkers -Rock bands that sing popular hip hop songs -Cheaters -People who try to act "gansta" -Miley Cyrus -Valentine’s Day -Odd numbers -Annoying girls etc.

Ambrosia's RP Experiences

Role: I've never RPed but want to!
Experience: I've never played
Availablity: I'm currently looking for a group to play in.
Types: IRC/Chat Room; MMORPG; Play By eMail; Play by Post (Message Board); Other

Last Updated: July 26, 2010

More about Ambrosia and some RP advice!

I have a very complex emotional-changing mind. As in, I can never just be one thing every day. For instance, I'll have quite a bubbly personality, but I mainly keeps to myself. I have my very good days, and my i-will-kill-you-in-your-sleep days when you’ve done something that crosses the line. I can be childish and immature at times, but i'm also very articulate, witty, and street smart.

I'm not a sporty person, but I love being outside, just hanging out and playing. (I love manhunt the most, but i'll play flag football.)

I'm bisexual, and proud of it. Hey, my boat, I'll choose to float it whatever way I want to.

I have the curious mind of a 5 year old with the attention span of a goldfish or gopher.

I don't do stereotypes.

I'm not very comfortable with girls as friends very often because i'm a complete tomboy (most of the time), and don’t really talk about shopping, clothes, make-up, jewelry, or anything else like that.

I'm easily flustered. Compliments or any nice thing usually make me smile, and I take them to heart. :]

How finding_ambers_love got into roleplaying:
I've always wanted to try roleplaying, and I'm just starting, but my friend loves it, so i've finally gotten around to trying.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
No, because i'm just starting myself. lolz :P

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