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"I am hardly happy, sad or angrey. I am often neutral i have never felt love or exitiment and cant imagine doing so. I would like to say that im very senseative to others emotions i just find it hard to feel them myself"

18 years old

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Aodhan's Interests

Hobbies: Drawing, meditating, wrighting, dreaming, imaginating, sleeping, socilizing with my friends
Likes: I like drawing, Anime and playing computer games. I like to whatch movies and imagine i am also into science and have a great fasnation with the idea of paranomal such as alien life or the existance of souls or an after life. Im unsure of what i belilve
Dislikes: I hate sport im kinda of physical frail, I dislike doing anything too boring as well. Im not found of the human race i know its an odd thing to say but somthing about a large majority or humans just seems stuiped or selfish

Aodhan's RP Experiences

Role: I've never RPed but want to!
Experience: Under a year
Availablity: I'm currently looking for a group to play in.
Types: Live Action Roleplaying; MMORPG; Video RPG Games

Last Updated: June 15, 2010

More about Aodhan and some RP advice!

I am an 18 year old human male. I have only just turned 18. I would like to belilve i am open minded but unsure of what to belilve. For some reason i have allways felt out of place in the world as if i dont belong. I have a few close friends but i find humans hard to relate to somthing seems different about the way they think and the way i do. Most of my friends understand the way i think as different but accept it or some have a different way of thinking that has attacted me to them.

I hate sports i am physically frail for some reason i never seem to gain much weight. I have a slender build average height. I love disscuing about things that are abnormal, werid, underdisscovered, or possible but not yet so.

How Mageboy got into roleplaying:
Ive always been into role playing. I find it enjoyble to play and act other characters that you have created. I play many role playing games i espically like sci fi and fantasy role playing games.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
When making your character make sure that you are awear of you character strengths and weakness, Dont make him/her/it too strong or god like because then its not really fun a character must have flaws.

Think about the world you character lives in you must create a natural law for example does magic exist, if so how dose one gain magic can anyone learn it, are they any draw backs to learnign magic. Or you could ask questions like what happens if you die be creative

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