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"You're English? Sorry buddy, I'll speak a little slower..."

23 years old

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Ya'el's Interests

Hobbies: Being myself, whatever that entails that day. Accepting and enjoying every facet of daily life... if I can't enjoy it at the very least I'm damn well going to learn from it.
Likes: Family, friends, music and achieving things I have worked really hard for.
Dislikes: People who play mind games instead of saying what they think straight up. I'd rather be hurt because you told me the truth than be calm cause I'm accepting you under false pretenses.

Ya'el's RP Experiences

Role: I am more of a Player
Experience: Over 10 years
Availablity: I'm not looking to join any groups right now.
Types: Table Top/Paper & Pen

Last Updated: September 12, 2008

More about Ya'el and some RP advice!

I am me. Sometimes angry, a little vindictive, can be hypocritical but at least I'm honest. I write music and poetry, play piano, worked in the marketing industry (no longer... I'm finding myself these days and just working part time at a local general store), and I happen to be a practising Jew. I smoke heavily, drink occasionally and smile every time I think about how lucky I am. My nose is itchy. I'm terrified of long term relationships but I'm trying to be open minded about them and I don't do short term friendships. I wont spend time around anyone who I feel is false and unfortunately I can be quick to judge (something I am trying to change)! Apart from that, I'm loud, have a dark and sadistic sense of humour and love a good debate. Don't believe me? Go ahead, bite me.

UPDATE: I no longer work at the local general store, and I've quit smoking :)

How Kitiara got into roleplaying:
I've been around forever. Since 5th net. And I rp offline. My first game, I was about eight, I got dragged into it by a family friend. Got turned into a duck, then the DM's dog came in the room where we were playing. I jumped up on the chair, clucking, and everyone cracked up laughing. I've been hooked ever since. Incidentally, I have since raised a duck called Sully (my pride and joy). Anything else you want to know, ask me personally.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
When I was teaching my brother he'd always try to make things move faster when he needed to accept there was some character building and plot development going on. I recall in one of his earlier games he was in a tavern with about 8 other PC's and he didn't want to get around to talking with people (which he had to do in order to be given his initial mission). He kept saying "I hear a noise, outside!". I kept replying with "No, you don't". Eventually he charged outside, I was over it, so my comeback was "the Inn door locks solidly behind you. With your eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness you realise you are surrounded by a good two or three hundred orcs..." He never did that agian.

So the advice is, look for the adventure without being impatient, enjoy the development and chill out! :)

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