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""The problem with life is that it has no Soundtrack""

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Hobbies: Games, Metaphysics
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Role: I am more of a GM
Experience: Over 10 years
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Last Updated: June 5, 2009

More about Christopher and some RP advice!

Well I think I just did with the last two questions. I am older than I look but still young at heart. A responsible adult who can also get down in the dirt with the little kids and have a blast. Sang lead for a couple of Rock Bands many moons ago, still miss it. Had a career in computers but got bored with that. Got married 5 years ago to a wonderful woman who is a fair bit yonger than me. I write fiction and have always loved games of all sorts. Pretty sure I created by first game at 6 years old.

Grew up with comics. Now that they have become more adult-focused I do read a few. Science Fiction generally leads my list but I read a lot of different things. Non-fiction about anything with a mystery always catches my eye. Always read all the beyond-the-box stuff. I can tell you what real magic is if anyone cares to ask. Oddly it is not even a fantastic answer.

When I was oh, 12, or so I looked into the sky. I had read everything I could find on Astronomy of course. It seemed to be that for all intents and purposes the Universe (all those stars up there) was probably Infinite. When we put Hubble into the sky she saw over 125 Billion Galaxies like our own. Logic says there are many, many times more. The idea that we are the only life is childish. And when you take all that space, and add a few million years of time, the result is simple. Life must exist up and down a vast scale of ability. Where do we fit? How could I possibly know that? My guess? Middle seems safe.

So some small percentage of all the UFO events that have ever happened pretty much have to be real. I only know of one particular one. The Battle of LA. Look it up. Before the word UFO existed something came to visit one night and we pounded the crap out of it. Right over the city of Los Angeles. February 25 1942.

Hey, you asked.

How Alexander_Tau got into roleplaying:
I started playing D&D when I was very young and the whole game came in one Blue Book. For well over a decade I ran intense Campaigns with large numbers of people. Started with AD&D but branched into almost everything along the way. As much as I will always love AD&D I have to admit my actual favorite RPG has always been Champions. That Hero System let me bring comic action to life and nothing I have seen since has been any better. More complex games have emerged, D20 took over, but my love for Champions remains. I also got online before the Internet was around on BBSs system where I created RPGS out of other games. Then it was on to Muds. I had a long career in those. Eventually I ran Muds for other people as Lead Admin and then moved on to my own. These days all I do is online PbP games that tend to be either pure FreeForm or very light rulesets. I am more intererested in the RP side of play and for that you do not need dice.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
You can play and have fun with ANY stats, ANY Class, really. So many people worry about the numbers and that is no the point. The fun of an RPG is in playing someone who is NOT yourself. Any Character you create should be different from you in at least a couple of ways. Not just that they live in a different time but that they see things in a way you do not. If you do this you will find that when you take on this new Persona you will become them. The worries and cares of your day will vanish and the adventure will feel very real. RPGs are more than any other kind of game. If you allow yourself to dive in you can experience something very special.

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