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"you all laugh now but when zombies come from the grave and eat your brains out you'll be to brain dead to laugh. til then shut the hell up before i hit you with a shovel."

15 years old
lake of fire

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zombies nightmare's Interests

Hobbies: paintball, videogames, pardus, RPING, reading ( especially the walking dead comics ). Zombie shooting ( .45 + zombie= gory brainsplatter) and finding the necronomicon so i can finally destroy it.
Likes: dead zombies, paintball, my gf Elisha, an H&K .45 usp pistol, RPING DUH
Dislikes: live zombies, accounting.

zombies nightmare's RP Experiences

Role: I am both a Player and GM
Experience: Between 1 to 2 years
Availablity: I'm currently looking for a group to GM or play in.
Types: MMORPG; Play by Post (Message Board); Table Top/Paper & Pen; Video RPG Games; Web-based RPG

Last Updated: November 20, 2007

More about zombies nightmare and some RP advice!

quiting almsot all rp i was previously in . i going to start anew since i've been gone so long and either the threads im on are dying or just to far ahead of me.

How raikoh got into roleplaying:
I just got curious. People said it was fun and i decided to see what the buzz was about.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
DON'T GM. play by others rules first. And learn the lingo to.

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