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"~This frail form is a servant to the thoughts with which it so contains within. A slave to the emotions, ideas, and dreams of the overseer that is the mind.~"

26 years old
Northern Bandarvia

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Hobbies: Writing poetry and short stories. Role playing. Computer games. Mind games.
Likes: Horror based role play or which is based around intrigue.
Dislikes: Those who judge without first understanding.

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Last Updated: February 11, 2001

More about Prince Ivatar Von Danor and some RP advice!

Time will change all things. Wounds will
heal. Hearts will rot and grow cold.
The flesh of this my body will decay
and grow bitter. Eyes will stop to see
what it is that is me. Life's meaning
again a pointless search for happiness.
Troubled souls. Lost...

Morbid am I but I cannot hide what I
feel inside. Pain.I am no longer one.
I am split within two. A gross twisted
Visage of what I once was. Draw forth
my pain. Feel my desire, my suffering
for then I am one.

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