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"Jedi may be cool, but not as cool as Scoundrels or Bounty Hunters."

23 years old

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Ian's Interests

Hobbies: Roleplaying, Drawing, Video Games, Goofing around with Illustrator
Likes: IMKerrusin did not answer.
Dislikes: IMKerrusin did not answer.

Ian's RP Experiences

Role: I am more of a Player
Experience: Between 3 to 5 years
Availablity: I'm currently looking for a group to GM or play in.
Types: IRC/Chat Room; Play By eMail; Play by Post (Message Board); Table Top/Paper & Pen; Video RPG Games; Web-based RPG

Last Updated: August 23, 2006

More about Ian and some RP advice!

Attending the Art Institute of Pittsbugh currently, been in college for four years now, normally keep a clear head on my shoulders when I'm not in a state of panic. Overall, it's for others to judge if they wish to know me more.

How IMKerrusin got into roleplaying:
Final Fantasy (Believe it or not). It didn't really get big for me until I started playing Dungeons and Dragons Second edition with a few people I know.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
Don't rush. Take as much time as you need to when posting. Sometimes it can be difficult to generate an idea for what is going on. Keep a close eye on what you write and make sure to leave an opportunity for other roleplayers to evade an attack when in a battle. Try to be descriptive with your posts but don't try to go overboard with it. Keep it straight forward and speciffic.

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