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"better to die a warrior, then live a craven"

20 years old

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dan's Interests

Hobbies: roleplaying, smoking, drinking, and Elder Scrolls
Likes: Elder scrolls, tobacco, whiskey, beer
Dislikes: not having any of my likes

dan's RP Experiences

Role: I am both a Player and GM
Experience: Over 10 years
Availablity: I'm currently looking for a group to GM or play in.
Types: Play by Post (Message Board); Video RPG Games; Wargaming

Last Updated: July 16, 2008

More about dan and some RP advice!

i'm a history major, and an odinist, much to the consternation of my family.

I'm a warrior, and i'm currently trying to develop a social fellowship based on those believes.

I drink, i smoke, and i fight, and love all three.

My ideal death is in battle surrounded by my the bodies of my fallen enemies.

Though i am irish and not norse i hold to the old ways of the vikings as well as the celts, blending them into a syncretic belief that extols the virtues of strength, honour, and courage.

thats about it, i'm glad to be back.

How renegadeirishman got into roleplaying:
when i was a kid and first got internet there was an AOL thing called blackberry creek which introduced me to roleplay, given my love for fantasy and whatnot it was a perfect fit. Since then i've been devoted to roleplay with my favorite series being Elder Scrolls

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
just relax, have fun, and make your characters seem real.

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