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""Not all of us dream awake. But those of us who do have no choice."--Patricia McKillip"

26 years old
a town

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Pearl (Sacri)'s Interests

Hobbies: Other than RP? Reading, writing, searching the internet for pretty pictures, making icons and other art for places like LiveJournal, hunting down obscure music, trying to learn enough Japanese to not sound like a fangirl, giving etiquette advice, being t
Likes: chocolate, random acts of kindness, finding people with surprising senses of humor, well-written RP, my fiance, blue eyes
Dislikes: cruelty, people with no senses of humor, trolls of the internet variety, pudding with a skin on it

Pearl (Sacri)'s RP Experiences

Role: I am both a Player and GM
Experience: Over 10 years
Availablity: I'm currently looking for a group to play in.
Types: Collectable Card Game; IRC/Chat Room; Live Action Roleplaying; Play By eMail; Play by Post (Message Board); Table Top/Paper & Pen; Web-based RPG

Last Updated: July 21, 2006

More about Pearl (Sacri) and some RP advice!

I'm 26, I love to write and am working currently on some RP articles and settings I hope to have published soon, I have diverse tastes in literature, movies, anime, and music, and I can learn things very quickly. I'm also very detail-oriented, so if you ask me for information be prepared for a page or two.

How Sacrificial_Pearl got into roleplaying:
This is embarrassing...AIM's chat rooms. But I swear I got better!

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
My three main pieces of advice are, in no particular order: stick to what you know, don't copy a book/movie/game/etc unless you're playing a fandom based game, and have a realistic description.

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