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"A pessimist is never dissapointed."

16 years old
England, UK

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Tetrius's Interests

Hobbies: Writing, reading, collecting Games Workshop figurines (Bretonnia and Minas Tirith) and the occasional nature walk.
Likes: Minotaurs, fantasy books, Media and Film Studies, Japan and the British countryside.
Dislikes: School, my sister, Philosophy and Ethics (the A-Levels course that is, the thing in itself is great) and bullfighting.

Tetrius's RP Experiences

Role: I am more of a Player
Experience: Between 1 to 2 years
Availablity: I'm not looking to join any groups right now.
Types: IRC/Chat Room; MMORPG; Play by Post (Message Board); Wargaming; Web-based RPG

Last Updated: May 2, 2007

More about Tetrius and some RP advice!

(Coming soon)

How Tetrius got into roleplaying:
I write fantasy novels, so essentially this proved as the foundation of my interest as I began to look at other examples of mythical and races, such as minotaurs and elves. I came across some RPG boards and it sort of got me interested.

Some helpful hints for new players getting into RPGs:
Don't feel discouraged if you see long, detailed extensive posts and all you've written was "So-and-so entered a bar and ordered a drink. It tasted nice." Like all things, the ability to create good posts takes time and practise, but if it makes it easier read books of the genre you're playing as and try to mimic. No, not charatcers, themes and names and such, but how it's written and how it describes things. Eventually you can branch off and create your own styles as you grow more experienced.

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